Server Crashing! Please Help!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by EvilPeanut, Jul 27, 2011.

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    32 Bit Java With 1GB RAM Allocated
    Not many plugins, using latest permissions

    I get them errors then the server crashes!
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    What do you think the problem is?
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    Yes but thats not it!
    The 32bit java only allows 1GB MAX to be allocated, thats the amount i have allocated, so why am i still getting this?
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    I guess because 1 GB just isn't enough (having 2GB by myself on my VPS which also is barely enough, when my server is running about 24h the Ram usage is allready at 1.8 GB for about 7 to 10 players, thats also why I setup a CronJob to restart my server once a day - so I'm soon going to update to 4GB which should be enough for my small server, so I can extend the Player Maximum a bit, maybe up to 25 or 30 players).

    Also everything depends on the Number of Players Online on your server, the size of the map, etc...
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    I have quite a few plugins and on average 10 people on my server, your right 1GB is NOT enough.
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    So there you got your explanation why you are getting the Out Of Memory errors.

    Only option I see: Update to 64bit Java and install more RAM, or reduce the Plugin / Player count on your server.
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    I Just Bought a 64Bit Server with 64GB RAM and 20TB Hard Drives, I think It Will Do The Job :D
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    u cán run a bukkit server with even 512 mb, just make sure u dont set the allocated ram to its top, it uses abit more then what u allocate..

    i used to run a 14 player server with 795 ram, allocating it with the same amount also gave the error, putting it on 700 works fine
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