Problem/Bug Server lags whenever I place a block.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by iRev0lution, Jul 2, 2017.

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    For some reason, my server has a lag spike that lasts around 1-2 secs every time I place a block with an air block below it. It doesn't lag when I place a block on another block though. This doesn't really happen in single player for me. How can I fix this?

    If you need latest.log, let me know. (I didn't post it because I assumed it wouldn't be needed).

    All help is appreciated! :)
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    Yes, that would be helpful. Please post the console log.

    Also, are you sure you have a good rig/ using a good hosting service to host the server? Are you sure they can handle your plugins and any players on your server?
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    Torhal Curse

    Locking this thread. We do not condone nor support piracy.
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