Serious problem with inivislbe shit. Player/mobs

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by SeeD419, Jan 25, 2011.

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    We've been having some serious issues with invisible players and mobs. ALSO, frozen mobs. It's seems random, and it's not when the server is under a load or anything.

    Players randomly go invisible, and mobs do sometimes as well. Some mobs are just frozen in place and won't react to a thing - you can't even move them. Others I've seen you can move around but they make no noises and won't move themselves.

    Is this a bukkit problem?

    I realize I spelled invisible wrong but I can't edit it.

    Build #141
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    Its possible. What have you tried already?
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    Messing with the plugin. Took out Spawnmob plugin. I'm going to take out skills and test.

    This sucks, I don't know what's going on :(
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    Couple guys on my server have been complaining of invisible Mobs since i started using bukkit and sometimes player's become invis after warping or mt /tp ing them. I started around build 110 currently on 135
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    Just like me.

    What could possibly be the cause of this?
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    Honestly, I have tons of missing chunks and invisible players that always, ALWAYS, reappear if you do a quick relog. I have no idea what causes these but it is certainly darn annoying.
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    Relogging doesn't fix the invis mobs for me I've tried it.

    I edited the first post to fill in further information I've gathered and to make it more easily read.
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    Derek Peterson

    I can confirm that this is a different issue than invisible chunks. I've had 20 or so people come into a room and we all saw arrows flying out of an invisible (unkillable) skeleton, even after multiple relogs and server resets.
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    Also reporting invisible mobs.
    Bukkit #86, CraftBukkit #166.
    Plugins: AntiBuild, AutoReloader, BedrockGapInsurance, BorderGuard, Cleaner, CraftIRC, General, HotSwap, iChat, iStick, LWC, MyHome, MyWarp, Permissions, SearchIDs, WorldEdit, WorldGuard.

    Client Difficulty set to Hard. (First thing I checked)
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    I'd just really like to know what causes this to be honest...

    It's bad enough that the mobs are invisible, but they're unkillable when they're like that as well...
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    this isn't a bukkit issue, i run a bukkit test server and our main server is running an unofficial Hmod that has the same issues.

    i'd say notch broke it.
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    Ethan Hall

    MyHome and other TP plugins create invisible mobs for me. When i TP all mobs become invisible. A relog fixes it.
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