[SEC] Rakamak v2.0.0 - a plugin authentication [740]

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    Erwyn LENS

    Plugin now available and updated at:

    Rakamak - The authentication plugin:
    Version: v2.0.0

    The Rakamak plugin has been created to provide a security opportunity for
    servers with online-mode=false.

    Cause I was in a particular network configurations with players accessing the
    server by the Internet and others by the local Network without Internet access
    I was encoutering lots of account stealing, particularly adminisatrators accounts
    (oh? isn't it?).

    The Rakamak plugin is a simple plugin which asks a password previously set up
    by the player, before being able to do anything with his character.

    It's my first plugin, so I probably have lots of things to learn, but it works...

    • Set a password for each player
    • Protect players from account stealing by asking it
    • /rakaset <thepasswordyouwant> to protect your character
    • /rakapass <thesamepassword> to authenticate on login

    Source Code

    • Re-enable players freezing
    • Disable all commands but the login's one when not logged
    • Permission support

    Version 2.0.0
    • Translated into English
    • Removed useless BlockListener
    • Added PlayerInteract event support
    • Removed unlogged people freezing, now when a player didn't authenticate before quitting, the character is teleported to its original location.
    Version 1.0
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    Erwyn LENS

    I think you're not really using my plugin cause mine doesn't use database at all....
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    Is it possible to set this for only certain people, not all players, such as only admin accounts?
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    Erwyn LENS

    I'm thinking about it :). But note that I don't have much time a the moment so the developpment goes.... slowly
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    Can I edit it to change:
    /rakapass --> /register
    /rakaset --> /login
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    Erwyn LENS

    Hum, without working on the source code, no. But you can download it on the github and just change it in the proper files. Then rebuild it (just make a jar with eclipse or netbeans) and you're done!
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    and whether you could do this to me?

    When im use javac AccountsMgmt.java in cmd im have 6 errors. Ok im install NetBeans IDE 6.7.1 im not compile why?
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    Are passwords sent in the clear since you're using line command for authenticating users ?
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    Can you plz tell me how can we see the passwords of the registration that they do?
    Because if they say that someone get their account we can see from when it had been changed the password..and what password was and what is..
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    Erwyn LENS

    @canabix: Yes they're not ciphered, however I'm really thinking that it's irrevelant.

    @vasil7112: you can see the passwords in the rakamak folder, but there aren't any other logs of players actions
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    Erwyn LENS


    An update has been made by Dorpaxio, thanks to him, lots of claimed features has been implemented. I'm really sorry for not having so much time developping it by my own, but I have to take care of a server alone at the same time plus my real life, so it's quite difficult...

    I'll post the update as soon as possible, Thanks to him, his name will be added in the main thread.
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    that means someone can sniff your password while you try to authenticate?
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    Erwyn LENS

    @canabix: that's always the case whatever plugin you will use cause your text isn't ciphered by bukkit. The only think I coul add is a ciphering before releasing the password in the rakamak passwords file, but I do not think that's usefull...
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    Erwyn LENS

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