Server bogged down with massive lag and can't keep up messages

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Taco, May 1, 2012.

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    When I run my little test server on my home pc, I allocate 2gb of RAM to it (which should be much more than enough as I have 8gb in my pc) and I am the only one playing on it. Despite this, I run into MASSIVE lag issues with it, and the server is constantly spewing the infamous "can't keep up" messages. I've tried everything from syncing my time to the time to running it completely plugin-less with nothing in the background. Does anyone know why this happens?

    System specs if it helps:
    3.2 GHz AMD Phenom 2-core processor
    8gb RAM
    ATI Raedon 4350 gfx card
    1TB HDD
    Win7 home premium x64
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    You meant to say that you are playing on the same machine you use to run the server? If so, be not surprised to have massive lag.
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    But I have plenty of RAM to back both the client and server, and it didn't do this before.
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    Does not seem to matter. Running both server and client of Minecraft on the same box has always caused trouble for most people.
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    im currently runing a server on my machine + spoutcraft launcher
    server has 10 GB ram and spout has 4 GB
    and i got no lag at all

    back on topic:

    this can be related to you're upload speed
    if you have low upload speed youre server cant sync fast enough between youre client (or another) and youre server
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