Server permissions problem (groupmanager)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ysterwolf, Apr 22, 2012.

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    Hey, I have a problem that I cannot seem to figure out what precisely is wrong, So I thought that I would inquire wiser minds on this subject thus I have made this post.

    Basically we are having a server remake, rebuilding spawn, New plugins, Improving ranking systems etc.

    Well to Explain what went wrong was that I organized & added new ranks in the configs of groupmanager

    No in-game ranks are showing keeps on popping the error that a internal error occurred, No commands work not even /help.

    Paster Bin links



    If anything else is needed please post and ask for it!

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    Nope, still the same thank you for the attempt. :)

    Is there a chance that this might be a essentials problem? If so what should I post? The config of it?
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    server.log file please (from server start to server stop, make sure you get a few internal errors in the log extract)

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    Sorry, but as I understand it I have posted the log, But I am bit of a newb when it comes to the finer details, is the server log you are referring to a physical file on the server it self (I'm using ftp to access my server files.)
    The only server log file I can locate is server.log.lck and that is empty. :(

    Thanks for replying :)
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    Sorry, but it doesn't contain any useful errors to help with debugging - do you have a full server.log file you can put on pastebin?
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    Yay! Figured out how to make a log :confused:

    Here's the link
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    (1) Disable your "BukkitCompat" plugin.

    (2) Your "plugins/GroupManager/worlds/world/groups.yml" file has odd characters in it - check it very carefully (the 'offending' character is at position 3748)
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    Thank you so much man, When I went through the code again I noticed that someone had removed The info: of one of the groups, May I ask why I should disable BukkitCompat? (On Mcmyadmin it refers to it as McMyAdmin compatibility plugin?)
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    Oh right - it's throwing errors, did you update to mcmyadmin 2? (free if you purchased mcmyadmin pro)
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    Nope haven't updated yet, due to it being not fully stable at the moment, But I do believe that I have McMyadmin Pro, Since we can update to 2.
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