Inactive [SEC] Ore To Client Obfuscation v1.9.1.1 - Anti X-Ray (xray) [1.2.5-R4]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by TyrOvC, Jul 12, 2011.

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    Making a small update soon to add an optional permission whitelist for those who want it. Won't be in the CB 1000 version because of the lack of visibility has to who the player the packet is being sent to from the packet class, but will be in the CB 1060 and Spout versions.

    @Donald Scott
    That bug snuck into one specific version of the plugins that are up right now. Fixing tonight.

    Switch to Mode 1 in your config, and it does what you described.

    At this point with the latest version of Spout and CB 1060, I haven't tried it yet but, if you replace the server classes with the one in the 1045+ download they might work with the versions of Spout that are compatible with 1060. Would be a little bit faster if they are, I'll have to make sure to try it out soon!
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    Okay... what I did ... I downloaded Spout 1.02 and the latest 1063 - and I just threw in your Version of anti-xray for spout
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    Can i run this on standard CraftBukkit 1060? I do not want to require people to change their minecraft clients in order for this to work. They go to, download it, install their XRay mod, and get nothing, thats how i like it to work! Im a bit of a noobie when it comes to this. Looking forward to your reply! It seem an awesome plugin that just does what i need! to take out the xraying on my server!

    e.g. i read all this fuzz about spout, but i dont want to be involved in that stuff..
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    You stand corrected.. players with certain xray mod just TURN OFF IRON and DIAMOND ORE. Althouth they cannot find the ores to mine, this does open up underground bases for raiding and griefing.

    Could I make a request of the DEV to add along with CHESTS - Furnaces & Workbenches? Seems like XRAY these days are more for raiding other peoples hidden bases than finding ores.
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    CB: 1060
    Spout: 1.0.2
    Plugin version:

    Issue: Randomly, strips of chunks (around 1x4 wide) would return "hole in floor" when trying to TP to/from a player. In addition, magic carpet would leave glass trails. Dynmap would fail to render said "strips". Removal of this plugin resolved previously mentioned issues. If the chunk was regenerated (via world edit), the issue would also be resolved, but the issue would continue at random throughout the world.
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    Well.. doesn't work? CB 1060:
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    Out of interest, when this happens, do you get a lot of ClassCastExceptions being spammed on the console?
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    @TyrOvC Not for sure whats up with this. I have been having reports from my users of seeing false ores. Even when I teleport to them and me being in a hole new world they still show up as false to me. I just upgraded to 1060 before when I was using spout 1.0.1 it never happened. It only started happening once I updated all my plugins to 1060. Here is my WG report and here is my config
    If there is any thing I can do please do tell.
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    Great plugin, and well designed
    but its gonna be hard for me to see xray mods destroyed by this :(
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    Xray mods are lame! They destroy gameplay. I used it to, but it gives an unfair advantage, but then, i used it because others do. My best wish would be that all Xray be terminated. Mods like this should become Native security feature in MC and MC servers. Heads up for the developers!
  12. Bukkit 1060 (no spout)

    I'm getitng massive areas all showing diamond as you walk past them. Placing and removing a torch makes them dissapear. Mining returns cobble.
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    I've installed everything like how I "thought" it was supposed to but when I log in I am floating in space and there is no land. WHAT HAVE I DONE?
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    Got the same problem on RB 1060.
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    Same sitation- after update i recive same reports from my users(and i see this few times), after switching from mode1 to mode2 - problem still exist, but happens rarely.
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    I have a problem,
    The plugin works fine but when im legal mining without xray on, i cant see the ores only when i relog.
    Is this a problem of view distance?
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    same here.
    no delay, you mine and appear diamond in some regions. in other regions work good. but some region no update the block when you mine.
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    I switched to mode 1 as someone earlier suggested and its working great.
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    When i tried using 1045+ with 1060 all it does it says 27.08 14:10:19 [Server] INFO Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from yaddi yadda and just keeps crashing the server before it even starts.
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    Seems to work great!
    When I'm sure it does ill be happy to donate cos this is every admin's wet dream.
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    Going to have an update up early tomorrow after I finish testing it.
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    yes. now im using mode 1 but. i like mode 4. need to fix this problem. because mode 1 show all the ores in a cave.
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    Updated. Added disableforops as an option to the config, made certain that in both the regular version and spout version that block updates are sent to all the players around, not just to mining players, so that there aren't fake ores when other players are mining (which the last versions did anyway? Gone in these two for sure though!).

    I'm still trying to figure out why certain things like the world edit compass teleports resend the chunks unobfuscated.


    That's a very odd sounding issue. Probably Spout specific. Your positive that those things quit happening when this plugin was removed?
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    @TyrOvC If you like you can come to my server I can show you it. Or atlest have my users show you it as it comes up.

    Edit: just noticed you updated with a fix for it. I will let you know If I still get the issue with the new one.
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    CB 1060
    Spout Version
    Newest plugin

    My issue is that when players break cobble they always see diamond or iron and it wont go away until they relog or put a torch on it. How can i fix this problem I dont like all my mines being diamonds
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    The plugin has been removed for a few days now, and the issues have (instantly) ceased. No other plugins have been added/removed/updated in this time-frame.
  29. Mode 4 works well, but mode 5... does nothing? (CraftBukkit 1060, Spout 1.05.227)
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    This plugin does nothing..? i've installed correctly and theres no errors... but no matter what mode im in i can still use xray mod.
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    mode 4: delete the iron texture in the xray mod and xray works fine :(

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