Server kicks people when auto-saving

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by xZeruda, Dec 3, 2013.

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    Well i'm using the default atuo save featrue bukkit somes with,every time the world auto saves it kicks everyone,but the server isntantly comes back in...this has only been happening since i updated to 1.7.2

    help please :D
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    get simple auto save, hopefully it shouldn't cause this
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    Sounds like you're running out of resources and in order to allow the important tasks to complete (saving is more important than playing) it is dedicating more resources to saving which in turn causes players to lose connection.

    If this is a new issue, it could be because you're using a dev build of craftbukkit and there are bound to be some issues. It could also have to do with a large map, lots of players, plugins that are eating resources, etc.
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    I am having the same issue since 1.6.4. It will save half the worlds then when it gets to survival, it will kick all the players while it attempts to save Survival. I believe the issue is not the version of bukkit or Simiple-Auto save (the issue still occurs with simple-autosave) but the sizing of the worlds. It laggs during saving of a large world save.

    My Survival world is huge and have a lot of players some times how do I correct this issue?
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    What operating system is your server running on?
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    Same problem here.
    With a 4kx4k map everything went fine. (MC 1.6.2)
    With a 10kx10k map, all players get disconnected on world save. (now with MC 1.7.2)

    The server is an Intel i5 @ 4x 3.4 GHz on Debian and the MC server has 10 GB RAM assigned.
    The map is stored on a Raid 0 HDD system.
    Most of the time 10-25 players are online.

    Is there a way to save such a big map without dropping all players?
    Like increasing the player timeout delay or something?
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    That happens because nobody-needs-this-stupid-structure-saving is taking all the resources while saving.
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    Does someone know a way of improving this, without cropping the map?
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