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    From that link: "PickaClient for Minecraft. Actual for Minecraft version 1.7.x"

    That's all I wanted to know. I have PickaClient already.

    These answers are for "NoCheat 2.01b" and CraftBukkit 1060:

    f9 - megajump: Fixed, as it is treated the same as flying
    z - sneak: Fixed. Will be detected after the player walks around for a short time.
    p - nuker: Somewhat fixed. NoCheat will prevent breaking of blocks that are not in front of the player, therefore "nuker" is almost not working (it only works for real blocks, not for entities like torches, grass and other stuff that breaks instantly).
    n - slow fly: NoCheat doesn't make a difference between slow and fast flying. Both will be detected.
    m - speedhack: Will be detected after a short time (a few seconds at most].
    k - ESP: Can't be detected/fixed

    Could do that, but I'd have to install that first. I'm too lazy for that right now, and I usually get somehow versions of clients without viruses (e.g. I have already virus-free Picka, PB, Nexus, Static, ... clients lying around).
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    well you can build you a tower and from the top you can fly slowly, without get blockt!

    EDIT: Can nocheat kick players, if they fly?
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    i say: after reboot server!! client dont disconnet... during server restart... :(
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    I can't help you with that problem. If NoCheat stops you from using your server, you should delete it.
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    I am delighted with nocheat! it's true! but you were asked to report on the shortcomings ...
    I do not want to delete it. you are the best)
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    Then can you give me any error messages that you get?
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    Hey, I like the new versions features, but I'm having some problems. I, as an admin, have all permissions in Permissions 2.7.4 (I know, stone age). I can still fly/speed hack and everything. However, I encountered a problem with my mods. They don't have all permissions, and are instead assigned each one individually like "-" "- nocheat.checks.moving.morepackets". I tried assigning many different combos of assigned permissions, including giving them all nocheat permissions. Oh, and yes, I reloaded permissions after I edited it. However, they still aren't able to fly. They get reset and occasionally the message shows up in the chat. Why is this? I can't figure it out...
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    The new versions starting with 2.00 only support bukkits new permission system "SuperPerms", so Permissions 2.7.4 will definitely not work together with NoCheat anymore. Sorry. You'd have to use e.g. PermissionEX, bPermissions or PermissionBukkit.
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    Then why am I able to fly without being stopped? The only plugin I have to give permissions is the Permissions plugin. Shouldn't it restrict me as well?
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    If you don't set permissions, it defaults to OP has all of them, everybody else has none of them.
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    IOn Vash

    the permissions don't seem to work now that i updated nocheat to the latest version. The OPS can do anything but the mods and admins cant.
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    Starting with v2.00, NoCheat only supports "SuperPerms". That means you'll need a permission plugin like "PermissionEx", "bPermissions" or "PermissionBukkit".

    By default, permissions are assigned as OP, meaning OPs have all permissions and non-OPs have non (unless specified differently by a Permission plugin).
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    what's about 1.8? You'll able to run faster, by sprinting, but you'll get blocked by nocheat, won't ya?
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    With the current version of NoCheat, yes, most likely. I'll have to first see how sprinting works on the technical level, before I can modify NoCheat to support it. So after 1.8 gets released people will have to live without NoCheat for a while or live with the problems it will cause.
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    NoCheat v2.b Isn't letting my players/spawn, it says moving vertical or horizontal or something.

    Also getting this error on startup: 20:23:44 [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling NoCheat v2.01b (Is it up to date
    java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: PLAYER_VELOCITY
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(SimplePluginManage
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(

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    You have to use at least CB 1060 for that NoCheat version to work properly.

    Small update: The very latest Spout plugin dev build (#314) has a fix for the problem with bLift + Spout + SpoutCraft + NoCheat.

    NoCheat 2.02 is online now

    + Fix an item duplication exploit in combination with the .drop protection of CraftBukkit

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    i am too fast, i am wating for the dl link for 2.02
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    my fault, i loaded from this link but mcmyadmin diddnt show me the new version, after "scan" it shows me the new version...

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    I'm having an issue with NoCheat 2.02 and PEX (same with groupmanager). No one can fly, speedwalk, etc unless they are opped.
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    Are you sure that you entered the permissions as "SuperPerm" permissions in PEX? I believe it allows you to decide as what kind of permissions stuff gets used (never used PEX, so can't really say much about it). You should probably ask in their thread if there is something wrong with your setup that would prevent stuff from being treated as SuperPerms.

    I personally test NoCheat only with PermissionBukkit, because it's the simplest of the SuperPerms plugins.
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    I tried nocheat.*, nocheat.all, and the nocheat.moving, flying, etc too

    I moved down to 1.14e and it works fine.

    Edit: Going to test the config option newpermsystem Doesn't exist in 2.02 files :/
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    ok a roblem i noticed is if u ar ellevated activate fly and hover out over a cliff as long as u dont go up or down it does not register as flying. no cosole errors and at any other time it works fine
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    Thanks for the great plugin!
    I am currently using 2.02, and I was wondering if I can configure it to have three tiers of flying permissions like I had in 1.14 - 1. no flying 2. flying with speed restrictions 3. flying with no restrictions. Under 2.02, so far I have only managed to get two of the three tiers working at a time.

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    So, this may be an easy fix however it seems that my players cannot fly upward. They can fly just fine horizontally but when flying vertical at the normal movement speed, it rubber bands them. Any solution? Also, they have the permission node nocheat.checks.moving.flying
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    Hi i sometimes get this error what any ideas?

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    Do these new perm nodes cause the person/group to be checked or exempted from checks (like before)? You might want to state that specifically where they are listed. They say they are 'checks' but if they prevent checking it seems anti-anti-missile :p

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    BTW, I'm using PEX and the admin rank works fine with none of the new perms added (though it has '*' as a node). I think I just need to put the new nodes into the mod ranks and I'll be set.

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    Woohoo, my weekend starts early today. Time for Q&A:

    NoCheat 2.xx versions always use the "newpermsystem" called "SuperPerms" (which means you have to use a plugin like "bPermissions", "permissionsEX" or "PermissionBukkit"). I dropped support for the old Yeti Permissions system (e.g. Permissions 2/3, Group Manager). NoCheat 2.xx also has completly new permission nodes: , e.g. the "nocheat.all, nocheat.moving, .." don't exist anymore.

    As long as a player doesn't move at all, NoCheat won't detect them. I'm aware of that problem, but there is no good solution to it, as the "not moving" of the player could also be the result of him having lag.

    You can have that with 2.02, by doing this:

    1. tier: Don't have permission node nocheat.checks.moving.flying and don't have nocheat.checks.moving.running. They are limited to the movement speed of the "running" check.

    2. tier: Don't have permission node nocheat.checks.moving.flying, but have nocheat.checks.moving.running (yes, confusing. I forgot to rename those two to something more descriptive. I'm open to suggestions for better names. Basically the "flying" check allows flying, but limits flying speed). The players are only limited by the settings of the "flying" check.

    3. tier: have permission node nocheat.checks.moving.flying and nocheat.checks.moving.running (therefore can fly at any speed as much as they want)

    Again, sorry for the confusion.

    Same as above. I made a mistake when naming these nodes. You probably want to give them permission node nocheat.checks.moving.running instead (which will allow them to fly) and not give them node nocheat.checks.moving.flying (which would allow them to fly at unlimited speed). The rubberbanding back to the ground comes probably from another plugin like "towny" btw.

    It's a bug in NoCheat. Nothing serious, I'll fix it with the next version. Basically when a player uses a portal and it is not predefined where that portal leads (that means a plugin sets the target on the fly), NoCheat will try to read the target destination and fail, because there is none.

    I've updated the description of the permissions with an example to make it clearer. Basically I went with the idea that a permission permits somebody to do something. So a player with permission "nocheat.checks.moving.morepackets" is allowed to use that hack. OPs will automatically have all permissions, unless you explicitly take them away. That way simply dropping NoCheat in the plugin folder will give admins a basic setup of "admins" can do everything, "players" can do nothing.

    Found some time to add to the documentation of NoCheat 2.00: A description of what the "moving" check does and why it isn't perfect.

    PS: And I've now transferred the other plugins list over to bukkitDev too. Slow but steady the site is filled with live.

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    Thanks for the feed back, however I swapped out the permissions, still causing that rubber banding. And I am not using towny. I am using a faction mod however it has never conflicted before. Could it be because I am using group manager? I am using the most up to date version of it.

    Edit, I am also using groupbridge.jar along with group manager. And from what I read that should allow it to work properly.
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    I'm pretty sure that group manager isn't compatible with "SuperPerms" at all. groupbridge.jar afaik only makes it compatible with the other old "Permissions" plugins.

    Time for a change!

    1.8 is around the corner (clever people already got the preview copy), and CraftBukkit will likely get updated shortly after the official release, as I'd imagine they are already updating based on those preview versions.

    What's new? NoCheat 1.xx won't work with 1.8. Don't bother to try it, NoCheat 1.xx will break due to the new "sprint" functionality, and will not support the "creative mode flying". I don't plan on updating that path of NoCheat either, so you'll have to go to the 2.xx versions, live without NoCheat, or update it your own (it's open source for that reason).

    As a reminder, you can find NoCheat 2.xx here:

    So I suggest you use the short time until 1.8 to get used to it.

    I'll update NoCheat 2.xx as fast as I can, after CraftBukkit releases their new version and it gets clear how the sprint and creative mode flying work.

    Added a new page to BukkitDev: Known Problems/Incompatibilities


    Getting the Plugin to work (ONLY FOR VERSIONS 1.xx of NoCheat):

    1. Download the plugin into your plugins folder. (look further below for download links) The newest version is usually a good choice, but you may have to use an older one if you are using an outdated version of Craftbukkit. Be careful to only have one version of the plugin in that folder at the same time.

    2. Load the plugin a first time. Do this by either (re)starting your server or reloading your plugins with the command "reload". This will initialize the plugin, creating a folder "NoCheat" in your "plugins" folder and fill it with two files, a log file and the config file "nocheat.yml". If you delete the config file, a new one will be created when the plugin is (re)loaded the next time.

    3. Adjust your config file. It will be always filled with default values, if you didn't specify values yourself.

    You can execute the NoCheat.jar directly to get a graphical editor for the config file (windows users can probably just doubleclick it, others will have to do whatever they usually do to execute .jar archives.

    You'll also find an always-up-to-date file "descriptions.txt" in your plugins/NoCheat folder specifically for the version you run. Because updating this thread with newest configuration options and the plugin itself is tedious, I just suggest you go and read that "descriptions.txt" file to find out what each option does.

    The only thing you won't find information about, is the last option: "customactions:" - it's experimental and won't be there forever or in this form, so don't get to used to it.

    "customactions:" (Experimental!) Define your own actions like "cancel" and "log***" here. Don't forget to indent the commands with 4 spaces.

        nameofaction: command to be executed
    for example:
        warnplayer: tell [player] Stop doing that!
    You can also change if and when this action should be executed by using the following scheme:

        nameofaction: [firstexecutedafterXevents,repeat] command to be executed
    for example:
        warnplayer: [3,false] tell [player] Stop doing that!
    will only be executed after the third event, and only once (within 5 seconds).
    4. Adjust permissions: If you don't use a Permissions plugin (you'll get a message when my plugin is loaded telling you that you don't have one) it is quite easy. If you are OP, you won't be checked at all, everybody else will be checked by the "active" checks (see the config section above). If you have a Permissions plugin, you can be a lot more precise (I assume you know how to give permissions to a player, if not, look for instructions on the Permissions plugin authors thread):

    Every player with one of these permissions won't be checked by the corresponding check at all.

    nocheat.flying (don't prevent flying within the "moving" check)
    nocheat.fakesneak (don't prevent fakesneaking within the "moving" check)
    nocheat.fastswim (don't prevent swimming at walking speed within the "moving" check)
    Superperms only (everything from above plus):
    nocheat.all (give a player every permission except for "nocheat.notify")
    nocheat.* (give a player every permission)
    Every player with this permission will get log messages in the ingame chat (if you have activated that feature in the config file)

    What the log messages mean

    Making sense of log messages (ONLY FOR VERSIONS 1.xx of NoCheat):

    The moving check does check if a player moved in a way that should've been impossible. It will give you log lines that may look like this:

    03:26:09 [INFO] NC: Moving violation: evenprime from world (-983,3, 63,0, 964,5) to world (-983,0, 63,0, 963,7)
    03:26:10 [WARNING] NC: Moving violation: evenprime from world (-966,0, 64,2, 920,3) to world (-965,9, 64,2, 918,3)
    03:26:11 [SEVERE] NC: Moving violation: evenprime from world (-960,0, 64,2, 920,3) to world (-977,9, 90,0, 918,3)
    Let's break that down. First you'll get a log level in "[ ]" brackets, namely INFO, WARNING and SEVERE. These correspond to the "low", "med", "high" you'll find in the config file and should give a idea about how far off the player movement was compared to the limit set.

    INFO: The player went less than 0.5 Blocks too high/far in that move.

    WARNING: The player went less than 2.0 Blocks too high/far in that move.

    SEVERE: The player went more than 2.0 Blocks too high/far in that move.

    (these thresholds will be configurable by you in future versions, such that you can decide how precise the checks are)

    Then you get the name of the check ("Moving"), the name of the player "evenprime" and two coordinates "world (x,y,z)". The coordinates allow you to check where this happened and maybe find out what happened. If you believe that it was an error, you should tell me (ideally with screenshots of that place and a description of what the player did) such that I can fix my plugin.

    Every 15 seconds you'll also get a line like this:

    03:26:14 [WARNING] NC: Moving summary of last ~15 seconds: evenprime total Violations: (3,5,2)
    This just informs you, how many violations happened in, well, the last 5 seconds for that player. The first number is "low" ("INFO"), the second "med" ("WARNING") and the third "high" ("SEVERE"). In the example above I managed to violate the low limits 3 times, medium limits 5 times and the high limits 2 times within 5 seconds.

    That's nice, but what does it mean?

    There is no easy answer to that. I can give some (real) examples (taken from testing):

    A wild mixture of a few low, few med and many high violations usually is the result of a player using noclip (and/or a fly mod in combination). E.g. (3, 7, 25)
    Many low violations or many medium violations may be the result of a player running too fast (by increasing the step size, NOT speedhack by changing the system clock) or attempting to fly (if "cancel" is active). E.g. (35, 0, 0) or (0, 24, 0)
    A (few) high violation(s) with coordinates that are very far apart are likely an attempt to teleport with a clientside hack or a conflict of my plugin with another plugin that tried to do a teleport, but didn't do it right. E.g. (0, 0, 3)
    One/A few low/med violations may be either somebody trying to fly and giving up on it immediatly or a bug in my plugin causing false positives, like sometimes when players get knocked back very far in fights. E.g. (2, 0, 0) or (0, 3, 0) or (0, 0, 1)

    If you only log without cancelling player movement, especially flying people will have a ton more "med" and "high" violations, because every move while they are in midair will be counted as such a violation.


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