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    SPAS - Simple Player Authentication System: [1060]
    Version: v1.0

    Title says it all. SPAS plugin is a very simple plugin, for now, that prevents players joining the server from some server privileges like destroying and placing blocks. It also prevents players to use a command if they haven't authenticate themselves.

    This is my first plugin so don't be harsh on me. I'm very new to all java thing.
    I made this very simple plugin to test my knowledge of java, so feel free to say if i got a mistake somewhere. This plugin is not my idea but i didn't stole it (it defies my code). Anyway I've been searching for a very simple plugin idea and i find a plugin request from a member here and created this. They want simple?I give them Simple. And one more thing, feel free to add some feature suggestions. I will try doing that too as long as I can do it. If I cant, i will still do it to make myself understand java more...thx

    • Can enable or disable plugin anytime u want.
    • If not logged in:
      1. cant destroy blocks.
      2. cant place blocks.
      3. cant use commands other than /password.
      4. can everything else other than mentioned above
    • can change password after logged in
    • more simplicity
    • (im open for suggestions)
    Download SPAS zip here.
    Source code here.

    Download zip above.
    Extract the SPAS.jar  to the plugins folder
    Start server. Stop server (or not, u can just reload server later).
    Check SPAS folder in plugin folder.
    Change the value of enableSPAS to true or false if u want to enable
    the plugin.
    /password <your_password>
    typing this will
        1. set your password if you have not set yet and auto authenticates you.
        2. authenticates you of some disabled privileges if password has been set.
    version 1.0
    First release.​
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    This seems like just what I need. Can you add a "PIN" mode, and players must choose a 4 digit password?
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    u mean by 4 digit is 4 number right?
    hmmm...this is what i understand on your request...u mean only 4digit pin will be used to authenticate a player right?no more player created words , just pins?
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    Yes, it would be numbers. Players would be limited to choose 4 numbers for their password.

    This has multiple reasons.
    1) Players don't think they are giving away their Minecraft password.
    2) Shorter password if they are going to make a new one up anyways for this plugin.

    Here's a scenario:
    Bob logs onto a server with this plugin for the first time
    Server tells Bob he needs to pick a 4 digit PIN
    Bob inputs a 12 letter password
    Server says only 4 digit passwords
    Bob inputs a 3 digit password
    Server says only 4 digit passwords
    Bob inputs a 4 digit password
    Server remembers the PIN he entered


    You should make the player who is trying to log in not targeted by mobs, can't take damage, possibly unseen, can't check inventory, can't talk, etc
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    hmmm...let me take a go at it...
    it seems this is like a whole new plugin...yup...i will make that one and name it SPASReborn something or just SAReborn
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    You could call it SimpleAuth.

    Short, simple, and not taken :D
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    creating SimpleAuth plugin...hope it will be good...xD

    heres the link for the SimpleAuth plugin
    hope you like it

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    Hi, im new here so i wanter to give you an idea for one of your plugins (SPAS or simpleauth)
    i need this to my server its like the PIN code that Tauryuu asked but like you can use it as buttons for an Iron Door or something.
    Hope you use it for your next release
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    ~Can you make it so say for instance, members sign up at a forum, then the forum auto sends them a password, that they enter into the game. Then this will promote them to the next permission grade. (I.E from guest to builder)?
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    Hi there! First of all, i must say, i love the simplicity of the plugin, please don't get like the others and over-complicate the process. The concept is perfect.

    I do have one major problem though. Players can still walk around and interact with inventory and chests before entering their password, allowing someone to login with an account, open their chests and dump their inventory on the ground without entering a password.

    Can you add a configuration option to disable inventory interaction? or at least disable chest interaction?
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    Hey ho nice Plugin because it dont save the Inventorys :D One Wish , can you add , that a Player getting kicked on a wrong Password ?
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    Come on man why you not updating :(
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    What are the permission nodes please reply i really need them
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    nadimking, the permission nodes were listed on his website (albeit a bit hard to find) and can be found in plugin.yml within the .jar file. There is only one permission node:

    spas.password: true/false
    I have a bit of a large request, although in theory it shouldn't be hard to implement. I would like two additional features with this plugin.

    First, I would like passwords to be stored as hashes rather than plain text. Hopefully this forum isn't riddled with enough security nuts to freak out when I mention MD5 (feel free to implement bcrypt or something, but I find it's easier to just copy/paste code. Plus MD5 has very little overhead which means no server resources are wasted):


    Second, I would like to have a command for resetting a user's password with its own permission node so that I can grant this command only to administrators on the server. I've had two instances already where someone asked if I could reset their password and I had to open up the file and manually erase the line, then reload the server. It would be ideal if I could just call something like:

    /passreset {player name}
    Please and thank you.
  16. it didn't stop the command from going through. in fact i damn near burned down a friends house. it also allows setting down blocks. but not breaking them. which fortunately was a good thing as i could get a bucket of water.
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    Hello, I've been using your plugin for quite some time. (LOVE IT!)
    Could you please make an update of this for the new bukkit version?
  18. Hey, I have been using your ultra simple password authentication system on my server and it is just what I needed! Would it be possible to update it in preperation for the release of 1.2.3?

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    Long time no see BugSpreadeR. You will notice that this thread has now been placed into the Inactive Plugin subforum.
    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.

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