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    Rules - Whitelisting via Rules

    Version: 1.1 [jar]
    CraftBukkit: [b1240jnks]
    Description: Rules is a plugin that allows system administrators to deliver rules using a command.
    Administrators can disable build/destroy and chat until a visitor has accepted the rules.​

    Files (open)
    Rules.jar: Main plugin file

    Rules/rules.txt: File containing your server's rules. Can be colorized using the codes below.
    Automatically generated.​

    Rules/config.yml: File that stores settings and User status, layout and options below.

    Automatically generated.​
    config.yml (open)
    AllowChat: [true/false]
    Specifies whether a user can chat before accepting rules.​

    AllowBuild: [true/false]

    Specifies whether a user can build/destroy before accepting rules.​

    ShowOnLogin: [true/false]

    Specifies whether a login message is displayed reminding users that have not accepted the rules to do so. Useful if an motd plugin is in use.​

    LoginMessage: Message

    Message to be displayed if ShowOnLogin is set to true.​

    MessageColor: '&b'

    Defines default color for messages related to the Rules plugin.​


    Shown: [true/false] - Set to true when a user has been shown the rules​
    Accepted: [true/false] - Set to true when a user accepts the rules​

    Default values are bolded.
    Commands (open)

    Displays server rules to the user. Sets Shown to true for that user in config.yml​


    Command used to accept rules. User must first view rules in order to accept them. Sets Accepted to true for that user in config.yml​

    Command to allow an Op or authorized user via Permissions plugin to disable the Rules plugin. Designed for debugging. Server must be reloaded using /reload by an Op, reload from console, or by restarting the server in order to re-enable the Rules plugin. Currently in development.​

    /rulesviewed username

    Command to allow an Op or authorized user via Permissions plugin to view whether a user has seen the rules. Currently in development.​

    /rulesaccepted username

    Command to allow an Op or authorized user via Permissions plugin to view whether a user has accepted the rules. Currently in development.​
    Version 1.1 - [jar]
    fixed inaccurate version number reported in console​
    rule.txt is now created upon first run​
    updated event handler for CraftBukkit RB #617​
    disabled running of /acceptrules from console​
    cleaned code, removing and rearranging​
    fixed potential issue with Ops accepting rules​
    added command /disablerules​
    added command /rulesviewed​
    added command /rulesaccepted​

    Version 1.0 - [jar]
    Initial Release!​

    Thanks and Enjoy!
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    Please update this for build 740!
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    When used together with the HeroChat plugin all messages will appear twice once in the correct HeroChat chan and a 2nd time in the regular MC chat. right now you can only avoid this problem by setting AllowChat: false.

    I'd be grateful for any hint on how to fix this problem ... or maybe the plugin author could fix it?

    Otherwise great plugin!
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    Its working now on build 740
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    Great plugin, thanks!
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    You're welcome :)
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    Spanning over multiple pages like essentials /info does, Infact if you could get this to accept reading other rules such as maybe typing /info rules then having it check if u did that and add the /accept to that it would be great.

    Really needs Multiple pages and also so accept only works if u read all pages. For me I really need it to span 1 and 1/2 a page.
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    I love this plugin! One of the best out there!!

    It would be great if you could make it so that doors can't be opened if a player hasn't accepted the rules.
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    I may do this. There are a few more additions I would like make to this plugin. Both are good ideas.
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    Please update this to work with build 818.
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    Its working for me on 818
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    Oh, does not work for me, when i type /rules nothing comes up.
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    Try re-installing it
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    Please make rules pages.

    Like /rules 1 for page 1 and /rules 2 for page 2.
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    Ok, it was not updated, now works, i had to edit some files in eclipse to get it to work. Thanks anyways
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    Hey Delta, mind sending that to me? I'm kinda stupid with Java still and I'd like a version where /rules actually works. :D
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    :confused: u mean of the 2 versions ever created neither have worked? -- You make it sound like I keep releasing broken versions lol...
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    Pages would be awesome. One page is too little.
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    just found this plugin now and would be realy great to use :D
    are u gonna upate it for 1.6.6 any time soon?
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    anyway you could make it run a command when they accept? like have a fake user who is an admin promote them?
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    I think it would be a good idea to give this plugin the option to change the permission group of a user who accepts the rules. There's much more I'd want members to be able to do after accepting the rules.
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    Also, is it possible to prevent the user from moving until they have accepted the rules? Even better would be to prevent them from moving out of a set area.

    I have found a bug, when your using Herochat, all chat shows up twice, once by Herochat and once by this plugin. I think Herochat has some sort of API, you should check it out. That would be awesome if you could get it working with HeroChat
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    it is showing my commandbook rules and keeps showing the default chat AND herochat when typed... :/

    I think there is a problem with this and Herochat

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    I sort of have a temporary fix for promoting. on my server users can pay 30 money (starting money) to become a member. They execute the command by clicking a sign
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    This is what I've been Looking for, thank you!
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    Any plans to work on this a bit more? Especially the incompability with HeroChat kills it for many servers, as all chat is shown twice. I wonder if there could be a workaround?
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    I haven't had a chance to revisit this yet, but yes, I do plan on working through a few things. I know there are some methods that I can change and it should remove the duplicate messages. I will download HeroChat and do some testing.
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    Fantastic and no hurry/worries, pplus is a good priority ;)
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    still being work or is it fixed

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