Inactive [SEC] Ore To Client Obfuscation v1.9.1.1 - Anti X-Ray (xray) [1.2.5-R4]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by TyrOvC, Jul 12, 2011.

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    Hey I think I found a bug.

    When I teleport (using the WorldEdit compass) the ore becomes visible again, not a major problem for me as people can only use the compass in my creative world where blocks are free but it does seem like something that should be looked into,
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    wow what a great plugin.

    one question:
    how cpu intensive is the setting "4".

    Is the more cpu power only client side or server too?
    because setting 4 (default) is my favorite, so i would take it
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    Can't wait
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    why only 1046 testing and not 1056?
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    He's not updating to the latest bleeding-edge build, he's updating to a build that a few plugins have built against.

    Multiverse, for example, requires 1046 now. @TyrOvC is doing us a favor by updating early.
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    I like the idea of this mod because im still using the old AXR and its really slow on startup and other probs; however one major drawback for me is that spout is in its infancy and needs a LOT of work.
    I'd have to wait til spout has a working release version with cache/compression finalized. I'm forced to use the dev builds for now to get thos features and it seems rather unstable.
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    Alright, everything went fine in testing and a version for newer CraftBukkit dev builds is now up. net.minecraft.server.Packet51MapChunk.class and org.bukkit.craftbukkit.ChunkCompressionThread.class are the two classes that have to be changed now.

    See the Regular Version for CraftBukkit 1045+ download section.

    The regular version of it does not require Spout

    @spunkiie @Kainzo @Vision
    New version is up. Sorry for the wait!

    When installing for Spout, only follow the Spout install instructions. Using any files from other versions will make it not work.

    Server side, all of it is ran separately of the main thread, and it's pretty fast, so if you have a free processor core on your server it won't affect your server performance. Client side, it doesn't make any difference in processing power unless x-ray is enabled, in which case most xray mods render all of the ore blocks, causing massive processor/gpu/memory costs.
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    Great JOB @TyrOvC

    Running right now with #1056 on my 600+ server

    Works like a charm :)

    Thank you
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    Could you help clear up the difference between the reg and the spout version? I have a cb1000 server with spout server side and some clients using spout and others using vanilla clients(and some with the spout devb). Ideally I'd like it that everyone just use the new spout thats soon to be launched but it doesnt work on mac's yet. So until it works for all I'm stuck with this mix 'n match bunch.

    So if I "instlal" the vanilla obfuscator would the clients with spout still be able to xray and vice versa?
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    Question: Do I need to have my users install the client plugin as well? And is there any flags so that my admins can still use xray to find things?
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    If you require spout then the mods for xray wont work so would texture packs work with this.
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    The Spout version works fine with clients that do not have the Spout mod. Each version covers all users. The reason why there's a Spout specific version at all is that Spout plugins that edit packets and the regular version of the ore obfuscater conflict.

    No, and not yet.
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    I was wondering if this plugin could work with permissions, and this is the best anti-xray yet!:D
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    Is there a way to add permissions? As a admin I have alot of retarted users that lose there chests. Is there a way I can have a permissions flag to disable this for that user? This way I can find people chests but still keep them hidden from other users..
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    I have tried to use the non-spout version of this plugin, and so I added in the plugin to the Plugins folder, and added in the class files to the Craftbukkit Server JAR. However, after modifying the configuration to add in excluded blocks which would harm my server if xrayed, the excluded blocks will still show. Also, chests are still visible through it.

    Craftbukkit JAR (Using your latest one which supports rev 1046+):

    There are no exceptions or errors in the console by the way, things seem to run smoothly on them.


    #Choose the obfuscation engine you want to run.
    #1 Hides all ores and chests that don't have a transparent block next to them.
    #2 Hides all ores regardless of whether they have a transparent block next to them, and hides chests that don't have a transparent block beside them. Ores r$
    #3 (Deprecated, do not use! Instead, Mode 1 and Hide Chests False) Same as Mode 1, but leaves chests alone. Might use if Lockette, etc. is already protectin$
    #4 (default) Turns all stone AND ores without adjacent transparent blocks into iron ore above height 20, and diamond ore below. Turns chests without adjacen$
    #5 Randomly turns stone without adjacent transparent blocks into Ore. Slighly more process intensive then 4.
    #List of block ids to count as transparent, seperated by commas.
    #Radius around removed blocks that block updates are sent for ores. Higher values use more processing power and bandwith but are nicer for players with bad $
    #Checks for exposed ores after explosions if true. If you have a plugin for disabling block damage from creepers, depending on how the plugin is written in $
    #Hides chests in all engine modes by turning chests without adjacent transparent blocks into stone until uncovered.
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    Server side, all of it is ran separately of the main thread, and it's pretty fast, so if you have a free processor core on your server it won't affect your server performance. Client side, it doesn't make any difference in processing power unless x-ray is enabled, in which case most xray mods render all of the ore blocks, causing massive processor/gpu/memory costs.[/quote]

    ok thanks.
    I see the memory costs :D
    If xray is enabled, the ram usage increases from ~ 2,5 GB main usage to over 6 GB (!!!), javaw.exe now has ~3,5 GB ram usage.

    Very perversely :D
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    Sorry but its getting pretty confusing...

    I used cb 1000, spout 52 and the latest spout version of this ore to client obfuscation, and it auto disconnects me (probably old client or so) now since i need at least 1046 (multiverse 2) i updated to 1046 and it seems to not auto disconnect me anymore but i still can xray, I updated to the latest spout client, latest spout server plugin and latest craftbukkit 1060 (rb) and it works for 1 chunk, when i leave to another chunk i can see everything.

    Sorry to ask but with all those 4 things matching each other its a serious pain in the ass to figure out which works with which (especially since i dont know what client version im using)

    Does anybody know a working set of those 4 things ?
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    I'm pretty sure Spout doesn't work at all with the newer dev builds of CraftBukkit. That's an issue with Spout, not this.
    If you want to use at least 1046, you'll have to remove Spout, remove the Spout version of the plugin, and follow the instructions+use the files for the 1045+ version.

    Sorry for it getting confusing with three versions, the original post has kinda grown organically and could use some trimming :p
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    Does the 1045+ version work with Spout? Anyone test this?
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    CB RB 1060, Spout RB 1.02, and Obfuscation Spout version Loads up fine so far no console errors. testing x-ray mods now.
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    Can you make permissions for the plugin "PermissionsBukkit" for the CraftBukkit version of this? I want admins to be able to see ores if they have mods.
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    Assuming you now are making an update for #1060, I will patiently wait on it before updating my Bukkit.

    Never mind, this works perfectly with #1060 (#1045+ version).
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    same here, i wait for 1060, this plugin is too important for me :)
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    Using this with spout 1.0.2 on 1060 - working fine as far as I can see
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    Hi i have our plugin installed but if i use my x-ray to test it i will only see this:


    did i have installed wrongly or it needs to be this?
    Please help me
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    the plugin is ok :D

    this is the effect with setting 4
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    Happens me to i hope this can be fixed soon
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    Considering what this does it seems to be a very strange bug. luckily it also seems to be per world too.
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    Anyone knows if works fine with #1060 the NO-Spout version?
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    Any luck with 1060+Spout? Quote or ping me, please.

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