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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by jblackbean20010, Jan 8, 2015.

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    Morning Guys.

    Ever feel like you are not achieving anything within mine craft and want something back from all them Games you play on your favourite server?

    Well Sell Craft (Merchandise) is just that.

    I want someone to develop a Plugin for my Arcade server. At the moment they Earn Beans... What I want is to be able to give back to my players... A Complicated plugin I know....

    But I want someone to create something like Buy craft,

    But the opposite. Let players go on and see how much Beans they have then let them trade it for some Prizes for playing - EG (1000 Beans gets you a bag of Jelly Beans sent directly to your house)

    I searched but could not find anything like this....

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    What you mean is people play at your server then they got points call "Beans" then you can get like something IRL?

    This is a not just a plugin this is a project and it sounds nice.
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    I kinda wanted to keep it private but thought id open it up since I have no idea where to start or what to do.

    Ok so Buycraft you can buy kits with IRL Money.
    But on Minecraft Arcade game you get points currency (For my server they are beans)
    Yes lets make them earn things. would you not like to win points on server then transfer them points to prizes?

    It is a idea I had and I understand it is a big project.

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    It wont be linked anyway to BuyCraft.

    Basically the concept would be the same.. Where the website would access the Database of the server it is linked to.

    Players can access this website and see there Coins they have in the Minigames on the server...
    Using these coins then they can purchase things. the rest is easy. Just be like a shop.

    All the website part is easy- I just don't know the java side of linking the database to the website ect...
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    Well good luck getting it done :D
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    @jblackbean20010 This is quite an interesting idea - I don't know of any servers that are letting you earn real life things in exchange for playing... it's normally the other way around :p One thing I would ask is, is this really sustainable? You'd also have to be careful people don't find ways to exploit the "beans".

    As for the request, I'm not sure how much of this would really need to be a plugin. The only thing that would need to be done from the perspective of this is have it so that the website can see how many "beans" a user has. This can be done with an external database. Other things you'd probably want to look into are having a method of confirming that the correct person is purchasing the prize - after all, everyone can know somebody else's username :p - and maybe having a method that'll refresh their beans on the server immediately, announce purchases, etc...

    If you've already got a plugin to have them earn beans, and it sounds like you do, you'd probably need that plugin edited to add the functionality. And that's not something that's supported here.
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