Server owners, where do we go now?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by robotnikthingy, Sep 6, 2014.

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    This is a thread for server owners to discuss how to keep their servers alive, and where to go from bukkit

    Bukkit is pretty much as good as dead at this point, and so are all plugins as there is no staff anymore to approve of updates or new plugins. So as server owners, what can we do?
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    There is this server mod but it's not up to date due to the large amounts of work that go into large minecraft updates
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    As i recall, spigot relies on bukkit. Sorry if i crushed any dreams :/ i think that spigot is pretty cool too. Maybe they could split off after the DMCA is resolved.
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    ROKLGAMES I feel like spigot no longer needs bukkit as a dependecny, they seem to know what is going and md_5 and the rest of spigot seem very willing to push forward, and develop for themselves, which they can.
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    Then we're good, Spigot may well be the future!
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    They got DMCA'd too, but at least they seem like they will try to fight it
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    Spigot is dead. They decided not to fight the DMCA which they are smart to do.

    Bukkit is dead folks, all the developers resigned and Mojang doesn't have the staff to keep it alive nor do they want to.
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    I said I'd leave, but I needed to say this:

    I don't think Spigot is dead. It's certainly going through a rough spot in its life, however it has the resources (money, passion, and people) to continue. It could die if the leadership team handles the current situation badly, however.

    There is still hope in Spigot, the possible successor of Bukkit.
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    Spigot cannot continue because Wolverness's code is in it and I highly doubt that someone is going to recode everything he did.

    Not to mention Wolverness isn't the only person signed onto the DMCA take down notice either. Several more people have signed onto it.

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    So, if mojang removes the EULA, and relinquishes ownership of bukkit, then can things go back to semi-normal?

    It probably wouldnt happen, but still
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    You are correct that they decided not to fight the DMCA however they are certainly not dead.

    From a post they made about it: "I wish to make clear this is not the end for Spigot. We will keep on developing and we will keep on fighting. It is only a short matter of time before things will be sorted out. The Minecraft server community has not come this far over this many years to be killed by a single blow from a disgruntled developer."
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    Im thinking about going vanilla. I might test the power of commandblocks...
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    Glowstone is a server coded from scratch and has no NMS or OBS.
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    How bad is the transition from the bukkit api.
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    "Glowstone is a lightweight, from scratch, open source Minecraft server written in Java that supports plugins written for the Bukkit API."
    None, likely. Unless I am reading that wrong.
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    I haven't tested plugins with the server yet, but the project is at a good start and has a strong base.

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    The developers of Bukkit & Spigot should make their own API. But the bad thing would be if they get taken down, it's over.

    Gamecube762 Is Glowstone updated?

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    • Builds from "Sep 6, 2014 7:29:47 AM"
    • latest commits from Sep 05, 2014
    • /version responds with "This server is running Glowstone version 1.8-14-g346fae6-b54 (Implementing API version 1.7.9-R0.1) "
    • Only 1.8 clients can join(version mentioned above)
    I'd say its updated.
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    Should the Bukkit project be officially declared dead, I'll probably wait on Sponge. Considering the people involved, I don't think I'll be waiting too terribly long.
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    I tried [glowstone] it out. From what I've seen, there's a solid foundation. Still a bit of work needed though. I'll definitely keep an eye on it, if not try to help out if I can :p
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    Am the 1.8 Minecraft client is allowing me to connect to a Spigot server.
    This server is running CraftBukkit version
    git-Spigot-1.7.9-R0.2-205-g52ffc1e (MC: 1.7.10) (Implementing
    API version 1.7.10-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
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    So what is sponge

    Someone can remake bukkit and call it pail

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    Spigot is the "Protocol Hack" that has been mentioned around the forums during MC updates. It allows updated clients to join outdated servers by mimicking the protocol for the updated versions.
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    Its not just some protocol hack.... Spigot has been around for quite sometime now and it does have a few reputable developers behind it...
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    yeah but what is sponge
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    You might have misread that, the term "Protocol Hack" that has been used around the forums was referring to Spigot and how they "Hacked" into MC's protocol to allow different versions of clients to join. The term was used rather than saying "Spigot" which would have been advertising for 3rd party software that wasn't supporter on these forums.
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