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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by highquality38, Sep 16, 2011.

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    My server runs on normal difficulty but some of the ops use it as if it were a creative server and create cool puzzles and other things. The enderman has me scared that it will ruin a lot of these things. I currently plan on running it on creative because of the enderman but i dont want to take away gameplay for the serious players. Is there anyway you could add an option in the server properties to not spawn enderman. If not im sure someone will come out with a plugin for it.
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    Give worldguard a try. You can specify which mobs you don't want to well as Nerf ones like creepers that can do damage.
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    ok ill definitely look for this, thank you :D
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    not enough griefers in the world - Notch create Enderman.
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    If you don't run world guard and world edit you need to.

    They are essential to me (that and essentials) the 3 plugins I cant run without. Well, I could, but lots o stuff would burn to the ground :p
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    its a small 8 slot server with a few friends so i dont really need a bunch of fancy things but ill certainly look into world edit also.
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