Inactive [SEC] NoCheat v3.5.0 [CB 1.2.4 R1.0][ABANDONED]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    Sure. If you don't want them to be affected at all, give them the permission "nocheat.checks".

    NoCheat v2.24a:

    * reverted changed behaviour of consolecommands. Back to the insecure, DO IT RIGHT NOW! behaviour.
    * will e.g. cause a NullPointerException when players get kicked for dropping too many items, but that's not "lethal" (simply ignore it).
    * should fix jumping on and off redstone repeaters

    Ok, had to revert the change to consolecommand actions, because they were too much delayed. This has two results:

    - First, you consolecommands may not get safely executed, because they get executed from within an event, which is generally not a really good idea. But there is no better solution, sadly, so we'll just have to live with it.
    - You can see a live example of this insecurity when somebody gets kicked because of the inventory.drop check. You'll get a NullPointerException written on the console in that case. I can't change that (or hide it), so you'll have to live with it. In this case, it isn't a real problem.
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    What about this error.

    "So and So was kicked from the game Protocol Error, unexpected packet."

    And it repeats it a ton of times.
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    It's fixed in one of the dev builds of Bukkit. I believe CB 1619 or something like that.
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    Oh I was just wondering if it was a message for when someone is using a hack or mod.
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    Well, if you get that message more than once, then the specific player does it intentionally to annoy players on the server and fill up the server log files with that type of spam. So it actually is an indicator for players using a modded client.

    NoCheat 2.24b:

    * our CommandSender is now a ConsoleCommandSender, because some plugins insist on differentiating between those two things
    * should fix plugins ignoring "consolecommand" actions

    Should fix NoCheats "consolecommand" actions working with BanHammer. Probably also fixes problems with other plugins.

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    Thanks for this plugin ! btw is there a way to check if players are using this the world downloader for 1.0.0 , im not looking to block or stop it just at least let admins know who uses this mod, do u think it will be possible ? Thanks !!!

    Edit: just want to know cause they use SPC and locate diamonds then after getting the coords they go to the online world and get them :S lol i had a player with 100 diamonds after playing on the server for two days ! lol cheater :p
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    EDIT: please ignore this, I have a custom plugin that has conflicted with this, all is well.
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    Hey Evenprime!
    May you make a log if someone xrays like
    Hopefully youll get me.
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    Hi, would you consider adding support for delimiters in log file structure ? It can be really mega handy help when auditing logs. Mainly to have VL and message text in separate fields.
    edit: this seems even configurable in config. Ouch that will be hell of a work to do if Im right. But I will try.
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    Hey, I disabled blockbreak and blockplace checks in the config and restarted the server.
    When using /nocheat performance it still shows events coming from those categories.
    Any ideas?
    Im trying to make nocheat not make those checks to reduce block lag a bit.
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    Sorry for not being around for almost a week. I was sick.

    No, world downloader can't be identified. But you can ruin the data that they download with it. I recommend the "orebfuscator" plugin. It will lie to the client and claim that everything undiscovered underground is a wild mix of resources, gold, diamonds, redstone, anything. This prevents them from getting usable world data to download.

    NoCheat doesn't handle X-Raying at all. It will never do. See above answer for an idea on what to do against X-Rayers.

    Yes. This is because I currently listen to all events, even if the corresponding checks are disabled. If the check is disabled however, there isn't done much with the events, only a quick check "test enabled or player has permission" and then the handling gets stopped.

    Also, I have to listen for blockplace events anyway for the moving check. That's to "fix" the problem of getting pushed off 1x1 pillars by NoCheat while building them.
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    Version 2.25:

    * BREAKING CHANGE: To use NoCheats commands, you'll need now the "nocheat.admin.commands" node. All the individual nodes per command have been removed. This way Bukkit can handle permission checking for me.
    * New check "chat.color": Filters color codes from chat messages from players. As usual, there is a permission node, config file stuff etc. for it.

    People asked for the color filtering, so here you have it.
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    Can u add anti-xray :p. that would make this plug in the total package
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    Why don't you take the time to read a few posts up (it's even on this same page!) before asking the same question that this poor guy has probably gotten over and over and over? AS I QUOTE FROM THE MAN HIMSELF:
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    Hey there! As you see, I'm not dead.

    There's just a lot of stuff going on in my life currently that keeps demanding big chunks of my time. But I'm determined to get a new version out soon. It will:

    - change how the configuration file(s) work, so you probably have to do configuration from scratch (sorry, but I think it's better in the long term)
    - change how logging works. Instead of logging on a "level" basis, you'll be able to decide for every single message where it gets logged to (file, console and/or chat).
    - utilize Bukkits new Event system, which is a lot faster than the old system and allows me to remove hundreds of lines of code from NoCheat that are no longer necessary

    and maybe some other small stuff. Not sure about that yet.
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    I won't lie - the current configs are confusing and seem unnecesary in some cases. I was going to sit down and spend 1-2 hours configuring this - but I'll wait if its getting scrapped anyways.
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    my Admins cant fly in creative mode.
    I give him (groupmanager)
    - nocheat
    - nocheat.checks
    - nocheat.admin.chatlog
    but still cant fly, as owner i can fly

    what do i wrong ?
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    You probably use the plugin "towny". It blocks flying too. Or you somehow messed up with those permissions and they don't get correctly assigned.

    Small update on the next version:

    - A single config file "config.yml" for NoCheat instead of the three files: "default_actions.txt", "actions.txt" and "config.txt". That should help with understanding stuff better
    - YAML config file (sorry for those that don't like YAML, but I can use a lot of Bukkit code that way and save myself a lot of work)
    - Less configuration options. I removed a lot of seldom/never used options. If there really is a need for them, I may add them back in later
    - Fix running while jumping on ice

    Another announcement:

    There has been a lot of stuff going on in my life since the beginning of this year. I won't lie, I don't think I'll be doing this whole NoCheat business for a lot longer. I've been working on making NoCheat smaller and simpler (codewise) for some weeks now, removing or restructuring code whenever possible (above mentioned switch to YAML is the result of that). That way I hope when the time comes and I have to leave, people will be able to at least salvage parts of NoCheat to build or improve their own plugins.

    There is no date set yet for when I'll be gone, but I expect it to be sometime at the end of March. If I last till April, I may make it an awesome April fools joke, that actually fools people into thinking it's a joke. So pssht, don't tell anybody, or you'll ruin the surprise. ;)
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    yeah that was it, thx !
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    Yeah just had a player show me he can use the nofall hack on the server. I took him to the highest point in the server and he jumped but didnt get hurt or die... wtf? PLEASE HELP ME! here is my Config file:

    Thanks Again!
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    That's normal. I only prevent one type of "nofall" hack. There is another one, but it's not trivial to stop that without interfering with the work of other plugins. :/
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    Using your default configuration, except I removed some kicking. People can instant mine, doesn't seem to be any way to cancel it at the moment? Flying doesn't work, but speedhacking does work with some sort of client, don't know if there is any way stop. Everything else appears to work properly.

    Any sort of cheat seems to work when the server is slightly overloaded or lags, doesn't cancel movements or pulling back people.
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    NoCheat v 3.0.1:

    • Updated the default limit of the fight.speed check from 10 to 15 (you'll have to do that yourself, it will only be done automatically when a new config gets generated)
    • Reduced the maximum speed limit when sprinting from 0.4 blocks to 0.35 blocks per step (let's see how that goes)
    • Print a warning on the console when NoCheat detects lag and subsequently deactivates some checks (moving.morepackets, fight.speed).
    • Really compile with CB 1.1 R3 and not like I accidentially did for 3.0.0 with the yet unfinished CB 1.1 R4

    If 3.0.0 worked for you, then this version should too. The changes are very small.

    And because the question came up on BukkitDev recently:

    For the new "log" actions that go like this "log:something:0:5:cif", the characters behind the last ":" determine where the message will appear.

    c = "server console" - The log message will be printed in the server console.
    i = "ingame chat" - The log message will be printed in the ingame chat for all people that have permission node "nocheat.admin.chatlog"
    f = "log file" - The log message will be printed into NoCheat's logfile.

    You can use any combination of the three letters for your log actions to personalize NoCheat. E.g. a certain message is only of use if you read it immediatly? Log it only ingame by using ":i". The order of characters doesn't matter, e.g. ":cif" equals ":fci" in functionality.

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    Can i have the latest update that DOSNT use superperms ? cause i dont like that very much, and i dont feel like haveing to switch.. Please and thank you:)
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    How to disable that bloody lag message
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    Good luck running your server on old outdated permissions systems them nearly everyone has moved away from now.
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    The last NoCheat version that supported the old "Permissions 3" API was NoCheat 1.14f and I guarantee you that it won't work at all on the current CraftBukkit versions. So either live without permissions or upgrade to one of the "SuperPerms" plugins (most of them can automatically convert your old "Permissions 3" config files into their own format).

    NoCheat v 3.0.2:

    - Make the warnings about server lag toggleable and disabled by default (option "logging.debugmessages" is used to toggle them).

    That is all.

    PS: After getting some feedback about how often people see those lag warnings I may try a different approach for the two checks that are currently disabled during those lag intervalls. It seems that on some servers that run at their limits they'll get almost constantly disabled and that's not really helpful.

    Seems I broke some Permissions with the 3.0.0 versions. I'll fix it later today.

    EDIT: Nevermind, permissions work as expected.

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    Right now my server is handling speedhackers pretty good with 70~ players, which means no one gets to lag it, but as soon as there is a tiny lagspike and someone is lucky they get to speedhack all they want, which means the server won't stop lagging as long as they speedhack because the check never gets activated again, it's kind of contradictive. I guess this is what you are going to change?

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    housemaster : Yes, I've worked all day thinking about a good strategy to handle this. I think I've found a method that'll work, but it currently only exists on paper. Maybe tomorrow I'll know more when I try to really implement it.

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