Server.log unreadable!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by deathgleaner, Mar 18, 2013.

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    Hello Bukkit community,

    Perhaps you could help me with this issue.

    Recently, after I upgraded Bukkit, my server.log file has become virtually unreadable. Here's a screenshot when I open it up in Notepad++:


    Before I updated Bukkit, I could actually read what people are saying without all of that [ESC] &33;2m etc. junk. Now I can't. I believe this has happened once in the past, but it was a VERY long time ago.

    I'm currently running a Development build of Bukkit, namely 1.5-R0.1 (Build #02671), which I got from .

    Also, I'm running the following plugins:
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    GroupManager version 2.0 (2.9.5) (Phoenix)
    iMonies version 2.6
    WorldEdit version 5.5.3
    Permissions version 3.1.6
    SimpleAutoAnnouncer version 0.9.2
    Vault version 1.2.24-b304
    Votifier version 1.9
    LWC version 4.3.1 (b820-git-MANUAL) (February 02, 2013)
    WorldGuard version 5.7.3
    PwnFilter version 2.2.0
    Essentials version Pre2.10.1.4
    EssentialsSpawn version Pre2.10.1.4
    OnTime version 3.6.5
    Enjin Minecraft Plugin version 2.4.1-bukkit
    EssentialsChat version Pre2.10.1.4

    Does anyone know what might be the cause of this strange behaviour?
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    Because its compiled. Try opening it in Notepad.

    EDIT: Not compiled I meant your computer doesn't have the available characters to show that.
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