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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Christian210x, Apr 21, 2017.

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    i'm trying to send a message to every player (reward system).
    but when it sends it send everyone rewards to each player.
    so like i got everyone else reward.

                        for(Player player : Bukkit.getOnlinePlayers()){
                            int cash = points.get(player.getName());
                            int give = cash/10;
                            goldpieces.addGoldPieces(player, give);
                            Bukkit.broadcastMessage("                   §eReward Summary");
                            Bukkit.broadcastMessage("    ");
                            Bukkit.broadcastMessage("§eKills: §7(§6" + killCount.get(player.getName()) + "§7)");
                            Bukkit.broadcastMessage("§eGoldpieces:§7(§6" + killCount.get(player.getName()) + "§7)");
                            Bukkit.broadcastMessage("     ");
                            Bukkit.broadcastMessage("    ");
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    You want to everyone recive message when some one get gold ?
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    no at end of game it send message to all players on how many kills they got and gold pieces
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    it is not doing it, i send every player a reward message. but i get everyone reward message (so theirs more than one in my chat.)
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    Well you're looping through it for every online player. And then you are printing it for every online player.
    Instead of broadcasting for every online player, get a for loop for all the online players, and then just print the values you get once for each player. You currently loop for every player.
  9. @Christian210x
    Your problem is:
    You do loop trough all players, but you aren't sending the message only to the selected player, you are sending it to all. (Broadcast always send it to all players who are online)

    So, do stmh like that:
    foreach player (maybe not everyone, just the ones who have played?):
        player.sendMessage("You got XXX goldcoins,...");
    Edit: i would recommend not to use playernames in your method. Instead, juse the UUID. It's much better and not the big difference in your code.
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    well i want to send it to all players that played even dead ones
    And you guys want me to do the same thing aagain read what you said.
    @thechrisanator & @Erumeldor

    my bad everyone i see what i did i.
    i didnt see the bukkit.broadcastmessage...
    it all works now.
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