Inactive [SEC] NoCheat v3.5.0 [CB 1.2.4 R1.0][ABANDONED]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    Yeah, the NoClip is giving LOADS of false positives, those need to be looked at.
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    I'm not really satisfied with how it works currently, and Minecraft isn't written in a way that would make prevention of NoClip hacks easy/feasable. I might just remove it altogether (if Minecraft 1.8 doesn't improve the situation). For now I suggest deactivating it, if it gets too annoying.
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    The thing is, my friend who helps test the NoCheat, says that it fucks with his ability to use FreeCam on one of his clients. At the same time, I never get notifications about him, its just the false positives I get. I think you can work around this if you look at some of the existing hacks.

    EDIT: Also theres a bug. Every time more packet notifcations come up, there is a good 15 seconds where the server freezes. Any help with this?

    It also appears that people who are not speedhacking send like 180 packets more than expected. These are the ones that lag the server.
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    Which version of CraftBukkit are you using? Version 1000 has a bug in it that can cause people to spam the server with packets during teleportations, and some plugins may cause the same in 1060 if they use "cancel" during player-move events (currently I only know about Authme doing that, but there are probably more plugins using that).
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    Bukkit 1060
    Running spout but the players didnt have spoutcraft
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    My server wants to nag you about shutting down your async tasks properly:
    2011-08-31 22:41:36 [SEVERE] Nag author: 'Evenprime' of 'NoCheat' about the following: This plugin is not properly shutting down its async tasks when it is being reloaded.  This may cause conflicts with the newly loaded version of the plugin
    Using NoCheat 1.14e, Bukkit 1060.

    I've also got people walking around normally, throwing 200+ severe violations...
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    sigghhhhhh. and what is that?
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    but it considered it.. promise.. and it's not teleporting i guess.. it's just lift u up slowly just like a normal elevator..
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    The "not shut down properly" will not/can not be fixed. It won't happen in v2.xx, because I don't use async threads there. But that version isn't ready yet.

    What kind of severe violations? Please give some examples and when exactly they occur.

    It's usually a plugin similar to the "fake" Permissions.jar that was used to provide compatibility between the various Permissions plugins. It will map permissions between old and new perm systems, such that you still can use just one plugin to provide permissions for both types. E.g. PermissionBukkit has such a perm bridge, afaik PermissionsEx also can handle both perm systems at the same time.

    I've found my mistake. I read the wrong lines of code when looking at how "blift" works. It actually does teleport the player only two times (at the beginning and at the end of the elevator ride), and in between uses "velocity" events on every server tick to move the player in a somewhat controlled fashion. I'll try if I can support that method better.

    I've also updated the Beta 2.00 version to 2.00a:

    - now it comes with the infinite durability hack check that you know from 1.14e
    - part of the noclip check is now deactivated until I figure out what to do with it (you can still log and do your custom actions, but "cancelling" won't work anymore).

    Download it here (at your own risk): 2.00a

    I've also finally got the thing working. I'll update it over time and eventually use it as the main place to document the plugin. Take a look here:
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    why don't you use that the people can subscribe to updates via e-mail?
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    I'll probably keep hosting downloads on dropbox and only move documentation to dev.bukkit. The file approval process is dead slow and annoying as hell. E.g. I uploaded a NoCheat 2.00a version to dev.bukkit 2 hours ago. Still isn't visible to people because it's not approved...
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    I think that it isn't a big problem, I prefer be notified about new updates (old.. of some hours) rather must check manually all plugins.
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    ok then.. tell me if u got it support XD
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    Version 1.14f (for CB 1060)
    • Tried to fix issues with bLift (don't know if I suceeded, I never got problems with it)
    • Don't show warning about missing CraftIRC plugin if logging to CraftIRC is set to "OFF"
    That's about it.

    I hope people don't get confused by the 1.xx version here and the 2.xx at Just as a reminder: 1.xx is what I consider "stable" and what you can use with minimal to no modifactions to your server setup. As soon as I believe the 2.xx is complete enough (still missing some things that I believe are vital - e.g. feedback for which checks are active on startup), I'll "shutdown" this thread (= put a link to in the OP) and manage NoCheat from there. That doesn't mean I will no longer use or visit this forum/thread. I don't expect everybody to sign up a new account just to do error reports/feedback at
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    I still can't go up using bLift.. but If I disable the flying.. I can use it..
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    Can you give me a screenshot of the lift and a few example lines of the messages you get from NoCheat? I'm out of ideas for what could be going wrong here.
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    this is what I got when XXX tries the elevator, going down is working fine, but going up isn't..

    [WARNING] NC: Moving violation: XXX from world (-40.5, 65.2, -1255.5) to (-40.5, 65.7, -1255.5) distance (0.0, 0.5, 0.0)
    [WARNING] NC: Moving summary of last ~15 seconds: XXX total Violations: (4,15,0)
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    Movement, seemingly at random, had someone wandering around the flat deck of a ship (I was watching) nothing out of the ordinary, and they threw 150+ severe violations.
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    Since this latest update, my Builders can't fly, and neither can my killers. I assume that I can only fly because I'm op. Here is my permissions file (I tried redownloading/delete the NoCheat folder for it to reset)
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    Any idea why since the last update(s), players with flying permissions cannot fly anymore? wth
    Did you stopped supporting Permissions?

    Edit: permissions are seriously broken, you should check into it.. for now downgrading until you update it

    Edit 2: Finally, i discovered that CBUTD updated it to v2...
    but it still does the same thing on 1.14f wtf?
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    You really should move to PEX, a lot of plugins are abandoning permissions now.
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    Finally I could reproduce the problem. It happens only if Server and Client use "Spout". Now I just have to find out why

    A "ship"? What do you mean by that? If you have some server+client modification that allows you to have moving block structures while allowing players to freely move on top of them, then I am sorry to tell you, that I can't support that in NoCheat and your problem won't be fixed, ever.

    You are using SuperPerms for NoCheat, I guess? ("nocheat.all" only works for SuperPerms, and only for 1.14* versions). Have you set the "newpermsystem: true" flag in the config again, after generating a new config file? NoCheat should print a line on startup saying that it is using SuperPerms, if it does so.

    I didn't notice CBUTD about the new location for versions 2.00+ to avoid those wtf moments, but it seems somebody else did without me knowing. :(

    In 1.14* you can choose between old and new system. The choice works like this:
    1.) Is "newpermsystem: true" set in the nocheat.yml? -> SuperPerms
    2.) Else if there is a plugin with the name "Permissions"? -> Permissions
    3.) Else -> SuperPerms

    In 2.00 it's always SuperPerms.

    hm... Now that CBUTD seems to deliver 2.00 versions anyway, I'll have to speed up the development a bit. At least get everything halfway clean and decent to use, and improve documentation.
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    Thanks :) And i've ever wondered where i could find a "airbuild" hack for my client, it would be useful to build in the air. Also recently, when i was using airbuild protection i was getting many false positives, players were just placing a block on the side of an other without blocks under it. And for some reason my "newpermsystem" were set to true... I'll try turning it off.

    Edit: worked, awesome! :)

    Btw, this is the best plugin i've seen so far. Really stable unlike some other plugins.

    I'm using GroupManager + GroupManangerBridge (Emulate permissions).
    And no way i'm gonna change it, superperms is just too complicated, many plugins doesn't support it. And not that much plugins are abandoning it.

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    @morizuki :

    I have found the problem with spout now and created a ticket at their bug tracker: . You can follow it to see when it is going to be fixed. It should be possible for them to fix it without breaking any of their stuff, so I expect it to be added soon.
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    Actually, you'd be surprised. 70% of plugins that we use (That's a LOT) support SuperPerms now, and in the future nothing will support permissions because it's just built right into Bukkit.

    There's a bridge for SuperPerms that lets it emulate permissions like the GroupManager Bridge, so I suggest you get a head start on changing over.
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    A ship as in a sailing ship. Oddly enough, not in water, hovering above a mountain. And no, not moving in any way.
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    I have no idea where those errors would come from then, if those blocks that the ship is built from are normal blocks. Sorry.

    On an unrelated note:

    I've uploaded NoCheat 2.01. It now respects the "-p" parameter of craftbukkit and changes how the log-file names are defined (you may have to change that setting), because they are now relative to the "NoCheat" folder, instead of the craftbukkit folder.

    Plus two new checks, reach-check for block-placing and a check against placing blocks on liquids (some hack clients call this hack "jesus". The Minecraft server allows placing of blocks on water/lava, although the Minecraft client normally doesn't.

    Plus other minor stuff. Link is in the OP. I consider 2.01 now usable by the general public (seems thanks to CBUTD many were tricked into using it already anyway).
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    Pwned those hackers :D Thanks.

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