Separate plugins by RB version. 1185, 1337, etc.

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Caid, Nov 2, 2011.

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    I am running a bukkit server, and find myself constantly wanting to update plugins when new release builds are coming out. The problem is, some plugins get updated, some do not. Usually, it's latest version, first, on the forums, but why not make it one step better.

    When a dev wants to post their plugin, they have boxes at the end of their post which say different RB versions of bukkit. So there'll be a box for 1185, 1215 (forget the exact number of that build), 1337. If their plugin is for 1337, they check that box. If it's for an earlier version, they check that one. If they're updating their plugin to be compatible with later versions (or it just works with later versions of bukkit), they can edit and check the box for the next release build of bukkit.

    Now, when a server admin is looking through plugins for their server, first they click on server plugins, they're given the option to click on this RB, this RB, this RB, test builds, or All.

    It would make life, much easier, for us admins who are trying to keep things simple.

    I've been running 1185 for a while, because some of the biggest plugins I use, are not listed as 1337, and I'm not sure if they'll work. However, if the dev of the plugins know they work, they can just edit and update the status of the plugin so that it lists itself in the 1337 section of the plugins. There could even be a box to check which will display a message on the top of the plugin page saying "This plugin was developed for an earlier version and may or may not work FULLY as intended with the current RB of craftbukkit, or may interact adversely with plugins created for this RB" and have it shown in a nice big colourful box at the top.

    This is my suggestion, if other admins agree with this idea of sorting, please feel free to support it by posting as such.

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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı Retired Staff

    Devs already do get the option of choosing what RB to say the plugin supports, and can edit and adjust that clickable list at any time :)
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    Yes, but my point is, we're given an entire list to choose from when browsing plugins to download. It'd be nice if we were able to click on our RB, and be shown only plugins which are compatible with our version.
    We'd have the option to see all of them, or just the plugins which are made for our current RB version.

    Sorry, I wasn't clear about it, when they check the box for version, it determines whether the plugin will list itself in that RB's plugin listings.

    List plugin in: [ ]1185 [ ] 1337 [ ] test builds
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    @Caid This isn't a bad idea actually - but you have to remember that often plugins work with newer RBs without update, so it would have to at least show the last 3 RBs, to correspond with the Dev guidelines.
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    Well, things often don't work as intended. A plugin SHOULD work according to the guildlines, and I wasn't aware that they need to be retro-active. Regardless of this prerequisite, things don't usually work out, this way.

    The usual situation, for me at least, is that I get onto bukkitdev to look for new plugins, and they're all just there in a pile, when you click on server mods. There are categories, as well, sure. But they're a mixed bunch, made for the various RB's and not separated.

    I just think it would make things a lot less stressful for admins, and probably reduce the amount of "This plugin isn't working for me" from people who are trying to run it on an RB that it doesn't work with. We could even have a system where each plugin for any build, has a list of the last few RB's and beside each one have a ball or light that is red for doesn't work, yellow for works with errors, or green for works as intended. If you clicked on the 1337 link for say, towny, the page with the notes for that version release would have this small indicator on the left or right of the screen.

    It would still just be an addition to the new feature of sorting plugins based upon the RB they were developed for. As I said, if a plugin does work with newer or older versions (retractablebridges.jar for example), the developer would only need to edit the page and check the box for the later version.

    Thanks for the feedback, guys.
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    Searching for plugins with files supporting an RB seems to be commonly requested.

    I hope it get's implemented soon. (the data is already there.)
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    God how many times do we have to say isn't a forum.

    One thing you need to know and that they need to change :
    A LOT of plugins work for multiple versions but we're only given the choice of 1 RB per file. I've stated this problem before but they just pushed it like if it was nothing.

    If we limit the search to the plugin version on the file, you'll miss a lot of plugins that are still working for your RB. My server is running 1337 and we're still using a couple of plugins that date prior to 1000 because they are still working!

    You shouldn't limit yourself to the plugin version on the file. I've placed the version on my plugins to 1337 because I had to, but some of them work since 1240.
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    lukegb Retired Staff

    Because you can already select multiple RBs for files. Just hold control while you click on them in the select box.

    And the reason it was pushed aside was because it has *always* worked like that.
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    Wasn't explained like that... maybe put a note on there about it?
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    lukegb Retired Staff

    If I could change it, I would...

    It's a fairly common UI element, it should be fairly self explanatory.
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    Actually, (Speaking as a webdesigner here,) the multiselect widget is the least understood (and least used) widget used on forms. The reason for this is that inderaction with it, usually requires more than only a mouse.
    I ALWAYS suggest to add a line to it "Use CTRL to select multiple items" to improve user experience.

    In addition, the arbitrary limit of selecting only three versions makes the interface even less clear, and doesn't aid in properly marking the files/plugins.

    (this is all fixable however.)
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    lukegb Retired Staff

    Except using SHIFT is terrible since it selects ranges and not individual items. You want CTRL. And as I said, if I could change it, I would.

    People should learn how to use widgets, sheesh. It's not my job to teach people how to use their computer. :p
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    Yes it is. You can even charge a fee.
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    Can you forward that to whom can change it?
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    lukegb Retired Staff

    Already have.
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    DAMN... (fixed it) that shows how uncommon that widget is ;)

    The thing is, every other form widget can be navigated completely with the mouse only, only needing the keyboard to actually enter data.
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    feildmaster Retired Staff

    I never use a mouse with widgets... Keyboard navigation ftw. ^^
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    that makes you part of the 1% ;)
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    I TOTALLY agree with you ;P.
    A lot of people (including me) haven't switched over to 1337 because most of the good plugins are stuck on 1185 *ahem* SECRETPASSAGE *ahem*.
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    Usability FTW! It's not the user's fault, it's the design that's failing.

    Seems not :p.

    You should read this:

    It changed my point-of-view of a lot of things, i seriously recommend it :).
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    I can honestly say i dont think ive ever seen or heard about a form using ctrl to multi select until now and i have a good amount of experience on the web.

    I think even better than people setting the current rb would be to let people set a range so that if it works for versions 1-5 and i have 4 if i search for plugins that work on 4 it shows it.

    Its always been a pain to find plugins for the version your using since devs update at different times and ive wondered why we couldnt search by version.
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    @ShootToMaim Sorry about not updating the thread when the new RBs came out... SecretPassage 1.3a works on 1337 without any errors that I could find. Just noticed this thread when logging in from another location - if you ever need me to do an update, please tag me in the post so I can be aware ^_^
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