Inactive [SEC] Ore To Client Obfuscation v1.9.1.1 - Anti X-Ray (xray) [1.2.5-R4]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by TyrOvC, Jul 12, 2011.

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    This still active? Haven't seen the creator post in a while :/
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    Hope so as it works great with spout but according to guy up three posts it still works with spout.
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    It's very buggy with spout. Lots of buggy ore issues. It needs to be updated.
  5. Non-spout version works perfectly. Mode 1.
    CB 1337
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    Hello, I'm wondering what's causing this and if it's supposed to be like this.

    Players on my server are complaining about finding diamond, but it transforms into another block instead like stone. Should it be like this?

    Thank you.
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    just a question, whats the purpose of the maingroundblock?
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    Thx for
    But is there a spout version coming?
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    Thanks for the update to 1337!
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    very much lag with this version.
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    Looking forward to the Spout version.

    1.7's multiworld support seems great -- I'm guessing this will allow us to disable the anti-xray on certain worlds?
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    Nvm. Craftbukkits fault.
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    What do you recommend to keep CPU low but maximize the blocks that it hides? Is mode 2 good to hide all xray mods? Or am I best going with mode 4 to ensure that no-one can cheat on my server
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    Any update coming to the spout version?
  15. @TyrOvC
    I didn't await this release. I got surprised :)
    What about turning off the protection in nether? Will it optimize my server a bit?
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    Yes, lets you disable it on specific worlds.

    Are they seeing the fake diamond at level 20 or below? You might need to increase the oreupdateradius setting by one or change the blockupdate mode if some of your userbase has high latency. An alternative would be using Mode 1 instead, though it provides less protection. If that's not where they're seeing it and you have the Spout version though, it might genuinely be a bug with the current version/cb version/spout version. I'm working on testing and coding the next Spout specific version.

    maingroundblock is for custom world generations that use something other than stone for the ground. Most servers probably won't use it, but it is there for those that need it now.

    Shouldn't be! The only difference made that could use a different amount of processing power is the new multiworld configuration option, and that only would if you specifically enable using multiple configurations in your settings.

    Lowest CPU and Bandwith usage would be on Mode 1 and 2 since they do less, but Mode 1 won't catch ores on cave edges (even with that, it's a big enough of a difference to make a dent in x-ray usability!), and mode 2 does, but I wouldn't suggest it as most players won't like not being able to see any ores without mining. Might just have to it out in the different modes and figure out what's best for you.

    My slate is empty for doing anything but coding tomorrow, so I should have a fully tested Spout update up Sunday. I'll notify you when I do!

    Yes, if you disable it for your nether world no cpu time will be wasted running through logic on those chunks (assuming that there's not really anything there to hide anyway :) ). You just have to make a new text file in the plugin's configuration directory called worldnamewhatever_nether.txt
    If the same file contains hidechests=true, then completely buried chests will still be hidden there as well.

    Come to think of it, making nether environments not be checked is probably something that should be done on default.
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    Yeah I am going to leave it on mode 4, Seems to be the best one and if I get lag complaints I may install NoMoreLagg or Just change it to mode 1 and see how that goes!

    Thanks for you fast reply! Great job on the plugin!
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    Shouldn't ,but it is.
    When i brake some blocks i get drop but blocks apear again and disappear. When i place a block it's same ,disappear and reappear.
    Only when i place block and brake block is lag,and i know its your plugin.

    Can you tell me where i can download previous version?
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    @Sh4d0w @nacs @Monkz
    Spout update is ready and up. Worked great in testing with CB 1337 and the Spout 510 server plugin.

    If you're asking about what I think you were, I think I smashed it with the new Spout update.
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    I'll give it a test now
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    Thank you so much for all the awesome work, i tried Orebfuscator while waiting on the update, but it just doesnt have the same performance quality. However his method of scrambled resources i think is really good, you should consider implementing that feature. And anyways expect a donation from me sometime soon, once again my server is saved from cheaters :)

    Only thing is disableforOP's doesnt seem to work still. Never have been able to get that to work for some reason.

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    Turns out that you shouldn't have been able to with the release I just put up, good catch! The code for it got removed from the Spout version while I was implementing the multiworld configurations. Just uploaded a new version ( with it in it.
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    Wow thanks for the quick fix! Ill give it a try now!
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    thanks a lot :)
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    What am I doing wrong?
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    Does this have the same problems like orebfuscator + worldedit (+ spoutcraft) ?
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    You use non spout version and spout version, you need only Spout and RawcriticsOreObfuscationPluginSpout , and do not modify craftbukkit jar file

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    The anti-xray works for typical xray, but users with certain texture packs for example: XRay_Pro by Svarteman still can see the ores. One of my players was showing me this, and with my xray it was obfuscated, but he could still dig holes straight to diamonds.

    Im using the spout version on 1337
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    The Spout version requires Spout to be running on your server. You also can't mix and match installs, you can only be running one version at a time and if you use the Spout version don't replace the class files in the server jar with the ones from the regular installation.

    It ignores world edit changes until a chunk is sent to a player, so it doesn't cause any additional lag/lower the maximum number of blocks you can safely change with worldedit. If you want fake ore shown as stone or ores that show as stone show as ores after you use world edit though, you'll have to either relog or use /otco-resendmychunk
    You might also note that the same applies to the world edit super pick.

    If it's a texture pack, then what they're seeing are diamonds exposed inside caves. There's not really anyway around that other then to hide all ores until anyone mines near them (mode 2), which legitimate players probably won't like . All of those diamonds that are enclosed in stone can't be seen though!
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    If it's a texture pack, then what they're seeing are diamonds exposed inside caves. There's not really anyway around that other then to hide all ores until anyone mines near them (mode 2), which legitimate players probably won't like . All of those diamonds that are enclosed in stone can't be seen though![/quote]

    So thats what happens even if im on mode 4?
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    If I use the spout version of the plugin, I take it I will have to force everyone on my server to use spoutcraft as well, or else the hiding won't work, correct?

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