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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by jwnordquist, Oct 19, 2012.

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    Hello, i was just wondering if anyone knew how mine craft determined how many bars a server gets when it pings it in the server list.

    what i'm thinking
    >150ms = 5 bars
    >300ms = 4 bars
    >400ms = 3 bars
    >1000ms = 2 bars
    <1001ms = 1 bar

    If anyone could help me find the exact amounts, the help will be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, Jake
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    oh hey, you're that guy with the face.

    one moment, i'll find the numbers for ya

    Ok I just wasted like 30 minutes of my life figuring these out for you :D

    >= 1000 = 1 bar
    < 1000 = 2 bars
    < 600 = 3 bars
    < 300 = 4 bars
    < 150 = 5 bars
    < 0/not connected = red X

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    Thank you!!! may i ask how/ where you found that information?
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    first i figured out how you decompile minecraft, then did so
    then i looked for the file where it displays the bars
    then i tried to make sense of the code for like 10 minutes
    then i finally realized what var8 meant (its the position of the bar image on the icons.png spritesheet)
    so then i mapped the numbers to the index on the spritesheet and discovered these

    yaaaaaay. its times like these when i feel like a badass.
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