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    Rules - Whitelisting via Rules

    Version: 1.1 [jar]
    CraftBukkit: [b1240jnks]
    Description: Rules is a plugin that allows system administrators to deliver rules using a command.
    Administrators can disable build/destroy and chat until a visitor has accepted the rules.​

    Files (open)
    Rules.jar: Main plugin file

    Rules/rules.txt: File containing your server's rules. Can be colorized using the codes below.
    Automatically generated.​

    Rules/config.yml: File that stores settings and User status, layout and options below.

    Automatically generated.​
    config.yml (open)
    AllowChat: [true/false]
    Specifies whether a user can chat before accepting rules.​

    AllowBuild: [true/false]

    Specifies whether a user can build/destroy before accepting rules.​

    ShowOnLogin: [true/false]

    Specifies whether a login message is displayed reminding users that have not accepted the rules to do so. Useful if an motd plugin is in use.​

    LoginMessage: Message

    Message to be displayed if ShowOnLogin is set to true.​

    MessageColor: '&b'

    Defines default color for messages related to the Rules plugin.​


    Shown: [true/false] - Set to true when a user has been shown the rules​
    Accepted: [true/false] - Set to true when a user accepts the rules​

    Default values are bolded.
    Commands (open)

    Displays server rules to the user. Sets Shown to true for that user in config.yml​


    Command used to accept rules. User must first view rules in order to accept them. Sets Accepted to true for that user in config.yml​

    Command to allow an Op or authorized user via Permissions plugin to disable the Rules plugin. Designed for debugging. Server must be reloaded using /reload by an Op, reload from console, or by restarting the server in order to re-enable the Rules plugin. Currently in development.​

    /rulesviewed username

    Command to allow an Op or authorized user via Permissions plugin to view whether a user has seen the rules. Currently in development.​

    /rulesaccepted username

    Command to allow an Op or authorized user via Permissions plugin to view whether a user has accepted the rules. Currently in development.​
    Version 1.1 - [jar]
    fixed inaccurate version number reported in console​
    rule.txt is now created upon first run​
    updated event handler for CraftBukkit RB #617​
    disabled running of /acceptrules from console​
    cleaned code, removing and rearranging​
    fixed potential issue with Ops accepting rules​
    added command /disablerules​
    added command /rulesviewed​
    added command /rulesaccepted​

    Version 1.0 - [jar]
    Initial Release!​

    Thanks and Enjoy!
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    where is the download? I would REALLY like this plugin but cant find the download!
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    I have my server setup using a GroupManager so that on entry, not only do visitors not have build rights, but the players have much fewer commands than those who can build. I'd love to see this plugin have an option to move players from one group to another. This way, even when I'm offline, they can start off in the default group with gray names, then move to the builder group with blue names and full rights once they use the accept command. Just a thought. Wouldn't be needed for server running permissions since they don't allow you to change permissions from in the game anyway.
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    Next to v1.o there is a link that says jar. That links to the current version.

    As it is now, I have not integrated any permissions modifications due to the upcoming Bukkit Permissions system. I as well as other system admins that I have talked to, find this useful to entertain new members until someone official can come in and promote them. The way I use this is I turn off build and turn off chat until they view and accept the rules. When they do, they are able to chat, but are still in a group that has a limited build area and can enjoy the server until they have been properly activated. Although this is not designed to be an Anti-grief plugin, it does work well in conjunction with others to accomplish this task.

    I have developed a way to update the Permissions plugin and have released that. It is called Permissions Plus.

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    Bukkit release an permissions system, lol, I think I wont like it even if they do after all I don't like scarpbukkit I don't think that a modular permission system is what is needed.

    I am one of the folks that think they should just get cracking on a NEW API like the plugin's "bukkit" api only this one for help menu and permissions base it off the current standards GM and Permissions systems and call it a day.

    this way it wont bloody matter what permissions plugins exsist or u feel like using as long as your using the API to make it it will work 100% with any other plugin and show up a organized by group help menu.

    In my mind it is the only way to progress further as why there is still choice you will always have things that no do not want to work with existing systems and people that simply don't like the system.

    you release an API like
    bukkit.jar and then let everyone make there won permisisons and help the only difference then is that there all backwards compatible :D and users can choose what ever style they want.
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    working on updates for CB recommended build 602 will post soon, sorry for the delays in an update.
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    Np problem mate I don't plan to update till friday and that all depends on if MC 1.4 does not role around before then other wise I will just wait another 3 days for everyone to be forced to update.
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    Would it be possible to make only first time joiners accept the rules? That way players do not have to type /accept rules every time they enter.
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    Once you have typed /acceptrules it should no longer restrict you from anything, whether you log out or not.

    The issue has been fixed in v1.1. Was a change in API. Update away!

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    wondering if its possible to make a plugin that will auto-whitelist when a player fulfills certain tasks IE: accepting the rules & answering a rules related question & possibly a in-game mission like chopping down 50-logs or so.. ?
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    can we have permissions support please so i can allow others to view accepted rules to promote people to builder? without them having to be op
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    The question things could be implemented, I will think about that one, but the mission goes outside the scope of the plugin.
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    perhaps one day we will see tasks that put you on a whitelist (like being a jailer for 1 hour, would be cool), but for now answering questions related to the rules of conduct is more than welcomed.. so thanks for liking the idea & best of luck with it.
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    When I use this plugin alongside factions everything in console and server is double-posted.
    Player: hello
    shows as-
    Player: hello
    Player: hello
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    Interesting. We have no other reports of this. The plugin gives minimal feedback to the console. I will do some testing to try and reproduce this issue.
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    Hello! I enjoy your plugin, and I have a request/suggestion!

    Can you make it where once they accept the rules it bumps there permissions group up?
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    I have an idea as to how I could make that work. I will work on this, though I can't promise a quick turnaround atm due to a large server and network rollout that I am leading.
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    hi i believe that your plugin has glitched my server capabilities. it was the best plugin i had until the 1.5 update. after the update i would connect to the server and try to build/destroy blocks and nothing would work. i had to wipe my computer of all my minecraft files after attempting to remake the server after the update, but it still wont let me do ANYTHING while im not even using bukkit! i would appretiate some help even though you might not know whats wrong either. thanks?
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    Are you using the basic Minecraft launcher or a 3rd party launcher? As far as I've tested, I have had no issues with this plugin in 1.5.

    This plugin would only have an effect on SMP play during your connection to the server with Bukkit and this plugin installed. There is no way for a Bukkit plugin to modify your experience outside of the Bukkit server or in Single player.
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    yeah... um i totally blamed youre plugin for something it didnt do. sorry bout that! i fixed the problem and redownloaded the mod!
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    Thanks for clearing it up! But anytime you have any issues that might be related, don't hesitate to post. I'll do my best to help you out.
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    Also happens for us when using HeroChat, all messages get double-posted, one time with the whole HeroChat suffix/prefix, and one line with only Nick: Text.

    Sadly so :( Hope you still have some enthusiam to work on this!
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    I will look into how HeroChat works and see if I can't find a way to resolve this
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    Can u make it to where when the accept the rules that it would set them to a group and like for setting them to other mods like Towny where its will add them to the town with this command /town add (player) or for a group /manuadd (player) (group) that would help me out alot?
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    What plugin do you use for groups?
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    Ah, no quick fix for that sorry.
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    well crap what about adding them to a town with the townt mod /town add (player)

    o btw i really like this mod for my server thanks and good job on it works perfect

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    Good to hear! Thanks! :-D
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    lol 57 percent uptime :(
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    what do you mean?

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