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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by skawke, Jan 20, 2011.

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    Well, after upgrading/downgrading CB (craftbukkit) to try to fix the plugin problems. I finally decided that build 80 was the magic number!

    Too bad all the server commands don't work. Like /say in the console won't work. I have to type in /#say

    Never happened before? Is it a problem with that build? Or one of my plugin problems? again?
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    I think (dont quote me on this) that after builds 100+ the console commands are fixed, no more using #, On my current bukkit build #114,all my commands and plugins are working great, /help etc. working fine just now
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    The weird thing is that build 44 and 50 didn't have this problem.
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    Its not a problem. They've changed the way server commands are called in game. In game, any server specific command (list, stop, save-all, etc) need to be called via /#<command>. I think they did it to stop confusion between server commands and plugin commands. This is how it works in build 99 anyway. I can't speak for newer builds (running 99 as that's the last version where tracks lay down properly).
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