[SEC] Orebfuscator 2.1.7 - Anti X-RAY [CB 1.4.5-1.7.10]

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    Orebfuscator - Anti X-RAY:

    Bukkit-Dev link here:
    All important information available here:


    Configuration guide and performance optimizations:

    Orebfuscator 2.1.7 for MC 1.4.5-1.7.10

    Legacy versions:


    CPU testing (open)

    Engine modes (open)


    Support the developer: [​IMG]

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    Oh wait, i didnt compile it right... hold on

    Try that link again...

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    version of CB?

    EDIT: Remove ChunkScrambler plugin.
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    you thing ?? :D when i do this obf work :p Cb verson 1714 xD (my bad) xD
    give you all my logs ??
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    Wait, so it's working now?
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    when i remove ChunkScrambler obf work
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    I tested it now ony my server..and it works very well.. i like the Permorfance from CPU and RAM now..Much better than befor. keep up your great work
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    Much optimization has been made since the beginning :p
  10. After i installed this plugin i got a big hole under the ground. its all the way down to bedrock. All the stone are gone. gravel/dirt/ores are still there. happen me befor aswell lucky i had a backup file. also this is the v 1.3.1-test4-fix Craftbukkit v 1772
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    It's caused by spout version ~680/CB 1772, not this plugin. Upgrade to 685+ and latest CB.
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    Since installing the 1.3.1-test3 and appropriate craftbukkit I have gotten consistent server crashes related to a memory leak somewhere. Prior to upgrading these two things I had server stability for weeks plus. Now it seems like 18 hours before OOME.
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    Increase your -xmX value. (More info read Original Post section FAQ)

    Btw, are you getting the error Perm Gen space or Heap memory
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    Perm Gen sounds familiar. What happened was not strictly a server crash so much as the server ran out of memory to give and receive feedback and everyone just timed out. Server still has itself running sending automessages and the like. The server has 3 gigs on a enterprise server, so increasing that memory in that way is not possible. I would say my server has around 20 to 30 during regular play times. It has been making it from like 9 in the morning I i realize server needs restart until early in the morning (4ish), so my guess is a small memory leak over reasonable loads and extended time.

    maybe one of the variable changes left some unintended consequences such as illegal variable type conversion or a nonclearing memory store value per chunk (chunkster addition).

    practically, even if this is related to orebfuscator, which it is not clear that it definitely is, great work on keeping up with devcraftbukkit and making an awesome plugin for minecrafters interested in a cheat free multiplayer environment (me)
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    Can you still continue ChunkScrambler, I've been reading numerous of pages of this thread, and there are unexpect lag occurances even on beast servers... It just realstically seems very unstable.

    However ChunkScrambler can do a great amount on Spout servers I feel, so can you please continue to update it with new features, etc.
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    Well this plugin had been somewhat unstable for a long time until the recent two weeks I got time to sort nearly everything out.
    Lags are all gone, chunk errors have been fixed, and much optimization have been done.

    ChunkScrambler on the other hand, ONLY works with this anti-xray plugin. It change the locations of ores, making it impossible for clients to guess their location based on the seed of the world. It alone will do NOTHING against x-ray hackers.

    Since there's not much to be done on ChunkScrambler, I will try to maintain it if anyone wants to run it along another plugin.
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    lishid, sorry for stupid question, but can i still use my world filеs, after disabling ChunkScrambler? Or it modify my world and i cant use my world without ChunkScrambler?
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    You can still use the same world file, but the chunks that have been already generated will not have their ores scrambled. A new world is recommended, but not necessary. The new chunks that will be generated with the plugin installed will have their resources scrambled (the effects are NOT very visible)
  19. hmm, my cmd crashes after 5min-5hours when using this plugin. the bukkit controll thingy still works but cant type anything in the cmd. any ideas what might be wrong? :/ though updating to bukkit 1783 and orebfuscator v 1.3.1-test4-fix would fix it but still crashes. and memory use havnt gone over 1600mb out of 3327mb
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    That's an interesting phenomenon... Check your server log to see if there's any error messages after fully stopping the server (from in game). It's unlikely that it's caused by my plugin. I'm guessing the newer bukkit builds are not very stable?
  21. says nothing on the server log. only thing that it warns about is Craftbukkituptodate: Can't connect to ci.bukkit.org. but dont think it matters. it even warns about that in pail server manager after CMD crash.
  22. Hi, I think there is something wrong with the latest version of spout, if I use the spout 1.1 (dev) plugin the OFC stops working. I've removed spout temporarily and OFC is working again, can you please check if this is a bug of OFC or maybe is a Spout problem..

    Thanks and Thank you for this great plugin!

    The spout plugin I've problem is in the link: http://spout.in/plugindev

    I've found this link on the main page of Spout plugin http://forums.spout.org/threads/updating-to-minecraft-1-1.878/
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    I tried using that version of spout, works great for me, you need to upgrade CraftBukkit, I think.
  24. I think I was trying with 1784 version.. What's the version of craftbukkit that you are using, can you post the link please?
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    I remember it's the 177x's
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    Im using oreb 1.3.1-test4-fix on bukkit 1788 (latest) and its working great. You can find the latest version on the bukkit home page.
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    I tried using this plugin, but my world just doesn't load. I see a few blocks, mobs glitching around and lava underground. The server doesn't crash, I just can't really move in some places, help? I'm using latest CB 1.1.

    There's an error to:
    22:45:34 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Orebfuscator Calculation Thread"
    22:45:34 [SEVERE] java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: g
    22:45:34 [SEVERE]      at lishid.orebfuscator.utils.Calculations.Obfuscate(Calc
    22:45:34 [SEVERE]      at lishid.orebfuscator.utils.Calculations.Obfuscate(Calc
    22:45:34 [SEVERE]      at lishid.orebfuscator.utils.OrebfuscatorThreadCalculati
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    Use the 1.1 version linked in the original post (version 1.3.1-test4-fix)
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    lishid I've been using 1.3.1 test 4 for awhile now and it works great and all, but recently people have been complaining of seeing fake ores randomly when they don't have an invisible texture pack/xray mod. They are just walking in caves and find random ores on walls, when they hit it, it is stone. Bit of an obnoxious bug and going to have to remove the plugin until a fix is possible. =/
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    You just need to change a config item (initialradius to 2)
    BTW< don't use 1772 with spout 680-684
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    Got many chunk errors [severe] after updating to latest bukkit.

    I dont believe I will be usin this plugin unless you decide to take chunkster out.

    The strenght of this plugin to be able to do its job without modifying world chunk memory is its strenght.

    Once you force people to access chunks, you are just waiting for a world error, which I think I will avoid.

    Feature Request:
    Remove chunkster from orebfuscator like it was.

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