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    I have seen this plugin on a server I was admin on and it was a custom plugin; and I really wanted a plugin like it for my server. I will try my best to add as must detail as I can to explain you what I want making. If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask me.

    Suggested name: EasySell

    What I want: With this plugin you can create as many shops as you want ( /shop create EXAMPLE ) and you can add items to the shop and the price ( /shop flag EXAMPLE price < ID > <PRICE A STACK> ) What players do to sell to their shop is: /Sell <RANK>. Admins can remove the shop too.

    So eg.

    - /shop create A
    -/shop flag A price 133 $100

    So when ever a rank A player does /sell a With a stack of emerald blocks, the server will give the player $100 and take their blocks.

    Ideas for commands:

    Player commands:

    - /Sell < Rank >

    Admin commands:

    - /shop create <Shop>
    -/shop flag <Shop> price <ID> <Price>
    -/shop remove <Shop>

    Ideas for permissions:

    Player permissions:

    - shop.sell.<shop name> - Allows users to sell to the shop they have perm to.

    Admin permissions:

    - shop.create.<shop name>
    - shop.additem
    - shop.remove

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible thanks!
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