Send a message on command.

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    Plugin category: Chat

    Suggested name: MessageCommands

    What I want: Basically it's a plugin that sends a message to a player when they use a command.

    For example, you could make it so when a player types /vote, they get the configured message in chat.

    You can vote for rewards @
    (Insert Link Here)

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin, it is all handled in the config.yml

    Ideas for permissions: MessageCommands.(commandname)
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    i want this!
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    This can be accomplished with numerous existing plugins, i.e. CommandHelper.
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    It would be pretty great. There IS "MyCommand", but I'm looking for something a little more lightweight.

    This is a little complicated for me.
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    I can make this plugin.

    Contact me on Skype (jordan59961)
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    Alright, I can't use my mic until tomorrow, though.

    Well, this guy tried to session steal me.

    Anyone else?

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    LOL i didnt try to session steal you.. I dont even know what server you have. You asked me to show you proof that i have made plugins and I told you the ip of a server that was running locally off of my computer that had private plugins that ive made for my server.
    You didnt even give me a chance to show you any other kind of proof.
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    ... It's pretty simple if you read only the relevant documentation, or else you may be confused.

    You want /vote to display a message? In the config, just put

    *:/vote = msg(Go here to vote!)

    Or whatever you want to send the message as.

    * means that everyone can use it.
    /vote is the custom command
    msg(message) is the message that it sends

    To use color codes, use color(red), or whatever color you want.

    It might not look simple, but after actually trying it, it makes sense.

    There are other plugins besides CommandHelper that can do this, I just don't know them by name. :p
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    Easy peasy. I realize this is a year-old thread, but still. EZ PZ! ;)

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