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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by obscurehero, Jul 27, 2011.

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    I recently migrated a server from my laptop (i7 2630QM - 8GB memory) which was running an older desktop with a Pentium D @ 3.4GHz (2 cores?) and 2GB of memory (WinXP - fresh install).

    Its running like molasses.

    Current Plugins: (RB1000 - java 1.6)
    BigBrother, BorderGuard, CommandBook, GoldStandard, HelpPages, HeroicDeath, HeroSpawn, iConomy, iConomyChestShop, mcMMO, Minequery, MultiInv, Multiverse (5 worlds - all small), MyHome, MyWarp, nChat, Permissions, Residence, ScheduledAnnouncer, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, CommandHelper, LWC, NoCheat

    ...that was a longer list than i thought. I guess I could try to pare things down and only use the essential plugins (WorldGuard, WorldEdit, BigBrother...) and maybe it'd be faster? I thought about a lightweight OS like CentOS or Ubuntu, but I'm worried that the main server admin won't be able to make heads or tails of it, and I'm not around enough to manage it consistently. Would a lightweight OS do me wonders?

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    yes. ubuntu would be ok for this. If possible upgrade the ram, and run a ramdisk.
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    You think the hdd is the bottleneck? I have a sneaking suspicion it's the CPU.
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    Since the minecraft server is only one core one thread and the speed of your cpu is 3.4 I would say its your OS and Harddrive. You can test it with the lagmeter plugin or /ping in essentials, but I'd prefer the Lagmeter plugin. If the meter says its not doing to well (with only one user on the server) its the cpu. If you have block lag, its can be the harddrive.

    But most likely winxp is taking up cpu resources and memory. Ubuntu can low the footprint.

    What do you mean server admin? If its not your computer don't go changing shit.

    I put up a instruction of how to make a ramdisk for linux on the minewiki.
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    Good troubleshooting idea! As for the last question, it's my cousins old computer (the laptop is mine). He is just learning how to manage a server (I set this one up for him) and I think throwing a new os in the mix might be too much. As for changing things...I think whatever I do will be to his benefit and obviously with his permission.

    So, I fully expected that I would have a lag issue due to processing speed. I don't. If lagmeter is anyclose to accurate, its showing a 20 tickrate just like it should. I'm well below max memory usage, and the CPU utilization according to windows is very nominal. Even at highest points of consumption it barely goes above 80% unless i have something else open as well. to a close server shows 25MBps down and 20MBps up. Should be more than enough bandwidth. Constantly pinging the server for 5 min gives me an average ping time of 48ms (260ms max - 25ms min). The server box is hardwired into the router, so I doubt there's much i can do to improve there.

    The HDD might be IDE, but I doubt its much slower than my current HDD in my laptop at 5400RPM SATA.

    So where is the lag coming from? lol...I can't figure it out.

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    Strangely...lag has disappeared. I have no idea what I did, but its great now. Thanks for the help!
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    Just in case, a simple upgrade to java 1.7beta has been known to do wonders.
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