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    There is a plugin like this out there. I cannot remember how I found it, but I used it a long time ago. It goes like this and exactly like this.
    Anyone with the * Permission or that is OPed cannot join the server without their IP being approved. Your IP can only be approved in the console. approve xitroxide will approve xitroxide for that certain IP. If the IP is different it won't work.
    If anyone knows of this plugin please send me it!
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  3. That's not what he wants.
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    I only need it for operators or people with the permissions to have to get approved.
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    Since this isnt too hard, I can make this for you if you want. Ive already started because it seems like it would be useful anyway.

    @xitroxide Alright, I remade this for you.
    /aops approve <player> <IP> - Approve a player on an ip.
    /aops remove <player> - Unapprove a player.
    /aops get <player> - Get a player's address (they have to be on the server)

    Only OP's or players with * permission are checked.
    You can use the commands if you are op or have the permission: approvedops.admin
    At the moment, players can only be approved on one IP at a time.

    If you have any questions, just ask.

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