Inactive [SEC] Ore To Client Obfuscation v1.9.1.1 - Anti X-Ray (xray) [1.2.5-R4]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by TyrOvC, Jul 12, 2011.

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    Please add an Engine 6: Hides all ores and chests that don't have a transparent block next to them. Turn to diamond ore all ores with a transparent block next to them.
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    If you did that then you cant see ore that is right in front of your face.
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    Already tried it, OTC doesn't work :D
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    i already tried version 0.9.8, but this plugin costs more cpiu power. My server always sent the message "can't keep up...server overloaded?" and many problems still my server freezes. And other orebfuscator users has the same problem, read all posts!

    WHEN COMES OTC FOR 1.0? :)
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    Fully updated version for the new recommended bukkit is now ready. Has the all the multiworld settings, sorry for the delay!

    Regular Version for CraftBukkit (
    MD5: f1eb90d4001004d61f31611977d64620
    SHA-256: a85c9461b2fd8314d2c76cc8fb180ba7ec298e95c645988c769d6bdb95e82af1
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    Any word on the updated spout version? Will it be coming out soon?

    Thanks :D
  11. why not make an mode that hide ores where the blocks near it have all an light level from 0 or lower.
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    When I put it on the server this plugin in my server lag badly. Why server lag can follow any responses to help?
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    A few concerns:
    1. You're sending 9 chunks in one tick in otco-resendmychunk command.
    2. You're still requiring edits to Craftbukkit jar?
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    Can follow any responses to help deal with these problems?
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    lishid why are you concerned about this ? you have your own x-ray plugin get on with developing that? i dont see TyrOvC advertising in your thread. Infact he stays quite calm considering your pefromance claims . Ill tell you all now that i have used each x-ray plugin on each mode on my servers and ore to client obfuscation performs better! and has a far less "up his own bottom" developer.

    So i have a few concerns about you
    1. why are you constantly bothering yourself with this thread? - I dont belive people have low enough iq to swallow half the crap you say in this thread
    2.why does your plugin perform 2x worse then this one but claims opposite?
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    If you claim it to be 2x worse, bring some evidence. I have done optimization to my code, where as he has not. I have done tests. I consulted many experts including Afforess and the Spout team to learn how CraftBukkit works. I update my plugin as soon as CB releases. I come to the forums often to help users. Yes, many claim to have performance issues with my plugin, but they only say so because I actively try to help (there's also some problem caused by spout).

    Now, to answer to your question 1, I come here because of a few reasons
    1. By watching his plugin which is very similar to mine, I can perhaps learn something to make obfuscation plugins better.
    2. I followed this thread even before I made my plugin, hoping improvements would occur.
    3. I do my job and try to help server owners, whereas you come to the forums and start criticizing other people.

    To address the issues I said earlier, 9 chunks in one tick might cause a lag for a second for everyone. CB sends 1 chunk per tick at max.
    It would be nice to remove the need of modifying Craftbukkit jar everytime it updates.

    To conclude, I truly like OTCO and TyrOvC for his plugin, and honestly I don't care if anyone use OTCO instead of my plugin. I just want people to try both and see which one works best for them. Different server capacities and plugin configurations can result in incompatibilities or performance issues. If you think OTCO works better for your server, then good for you.

    PS. I do not believe that you "have a few concerns about" me. I believe that you don't give a sh** and are a no-life troll.
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    Believe what you will. I don't see any trolling on any other threads from me.
    My post here was in frustration after having seen that yet again your posting here with your usefull info.

    Here some evidence

    Stop trolling yourself and get off this guys plugin thread hes even said that he doesnt want you plugging your plugin here. Its shame i cant find those graphs to quote in.

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    I understand that you are loyal to this plugin and you believe I betrayed it by making mine and claiming it better.

    Yes, I admit that it was selfish of me to have advertised in his thread and even some would consider stole his idea.
    I did so with the only goal of helping people fight x-ray. I did not mean to create competition or to win anything. I simply wanted to make this plugin better at what it does.

    I wanted to see if I could help him with the plugin. So I asked him in PM, to which he never responded.
    Then I asked him for the source.

    Then I tried directly giving him ideas:
    and here

    This was my last attempt at offering help:

    THEN I raged since he was not updating the plugin, not offering support and had a bunch of easy improvements I can think of that he just won't listen to.
    So I made my own to work on my server, and released it to the public.

    I own a server, and I wrote plugins to help me administrate my server, and I believe that I should make them public if other people need.

    I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish here...
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    I understand why you made your plugin and i have no problem with you doing that. The thing i dont understand is why people feel the need to advertise there plugins "often with false claims and missleading graphs" on other peoples threads. Its hardly constructive
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    Well I did not claim falsely nor did I gave misleading graphs.
    The claims I have made are all true. At that time:
    My plugin was more customizable, it did the exact same job as OTCO and it had the best of all (as I believe) of not needing modifications to CraftBukkit.jar which was a pain because people needed to modify CraftBukkit every time they update.
    And about the graphs, I print-screen'd them when I was testing the performance of OTCO and my plugin first from task manager, then from java performance profilers.
    Of course, seeing that I built over his shoulders and have made something better was not pleasing to him, so I guess he called my claims false and my graphs misleading.
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    He does spout version of his plugin which doesnt need modification of craftbukkit.jar

    And you still havent answered why you felt the need to advertise your plugin in his thread?
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    I thought mine was better and people could try it out. Also, spout wasn't very stable at that time and many people did not like using it.
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    How would you feel if someone done the same to you? I dont mean how would you think..... its different to how you would feel inside.

    If it was me i feel deflated somewhat and upset that someone didnt pm me to ask if they could promote there plugin in someone elses thread. Id also feel bad that someone is claiming that my plugin was un optimised/inadequate
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    Well He had gone missing for such a long time back then that I thought the plugin was dead.
    I know that it was hard for him. He could have replied to my PM or my forum posts, or he could have updated his plugin. He was gone for like 2 weeks and everyone wanted the plugin to work with 1.8 so bad.

    Also, at the time, his spout version was never released. He said he would but didnt post update about it for weeks until he finally posted the spout version.

    "Spout version coming shortly (and I haven't done anything to change either for 1.8 yet)"

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    None of the above forced you to do what you did in the way that you did it.
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    Everyone complained that it was not up-to-date, and things were not working, and he lacks support.
    I thought I might help those hopeless people.

    I know, it must have been devastating to him . I was selfish and arrogant, and I am truly sorry for not being nice.

    Here, I've added a link in my post to this plugin in case anyone want to try it out.

    EDIT: I'd suggest we work together and merge our plugins, but I'm not sure TyrOvC is willing.

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    My players dont like mining to find fake ores =\
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    Either they have x-ray or you did not configure the plugin well. Set oreupdateradius higher and they should not see fake ore.
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    Ouch, so much hostility guys. I guess I should thank you @o0AzzA0o for defending me, but please don't get yourself in trouble on my behalf! Someone else has already been warned by a moderator before for less than you have.

    I don't have any problems with you or your plugin, a little competition tends to drive innovation :)
    Thanks for that info on CB only sending one chunk per tick by default, that I actually did not know.

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