Inactive [SEC] NoCheat v3.5.0 [CB 1.2.4 R1.0][ABANDONED]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    Will this be updated for a 1.9 prerelease build?
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    I don't think CraftBukkit fires events when cobblestone gets generated that way. Sorry.

    EDIT: But I got another idea that would help identify people doing that. I'll have to test it first (no promises), but I think it would work for finding players that use cobblestone generators.

    Yes. Sometime this week I'll offer a download for a 1.9 compatible build of NoCheat. It will however NOT show up on bukkitDev as "latest version" and I'll probably not give it an actual version number like v2.16, because the craftbukkit build isn't official (and afaik also not numbered the usual way) and I don't want to have people accidentially update to such an experimental version if they still run 1.8 builds of CraftBukkit.
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    Tried looking for my issue in your thread but not finding it. Basically: the plugin works great, but when I introduce spout (using spout 510 and nocheat 2.15) I get the godmode/lagging a lot, on specific users for the mostpart. And I know they aren't doing anything in particular to generate this (watched player last night as it happened they were just standing in a hole, digging). It generates a number of log reports for the player, then they endofstream. Afforess has commented that a plugin is making spout run slow. I have been working through testing plugins to isolate it, and so far the only one that fixes things is to remove either spout or nocheat. I really like both, and don't want to have to choose between them. I don't know if you may have any insight to this. I can provide a list of plugins I use if it helps.
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    You can try and disable the "godmode" check of NoCheat, that should fix your problem. Spout does some really crazy things to accomplish what it does and I NoCheat may clash with their modifications to the games logic in that point.
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    Thanks for quick reply. Sounds obvious once you point it out! (envision me slapping my palm against my forehead).
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    Your post, was the 2,000th. Congrats @CraigDb
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    Thanks Cain. So what's my prize? lol
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    After I installed this members nd guest Cant place water. How do I change this so they can?
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    Glad to hear it, this was the reason I uninstalled, it was blocking people placing in or near water or lava. Even when setting the relevant config lines to false... great plugin otherwise! Will reinstall it when the water check is gone.
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    If you've set the relevant config line to false, it shoudn't block anything anymore. The check simply doesn't run at all. What exactly did you change in the configuration?
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    Yes, this I know. However, even set to false, it was, for some players trying to build in or near water or lava denying the block placement. I refused to believe at first that it was nocheat, as the config was set up correctly. However, I removed it to test just in case, and lo-and-behold(!), no more interference. Still a great plugin though, apart from this, it was very easy to configure, lots of options.
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    Does this block the hack where a player can die, then turn invisible?
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    That hack has stopped to work months ago. Dead players can't interact with the world in any way.
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    Could you make it compatiable with permissionbukkit
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    It is compatible with PermissionsBukkit.

    (If you have seen this before, then you are a "Plugin Developer" and read a thread in the "secret" Bukkit+ section)

    I've started to write a plugin that tests "SuperPerms" plugins, for correctness and performance. Currently it only does some basic checks, e.g. test the parent->child relation (only positive relations atm, e.g. parent=true -> children=true) and a performance test (do 100.000 player.hasPermission(...) for various nodes, calculate the average time it took to get an answer in nanoseconds). The test setup so far is:

    Six hierarchies of permission nodes (A -> B means A parentOf B) defined in plugin.yml:

    layer11 -> layer21 -> layer31 -> layer41
    layer12 -> layer22 -> layer32 -> layer42
    layer13 -> layer23 -> layer33 -> layer43
    layer14 -> layer24 -> layer34 -> layer44
    layer15 -> layer25 -> layer35 -> layer45
    layer16 -> layer26 -> layer36 -> layer46

    and two nodes that are intentionally not defined in plugins.yml:


    (bold nodes are set to true in the permissions plugin for the player, underlined nodes have to evaluate to true when doing player.hasPermission(...), not underlined nodes have to evaluate to false - obviously).

    first Results (open)

    PermissionsBukkit 1.2

    Correctness check passed. Performance check:

    layer11: 362 ns layer21: 349 ns layer31: 348 ns layer41: 343 ns
    layer12: 151 ns layer22: 158 ns layer32: 156 ns layer42: 150 ns
    layer13: 151 ns layer23: 149 ns layer33: 156 ns layer43: 149 ns
    layer14: 368 ns layer24: 150 ns layer34: 152 ns layer44: 149 ns
    layer15: 357 ns layer25: 353 ns layer35: 155 ns layer45: 157 ns
    layer16: 360 ns layer26: 360 ns layer36: 358 ns layer46: 153 ns
    undefi1: 156 ns undefi2: 153 ns
    Time for random tests: 248 ns.

    Essentials GroupManager 2.6.4

    Correctness check passed. Performance check:

    layer11: 347 ns layer21: 343 ns layer31: 345 ns layer41: 343 ns
    layer12: 149 ns layer22: 148 ns layer32: 149 ns layer42: 151 ns
    layer13: 147 ns layer23: 151 ns layer33: 149 ns layer43: 150 ns
    layer14: 348 ns layer24: 156 ns layer34: 149 ns layer44: 150 ns
    layer15: 348 ns layer25: 520 ns layer35: 151 ns layer45: 152 ns
    layer16: 348 ns layer26: 342 ns layer36: 348 ns layer46: 154 ns
    undefi1: 151 ns undefi2: 150 ns
    Time for random tests: 247 ns.

    PermissionsEx 1.15

    Correctness check passed. Performance check:

    layer11: 346 ns layer21: 363 ns layer31: 341 ns layer41: 355 ns
    layer12: 148 ns layer22: 152 ns layer32: 151 ns layer42: 152 ns
    layer13: 147 ns layer23: 150 ns layer33: 153 ns layer43: 149 ns
    layer14: 359 ns layer24: 149 ns layer34: 152 ns layer44: 152 ns
    layer15: 348 ns layer25: 346 ns layer35: 146 ns layer45: 151 ns
    layer16: 349 ns layer26: 349 ns layer36: 343 ns layer46: 151 ns
    undefi1: 148 ns undefi2: 152 ns
    Time for random tests: 255 ns.

    PermissionsEx 1.15.1

    Fails correctness check

    PermissionsEx 1.16

    Correctness check passed. Performance check:

    layer11: 853 ns layer21: 1923 ns layer31: 2746 ns layer41: 3669 ns
    layer12: 463 ns layer22: 454 ns layer32: 454 ns layer42: 472 ns
    layer13: 473 ns layer23: 1095 ns layer33: 1646 ns layer43: 2257 ns
    layer14: 855 ns layer24: 456 ns layer34: 1058 ns layer44: 1631 ns
    layer15: 844 ns layer25: 1813 ns layer35: 473 ns layer45: 1069 ns
    layer16: 845 ns layer26: 1800 ns layer36: 2698 ns layer46: 462 ns
    undefi1: 501 ns undefi2: 667 ns
    Time for random tests: 1246 ns.

    bPermissions 1.8.2b

    Correctness check passed. Performance check:

    layer11: 342 ns layer21: 349 ns layer31: 341 ns layer41: 347 ns
    layer12: 146 ns layer22: 148 ns layer32: 151 ns layer42: 149 ns
    layer13: 146 ns layer23: 150 ns layer33: 150 ns layer43: 147 ns
    layer14: 351 ns layer24: 150 ns layer34: 146 ns layer44: 146 ns
    layer15: 347 ns layer25: 345 ns layer35: 147 ns layer45: 174 ns
    layer16: 382 ns layer26: 353 ns layer36: 343 ns layer46: 146 ns
    undefi1: 149 ns undefi2: 151 ns
    Time for random tests: 251 ns.

    As far as performance goes, all plugins (except for PermissionsEx 1.16, which is far behind) are pretty much equally fast. All plugins take significantly longer to give negative answers than to give positive answers. Also notable is that the recursion in the definition of SuperPerms doesn't influence the time it takes to get an answer (pretty much constant time), except for PermissionsEx 1.16, which has extreme performance problems with recursion.

    I'll add more checks for more advanced things (e.g. is OP status handled correctly, what about negative children definitions like parent=true -> child=false or setting parent nodes to false).

    When it is in a somewhat presentable form, I'll opensource it and load it up to "".

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    It gave a error on the Nocheat permissions
    What do i need to do
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    For one, make sure you run version 1.2 of PermissionsBukkit. Then check if you get any error messages while PermissionsBukkit or NoCheat get loaded when you start the server. And most important, you'll have to give me the error message. "a error" isn't a problem description.
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    Lunar Delta

    Thank you for posting those test results. It's good to know PEX is properly compatible again, even if its performance sucks. I've been pulling my hair out trying to get bPermissions working properly. Good to know I won't have to make the switchover... for now.
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    I've created a new BukkitDev project called "SuperPermsTest". It is currently awaiting approval, but you can already take a look at it:

    It is the plugin that I used to measure "SuperPerms" performance. You can also already take a look at the first test results it produced here:

    First: Please use [ code ] wall of text [ / code ] tags (without the spaces inbetween) next time you want to post the content of a large text file. Also, maybe use [ spoiler ] really long text [ /spoiler ] tags (without the spaces inbetween) to make it easy to hide the text and therefore the page not stretch that much.

    Ok then, let's get to your actual problem.

    It seems that your "NoCheat.jar" file is corrupt and can't be unzipped, please redownload it. Also, NoCheat doesn't support Permissions 3. Please use a permissions plugin that is still in active development. Look here for details: . If you use Permissions 3, NoCheat will simply ignore it and fall back to "OP has permission, everybody else doesn't".

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    hey, i have a problem with nocheat, since i installed ore obfuscation ( anti xray plugin ) players could not sprint and sprint jump without being pushed back. do you know what could be it?
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    You are probably using PermissionsEx, right? If that is the case, check their thread. They have now some new permission nodes related to sprinting in their "modifyworld" plugin/section/thingy. Players need to have those permission nodes, or else the server will ignore their sprinting status - which causes to problems:

    1. They don't get hungry faster despite sprinting - the server believes they are not sprinting, even if they are
    2. NoCheat can't know that the player is using the builtin sprinting function of Minecraft and therefore believes he is cheating

    I have no clue why those nodes were added to PermissionsEx modifyworld, because players that don't have the sprinting node get rewarded (less hungry) instead of punished (they can still sprint as usual, even without the sprinting permission).
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    I am using permission 3.1.6 ( yeti )

    and as soon as i removed nocheat plugin the problem stopped. but then players can fly.... not so good
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    Then I have no idea. What version of NoCheat do you use? If it is an rather old version, that might explain it. Also, NoCheat will ignore everything you do in Permissions 3 (probably not related to your problem, but still good to know), because that plugin is hopelessly outdated.

    Hey, new version 0.2 of my new plugin "SuperPermsTest" is out (will be available for download soon):

    - 3 new tests
    - 1 old test removed
    - Only 3 (GroupManager, PermissionsBukkit, bPermissions) of the 4 most used permissions plugins pass all tests (PermissionsEx 1.16 fails two of the tests)

    Check the test results here:

    Why would you be stuck with Permissions 3.x? All newer permissions plugins can pose as "Permissions 3.x" plugins and therefore handle plugins that rely on "Permissions 3.x" as well as new ones.

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    PermissionsPlus isn't needed with the new Permissions plugins (bPermissions as an example has a hugely customisable hugely accessible set of commands right at your fingertips)
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    Like codename_B said, there is no reason to use Permissions 3. It's dead and people should just let go.

    Sorry, will never happen. I had the situation where I supported "Permissions 2/3" and "SuperPerms" at the same time, and people were just confused and caused me a lot of additional support work. Besides that, "Permissions 2/3" tended to randomly fail (file parsing errors, io errors, extreme lag out of nowhere) for no apparent reason and people always thought it was my plugin that caused those errors, because the error message included my plugin name. So I had to add error handling for those errors of Permissions 2/3, write useful error messages etc.

    In the end I had over 100 lines of code just to handle all the problems that come from Permissions 2/3, compared to the single line of code it takes to use SuperPerms.

    I don't want to have that situation again.

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    Pex is the replacement for permissions 3 I found and is easy to setup and use and no your user list won't be gone because you will be modifying it for pex which is also easy as a example:
            - Admin
            - Member
    Thats all you need for each of your users same as permissions 3 but without the 's' for group's'.

    Permissions 3 was soo buggy it was a piece of crap, I know as I was the main person to submitt some very large bug reports to the dev that got half the plugin working for everyone in some ways, one never was fixed due to the developer going awol and I was also the guy who found out and publicly posted how a true 6+ multiworld and subworld global inheritance worked with that plugin which everyone benefited from for a small while till the dev disappeared.

    Grow up and try pex you won't learn anything or better your server clinging on to old outdated stuff and as it is with all the plugins moving to super permissions and dropping the old permissions system its just a matter of time till you won't be able to update anything unless you change permissions and what will you do then?

    Main reason I'm here is to ask if there can be support to allow spoutcraft and server side mods though the checks.

    As we encourage and are adding spoutcraft features It would be nice to allow spoutflight that way we can control who has access to flying server-side as well as blocking zombe and non server mods which without the nodes will get full flight access.

    Spoutflight will be moving to client side control with spoutcraft for movements to make it better and smoother rather than doing the calculations on the server.

    Currently your mod blocks everything weather its a server installed mod or a stand alone client mod like zombe.
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    Normally serverside stuff doesn't get blocked. E.g. rocketboots, superjump various elevator plugins work with NoCheat, because they use "player.setVelocity()" to move the players around, and Bukkit has an event for that (PLAYER_VELOCITY) that NoCheat can listen to.

    But to get around the problem of clientside mods doing the flying. I'd have to look into that. As far as I can see, the question who can and who can't fly with "spoutflight" is 100% controlled by "SuperPerms" permissions? I could maybe give the option to let NoCheat check other permission nodes instead of the "nocheat.bla.bla.something" (like "").
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    Yea its controlled via permissions.

    It doesn't use a client mod as such but it does use the custom minecraft spoutcraft client which allows server side stuff with the client components to be run and pushed from the server like flight etc and UI modifications texturepacks etc.

    That would be good allowing permission based nodes for mods.

    Spout may even have a component built in you could hook into as its very flexible and has a API for developers.
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    I got a problem too. I'm using the newest version of Nocheat and Permissions 3 by Yeti.

    For Ops and my moderators, everything is fine. they have the '*' permission. They're not checked.

    Now I added a new group, called supporter. Supporters are allowed to fly and use the speedhack. I gave them the permission for fly and runfly. Somehow, they're still checked.

    I don't know whats wrong. :/

    Bukkit 1337
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