[SEC]WIP: LZones v0.5 - Protect your own territory! Claim your land! [468]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Lavamike, Feb 20, 2011.

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    LZones - Protect your own territory! Claim your own land!
    Version: v0.5

    Claim your own land in-game live! Mark out your land, then nobody unless you approve them can make any changed in your zone.

    The save system is currently functioning. After I finish the load system I may put a public beta up.

    The idea is simple, type /zone, mark your zone out with two redstone torches (one at each corner) to form a square/rectangle zone.

    Then nobody but you can make any changed inside your zone. Unless you add them to the 'allowed list'. So you can add other people who can edit your zone. Various options such as Welcome to zone messages, and block people from even entering your world will be available.

    My goal is to keep the plugin simple and to the point with some optional features regarding the general purpose.


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    You plan on defining cubes or squares/rectangeles?

    squares would mean that the hight is pre deifined or from 0 to 127 (all of it).
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    Sondre Berntsen

    This sounds rather interesting!

    But yeah, will the protected area be from top to bottom?
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    Well currently it's from top to bottom in your area. However I could add a height option very easily so i'll probably do that. I will also look into adding a option to completely block dis-allowed people from entering your area. I'm a big fan of options, I like making things completely customizable if a user so-desires.

    And again, if anyone could help me out with arrays or a file/saving system I would greatly appreciate it. I come from C++ so switching to java is quite interesting :p
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    Sondre Berntsen

    I would help... If I knew how to x)

    Sorry, but I've never learned any programming language at all, well, except for html, which isn't really a language... or something. :p
  6. I know I would test this plugin, I don't have many people on my server but with some of them it would be useful...
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    Well i'm gonna finish fine tuning some stuff for tomorrow and if you are interested in giving it a test, let me know, maybe PM me or something.
  8. 10-4 will see, I just had the mobo go bad on the server I was using, wouldn't want to test it in the VM I'm running right now, it's a tad bit unstable. Newegg says new mobo should be here Friday.
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    This will have iConomy support?
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    Could be in the future, however, not my main concern for a while.
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    The saving system is mostly done except for configuration which will be simple to add once the main features are working.
    I'm working on fine-tuning the loading system a bit and then things will be much smoother.

    Would anyone be interested in a beta of this?
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    This sounds interesting, what I'm running into is problems with caverns, trying to decide the cave I just busted into is one I already been to, or someone elses.. :)
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