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    Name : Camera
    Version : 1.7.10 Spigot protocol hack 1.7/8
    Category : Fun

    Needed : I need a plugin that makes security camera and a monitor tbut theres a plugin like this already but it doesnt suit my needs { in my needs i want it so you cant move when inside the camera but when viewing it, it will make an NPC} also can you make it with screen too {when you right click to use}? and a config for different camera materials and different screen materials {i dont want to stress out developers ._.}

    Idea for Commands :
    - /camera create name
    - /camera delete name
    - /camera list
    - /camera leave {when you're inside a camera}

    Idea for Permissions : camera.use/camera.admin

    When i'd like it : 1 Week 1 day or anything works
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