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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Eternalis, Jul 22, 2013.

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    I want to send custom packet with craftbukkit, just basic packet like

    Packet999 add_skills_point = new Packet999("agility", int x);

    And i prefer to use a plugin to receive / send packets, i have look and found the following methods but it won't work (in bukkit API 1.5.1) :


    Or this code but it won't work :C

    If you have any idea to how to create, send and receive packet with Bukkit, i will offer you a free cookie x) !

    PS : I can mod the Client, the Craftbukkit Server and create plugin.


    (I'm french, sorry :oops: )
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    moved to plugin development.
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    mncat77 Retired Staff

    First of all if you are messing with packets you should use ProtocolLib to avoid interfearance with other plugins. An example of how to send a packet is provided in the forum thread.
    Second: One does not just create a new packet. One shall use the 0xFA Packet ( plugin channel ).
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