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    i have done this but for some reason i still cant do fly i even deleted the motd it doesnt seem to be the motd that is causing it because i dont the lettering to cause it or the codes that cause zombe mod to be disabled
    if you want me to give permissions and config then just ask
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    Can't you just release the plugin so that it supports MultiWorld because the permissions thing doesn't work at my server. Come on dude, you even don't know when 1.8 will be released.

    Sorry but I think that such a big plugin that doesn't support MultiWorld is a little bit to bad even that it does what it needs to do.
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    No, didn't know about that. I'll look into it and see if I can handle those cases where a block gets placed somewhere else automatically different.

    Never heard about that, and I'm not sure how that could/should work. But I hope I can test it soon.

    I ran out of ideas. sorry.

    No, it really would be a lot of work to integrate multiworld in the current plugin, as the current plugin never was intended to support that. But I'm coming close to finish NoCheat 2.0. I hope I can provide a prototype for testing sometime next week.

    On an unrelated note:

    I got a new event included in Bukkit. It's called "PlayerVelocityEvent" and will finally solve incompatibilities with commandbook, rocketboots and similar plugins, while making my work a lot easier. Yay me! :D
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    Simon Welker

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    Oke nice!
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    Will no cheat work at all when there is more than 1 world if so what world will it work on? if it works on any.

    that would explain why my noobs are still using fly hacks and thats not good for my vip members. that paid for the right to fly. im sure i could make a multi world version worth your while $$ had plenty of vip sales of late :D
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    By default NoCheat will work on all worlds the same, unless another plugin prevents it from doing so (e.g. MobArena). In those cases you should go into the /plugins/nocheat/nocheat.yml file and search for an option "enforceteleport" and set that to "true".
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    How long for nocheat v2 ? cant wait :D
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    Is there a way to kick people that are flying?
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    Would just like to say thanks for the addon, ive been using it since we have gone dedicated and its a major benefit to our server. We got attacked by team Avo last night and it helped secure us 30 bans and track down the flyers with ease!
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    Wonderful addon! I have a feature request, but I'm not sure if it fits within this plugin's scope. Basically I've seen some griefing teams using ".drop" in their clients quite a bit lately, and I'm looking for something to prevent that.

    How it works is basically they mine a bunch of items, say, a full inventory of cobblestone. When they type ".drop" in their client, it instantly drops all of those items onto the ground, causing huge amounts of client lag for anyone within a couple chunks of the area. This should be easy to detect, just look for drops happening extremely fast. Then this plugin could either warn or just prevent the items from being dropped at all.
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    Everything works great for me apart from speedhack. Using cheatengine and a custom.jar, someone on my server can freely move around using speedhack like its not even there, moving 10's blocks a second.
    THis is my config below. Is there anything here which would allow speedhacks? And also this allows wallhacks to happen.

    If it seems to be a nocheat error, the guy that did it say hes more than happy to send you the .jar file.

        filename: "plugins/NoCheat/nocheat.log"
        logtofile: "low"
        logtoconsole: "high"
        logtochat: "med"
        logtoirc: "med"
        logtoirctag: "nocheat"
    newpermsystem: "false"
    showinfomessages: "true"
        speedhack: "true"
        moving: "true"
        airbuild: "true"
        bogusitems: "true"
        nuke: "true"
        logmessage: "[player] sent [events] move events, but only [limit] were allowed. Speedhack?"
        checkops: "false"
            low: "20"
            med: "33"
            high: "44"
            low: "loglow cancel"
            med: "logmed cancel"
            high: "loghigh cancel"
        logmessage: "Moving violation: [player] from [world] [from] to [to] distance [distance]"
        summarymessage: "Moving summary of last ~[timeframe] seconds: [player] total Violations: [violations]"
        summaryafter: "15"
        allowflying: "false"
        allowfakesneak: "true"
        allowfastswim: "false"
        waterelevators: "false"
        checkops: "false"
        enforceteleport: "false"
            walking: "20"
            sneaking: "14"
            swimming: "18"
            low: "loglow cancel"
            med: "logmed cancel"
            high: "loghigh cancel"
        checkops: "false"
            low: "1"
            med: "3"
            high: "10"
            low: "loglow cancel"
            med: "logmed cancel"
            high: "loghigh cancel"
        checkops: "false"
        checkops: "false"
        logmessage: "Nuke: [player] tried to nuke the world"
        kickmessage: "No nuking allowed"
        limitreach: "true"
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    The config file looks fine. Did the player produce any log messages?

    It depends on how the speedhack of that player works. If it is done by increasing the distance a player can move within one step, then it's the "moving" checks duty to stop that. You may have:
    - an error in your permissions settings
    - another plugin blocks NoCheat's teleports (but in that case you should still get log messages). One example of such a plugin is MobArena, or "Jail" plugins. This kind of problem can normally be fixed by setting enforceteleport: "true"

    If it is done by increasing the number of packets the player sends to the server, then it's the task of the "speedhack" check. You may have:
    - an error in your permissions settings
    - considerable server lag. NoCheats speedhack check (the one that is called "speedhack") deactivates itself during server lag to reduce the number of false positives. If your server has constant lag (e.g. regularly gives "Can't keep up" messages), that check will not work at all.
    - the player didn't go fast enough. Measuring packet numbers is rather unreliable, and therefore it is entirely possible to go faster than usual without going over the packet amount limits.

    As for the "wallhack". If you mean the player could walk through walls: NoCheat only reliably stops going through walls that are 2 blocks thick (if the "moving" check is active). Anything below can be done (if the hacker is clever enough), because NoCheat doesn't have an explicit NoClip check yet.
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    He SOMETIMES produces a message saying he sent around 340 packets when 20 are allowed. My server doesnt seem to have any lag and I dont think this is the error as it blocks most people from speedhacking. I tried making enforceteleport true, but it still works.
    My permission file doesnt even mention nocheat for his rank.

    I really cannot think what could be causing this apart from lag, but he cannot fly nor do anything else.

    I also think he went fast enough as he traveled around 100 blocks on a flat plain within a few seconds. Again, he is using cheatengine + a custom jar, so if nocheat blocks that I don't know. All I know is hes still able to bypass the speedhack block with ease.
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    If you Towny on your server, it is not NoCheat which blocks the fly but Towny.

    In the config.yml :
    # Prevent fly and double block jump cheats.
    cheat_protection: true
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    @Evenprime did you ever get around to sorting out the optional logging using DataLog?
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    Ok, I have found another huge cheat thats going undetected.

    Basically in a .jar I have sent you, a user has managed to give himself invisibility and godmode. By using a feature of this jar, the person is able to make his character stand still. When it it killed, it respawns, however teleporting to him will teleport you to the "ghost of the character", whilst he is free to wander around invisibly.

    I can show you a video of this in action if you wish, or you can come and check it out on my server. If you look in your inbox, you will see I have sent you a link to the minecraft.jar used. This is also the one that allows him to bypass the anti-speedhack cheat using the speedhack within the .jar or cheat engine.
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    @Raqn: This kind of out-of-body "hack" can not be prevented. The server just works with where the players body is and bases all calculations on that (which also means his body can and will be attacked by enemies, can die, and will respawn). The flying around as a ghost is then just optical and only happens clientside (which is why he gets the feeling to be invisible and invincible on the server). The player won't be able to interact with the environment on a distance bigger than the normal reach of his body during that time, or be able to do anything else that's useful (except looking around).

    I hope to be able to wrap everything up for sometime next week. No promises however. The basic structure is all done now (only minor errors need to be fixed), so the biggest work left is the gui configuration tool, and porting all checks over to the new version/rewrite them to be better suited for the new version. And testing of course.

    In the new version it will be much simpler to integrate stuff like DataLog, because every action runs through a central location, which is why I didn't try to do it yet for the old version. I'll definitely look into supporting that and maybe others for the new version.

    Thanks for telling me. I'll keep that in mind.

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    What do I have to change in config file to make it work?

    Every player with this permission will get log messages in the ingame chat (if you have activated that feature in the config file)

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    Are you planning on adding the zombe-disabling code or are you going to leave that in the realm of other plugins? I'm just trying to reduce the number of plugins I have but I understand there are multiple considerations.
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    Ah ok :)
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    I've created another pull request for CraftBukkit, which I've been working all day on. So that time gets deducted from NoCheat 2.0 developement.

    Those who are interested may have a look here:

    On a positive note, the upcoming changes to move events in CraftBukkit will most likely not break NoCheat, while implicitly improving the "speedhack" checks accuracy. So I don't have to spend a lot of time on improving that and can instead do something interesting.

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    Now you may have already answered this but I am having problems "flying" with no cheat on, I have added teh per node - nocheat.flying to the Group I wish to have the flying enabled, the problem I face is the "bounce" sometimes they can go straight up but the moment they move they "bounce back to the ground, it even happens to me and Im the Ownerr. Any suggestions ?
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    Only solution I've heard so far is that this behaviour comes from the plugin "towny".
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    yep found it on the previous page and it fixed it, thanks anyway great plugin
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    Suppoert it multiworld or not?
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    Ran into two modders today. Although I'm using NoCheat and ZombeBanner I had two guys come in today. One was able to run extremely fast (10 block/second) and the other was speed mining blocks.
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    You can use Permissions to get multiworld support. Currently no "real" multiworld support is built into NoCheat.

    I only recently stumbled upon a bug in Craftbukkit that would allow people to do that kind of thing unnoticed (the running thing). Not sure if they used that (it's still practically unknown), but it could be possible. I've sent @EvilSeph message on Github with a description of the bug(s) and how to fix them an hour ago. I hope those changes get included in the next Recommended Build.
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    Thanks. Another thing, some users are still able to run about about 1.5 speed without NoCheat detecting this.
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    Donald Scott

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