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    Plugin category: Economy

    Suggested name: SellGUI

    What I want: Recently I played on a server named LonewolvesPvP, a server owned by Jeruhmi a semi-famous YouTuber. Anways with his server a /shop command is sent and when sent brings up a virtual double chest. You place your items that you wish to sell and then close out of that double chest with either your inventory key or your ESC key. After doing so the items are left out of your inventory and you get money based on the items you put in and how many.

    Ideas for commands: /sell

    Ideas for permissions: sellgui.use - allows for use with /sell

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    My Plugin QuickSell allows you to do this.
    Link is in my signature.

    Close ;D QuickShop is something different than QuickSell.
  3. mrCookieSlime
    I was looking at the overview of it earlier, but you never mentioned anything about chests, so I didn't bother looking further. Maybe you should edit the description?

    Edit: NEVERMIND!
    "b) an empty Inventory. You can throw Items into this to sell them."
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