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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by iClamp, Apr 23, 2021.

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    Hello everyone, So I want to make the same plugin for multiple worlds for example I want to put the chat reaction plugin in multiple worlds like the plugin in all worlds and it can be used in all the worlds I don't want it when someone writes the world for example in survival it finishes in factions. Please help me with that anyone!!

    Anyone please?

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    Your plugin already works in all the worlds
    What do you mean?
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    I mean when someone unscrambles the chat reaction in factions it says in survival chat that he unscrambled it in survival too and I don`t want that to happen I want it when someone unscrambles the word in factions he don`t unscramble it in survival too @Chr0mosom3
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    @iClamp Did you develop the plugin yourself, or did you download it?
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    You need to have the developer modify it for you or have someone remake it for it to work on individual worlds unless there is a feature in it's config.

    EDIT: I have come across an interesting plugin that may do what you want, it has mixed reviews so it may not work. Here is the plugin.
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    Does anyone know how to develop that thing please I just want it when someone unscrambles the world in survival It doesn`t get unscrambled in factions too I already have PerWorldPlugins but It doesn't do that for me It just disables the plugins for certain worlds If you didn`t understand me I mean if someone in survival and another guy in factions and a chat reaction happened in survival and then the guy wrote it the chat reaction but in factions world, it said that he unscrambled it in factions so how do I fix that?
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    @iClamp I mean if you want someone to make you a plugin just make a request in the plugin requests forum, but if you have access to the source code it's a very simple fix. I'm assuming that the plugin has a PlayerChatEvent that listens for messages across the server, all you would need to do is add a simple world check statement or a list of worlds statement that would look something like this.
    public void onChat(PlayerChatEvent e) {
        if (!(e.getPlayer().getWorld().equals(survivalWorldInstance))) return;
        //run descramble code here
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    Okay, thanks for ur help!

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