Solved Server can't identify packet id: 51?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by grant1222, Apr 19, 2012.

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    I keep getting this error message and I don't know why, it just started to appear out of nowhere. I hadn't downloaded any new plugins when this occurred and I didn't change builds either. Here is the message:

    Trust me, it spams my console every five seconds pretty much. Help!
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    I am just getting this too
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    Are you using Spout/Spoutcraft? This may be the problem. (Very Unconfirmed) I'm getting this too,
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    Do you guys think it's because of the most recent SpoutCraft update? I'm pretty sure mine automatically updated when I first got on today.
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    Yes after a client that has the most updated spoutcraft logs into the outdated spout server the error seems to start. I just updated my server and the message stopped. Healthbarplus is broke though with the new spout server

    Nevermind, error came back as soon as I started flying around...

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    I am just getting this too.[​IMG]
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    Fixed yep
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    This was caused by the server running an older SpoutPlugin build that was unable to identify a packet from players running a newer Spoutcraft build. Future builds no longer display the messages.
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