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    Plugin category: World editing and management, teleportation

    Suggested name: ServerPort

    What I want: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I read the sticky. You can't have players teleported between server. I saw it done here, although I have no idea how it works:

    Unfortunately that plugin is no longer updated. I searched all over bukkit but came up with nothing. If anyone knows of a plugin that was already made for this, sorry to waste everyone's time. Again, I have no idea how the dev made this. But if I did, then I would be making a request :D

    Ideas for commands:

    /port create {name} - creates portal, could use worldedit to make selections
    /port remove {name} - remove specified portal
    /port dest {name} {server IP} - sets portal destination, brings player to that server's spawn

    Ideas for permissions:

    serverport.* - all commands for admins
    serverport.use.* - player can use all portals
    serverport.use.{name} - player can use portal specified in {name}

    When I'd like it by: No deadline
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    Oh not this again.. will someone do the honors and link him to the on going forum of this exact discussion?
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    Have you tried iSearch?
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    Instead of being an asshole, could you just post the link because I obviously don't know of the thread you're talking about.
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    lol you just lost the help of 2 helpful members xD Just saying
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    Helpful? What was helpful about those comments? They basically told me to go blow it out my ass, rather than link me to the thread he is referring to.
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    How would you feel if you worked in a barber shop and everyday 2 or 3 people came to your shop and told you "Hey! :D Think you can make my hair look like madona?" and they are all bald -.- get it?
    It gets...annoying. And devs are lazy. Never forget that
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    Its one thing to ask someone to do the impossible, but to ask someone to link you a thread is not that hard. I totally get making a plugin like this is difficult. Anyway, do you happen to know the topic they are referring to?
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    I've seen it and even looked at it but I don't remember the link xD it's been so long lol maybe if you apologize and tag them they MIGHT forgive you and answer :p
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    Oh guess what also is not that hard and would PREVENT ALL OF THIS from happening? Awesome search bar at the top right, and maybe even the friendly Google?

    Don't be mouthing off to us you came to our door step, and this is our house, don't follow the rules and you get kicked out! I just searched about 10 times different things that came to mind when server to server teleportation comes up and got about 20 or more pages relating to the topic. I;m not sure if I am being to harsh here but really.

    Oh and to add on to that, it specifically says not to ask about server to server teleportation in the [READ ME FIRST] post, hmm.

    And at least I didn't call you names or swear at you T.T
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    It would be nice if you read the OP. I'm assuming you read the title and thats it. I searched multiple things involving "server port suite", to which the only thing I found was how to port forward a server. As for the sticky, I specifically stated that I read it in the OP; which you clearly did not read. And after all this, you still have not linked me to the topic you are talking about, which I am doubting even exists.
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    hey ring
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    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I read your post, and you went head and posted it anyways... *facepalm*

    Try searching things like server to server or server connect or server portals or advanced portals, etc - obviously you need to refine your searching skills. The point is this topic shouldn't have been made, as you even stated in your OP, how do you think that makes us feel about you? Yea.. this is a bad topic :{
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    You should try reading the whole post next time. It has been done before, so its not impossible. And yet, after all this, you still have not posted the link to the topic you were talking about. If you're not going to help, then don't bother posting.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    So apparently everyone other than larrystephen who is posting in this topic has zero comprehension of how to help people. Good going, Bukkit.

    larrystephen, it's not impossible, it's just not feasible for most developers to whip on in their spare time. It takes a lot of work, and introduces extra latency for people connecting to a server through a server. Additionally depending on the implementation it'll make it impossible to use some existing plugins that also screw with packets such as spout, orebfuscator or disguisecraft. Implementing server-to-server movement on a plugin level is costly and not the best way to do it.
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    Look I think you should apologize to them(Vandrake RingOfStorms and MrBluebear3) Just because you where being a little rude but remember we are not your slaves we will help you if you treat us with respect remember the golden rule as I was taught "Treat Others The Way You Would Like To Be Treated" PS it literally took me 1 search to find exactly what you needed. RubberBukkit on spout(Modification of Bukkit[You don't need spout)] made by md_5
    Ninja'd by mbaxter I was typing when he posted I type sorta slow when its late :3
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    mbaxter Thank you. What would be the best way to go about having players connect to another server? Just manually direct them to another IP? Or would a client mod fix the problems that come with a plugin like this?
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    I've run a community with 2 or more servers (currently 2) since August 2010. We've always just told people the server addresses (using hostnames instead of IPs goes a long way).
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    Ok, I will just tell players that host name. I currently run a server with a host name rather than and IP, I just thought if possible it would be mice to have a portal to the server directly. Thank you again. Perhaps server portals will become more of a feasible option in the future.

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