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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    Which version of the plugin were you using and can you give me the log line of the moving violation it caused? I'm trying to fix that, but it seems I am still missing something.
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    Didnt notice there was a new version. I updated to it and i dont get it anymore. Ill come back if i do get it and with the message.
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    Yeah, I forgot to change the thread title (did that just after your post) when I uploaded 0.7.1 some time ago. You're the first to confirm that the changes I made actually made a difference (yay!). :)
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    CB 556
    Nocheat 0.7.1
    Nether from essentials.

    NoCheat prevents my players from using portals or /world nether (even /world world) to move around, it returns them to their last spot, but the game thinks they are in the nether, and they can't do anything in the world they came from after.

    Anyway to get it to not stop players who are using portals and /world command? Like, reduce what it looks for so it does not halt them?

    Want the log line?
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    are the checks being done on players with the nocheat permissions even thought they arent logged/reset?
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    I think I've fixed that now. Teleporting between worlds is implemented in a strange way (probably because the MC client doesn't really support multiple worlds in multiplayer), which made detecting a world change and finding out where a player should actually be in the new world quite difficult

    What I expected:
    - TeleportEvent "world x1, y1, z1" to "nether x2, y2, z2"

    What actually happens:
    - TeleportEvent "world x1, y1, z1" to "world x3, y3, z3" (x3,y3,z3 are some coordinates close to spawn, I think)
    - MoveEvent(s) "nether x3, y3, z3" to "nether "x2, y2, z2" (until the player is actually there or MC decides he can't be there - causing "Player moved wrongly" on the console and teleporting him somewhere else instead).

    If a player has e.g. the permission "nocheat.moving" he will never be checked for that (no calculations are done, except for the check if he has that permission, of course).
    If you deactivate the check completely by setting "active: moving: false" in the nocheat.yml file, no one will be checked (no calculations are done).
    If you just remove all the text behind "moving: action: low/med/high: " the check will be done (calculations are done) but nothing will happen as a result (bad idea).

    Giving every player the permission "nocheat.moving" and setting "active: moving: false" in the nocheat.yml file have the same effect (but I'd recommend setting "active: moving: false" in that case anyway)

    Version 0.7.2:

    - Fixed "/world" command of essentials and probably a lot of other world-switching methods to no longer cause a violation
    - now officially tested with Bukkit RB #556 (still works with older builds though)
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    The PC Tech Guy

    I don't know if this has been fixed in 7.2, but in 7.1 I noticed two things, both regarding boats:

    Water elevators: non-plugin made water elevators trigger the movement event, at warning and severe levels.

    SkyPirates: a plugin that enables boats to fly: also triggers movement event, and there's so many errors that until the user is finally back on the ground again, I get a final report of some 20 or so violations.
    (also, sometimes it causes a Player moved wrongly event once or a couple of times when first starting a flight in the boat. This happens without your plugin enabled.)

    Maybe you can have it ignore users in vehicles/boats?
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    I'll have a look at sky pirates and see what I can do.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "non-plugin made water elevators". Can you provide a screenshot or a plan of how one would look like? I thought I had already added support for all kinds of water elevators that exploit the south-west rule.
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    it didnt register when i tryed windows clock speedhack or does it prevent it from working?
    i use permission 2.5.4
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    Hers one I havn't found looking in all the options.

    For all methods is there a way to have it so everything is blocked but admins don't get notified up to a certain point more like a severity thing.

    I cant seem to find the option for this: apart from speedhack

    I don't want admins getting notified every time a single block is misplaced aka 'the double block' thing where you are stacking tiles and one stays in midair when building up or even minor moving violations etc.

    I still want them blocked and logged but not sent to chat unless they are trying to actually cheat or doing allot of violations.

    My code:

    # Logging: potential log levels are low (info), med (warn), high (severe), off
        filename: plugins/NoCheat/nocheat.log
        logtofile: high
        logtoconsole: low
        logtochat: medium
        logtoirc: med
        logtoirctag: nocheat
    # Checks and Bugfixes that are activated (true or false)
        speedhack: true
        moving: true
        airbuild: true
        bedteleport: true
    # Speedhack specific options
            low: 30
            med: 45
            high: 60
    #   Speedhack Action, one or more of 'loglow logmed loghigh reset'
            low: loglow reset
            med: logmed reset
            high: loghigh reset
    # Moving specific options
    #   After how many minor violations should the plugin react (minimum 1)
        freemoves: 1
    #   Moving Action, one or more of 'loglow logmed loghigh reset'
            low: loglow reset
            med: logmed reset
            high: loghigh reset
    # Airbuild specific options
    #   Airbuild Action, one or more of 'loglow logmed loghigh deny'
        action: loglow deny
    # Bedteleport specific options (none exist yet)
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    I got moving violations from a user standing ontop of a halfstone arch trying to jump on top of a tree, not quite making it, we can replicate the conditions.

    Any tips? adjust thresholds or?
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    Depends on your configuration file. Standard setup is currently that it will be logged and the player teleported back to a position he has been before. For speedhack to actually register the player has to move for ~2 seconds while using e.g. the windows clock speedhack. If he stands still or makes pauses every second, it won't be detected.

    You should replace "logtochat: medium" with "logtochat: med". I think it will work the way you want it then. In that case you should no longer see "airbuild" messages in chat, but still get other messages of medium or higher levels displayed there.

    Can you give me a screenshot of the specific place where this happens? I can up the threshold for jumping a bit in the next version, as I believe I know why this situation could cause a false positive, but its always nice to try it myself to see if I'm wrong.

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    The PC Tech Guy

    I know, that sentence didn't sound smart, but I didn't know how to word it at the time. I mean as in regular water elevaors you can make withut theneeds of mods. There's quite a few videos on how to do this. It can accelerate a players' sped upwards at a very rapid pace. This is done by using the boat's floating ability to go up rapidly.
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    Just done that is there also a way that allows like 3 blocks in a sec on airbuild before shown to admins?

    Also Moving we are getting messages for the slightest thing how to make this not so sensitive for admin chat logging so we only show people trying to actually use a flymod?
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    If these work in combination with boats, then they should work with the new version, because I ignore vehicles completely in the new version (for now - if that gets exploited by people I'll have to implement something better). If the water elevators you mentioned work with boats, they should now also work as expected. I just tested my plugin against water elevators that can be used by players directly, so I was a bit confused about that.

    Thank you. I'll try to find out what exactly goes wrong there. I made a small change that could help in that case, so you may want to try the new version. Anyway I'll try to reproduce it and find out if that was the source of the problem or there is something different going on.

    If you get false positives for people doing normal movement, please tell me in which situation they happen so I can fix that properly. You may want to just set the value for "logging: logtochat" to "high" to further reduce what gets logged to the chat for now.

    I can implement the airbuild thingy for the next version. Should be no problem.

    Version 0.7.3:

    - Ignore vehicles (skypirates)
    - minimal change to jumping check

    I still couldn't reproduce the bug, but I believe I found the problem source now and hopefully fixed it with the new version. It's probably a borderline case where a player jumping against a wall from a bit above gets elevated by the game onto the block he just "bumped" against.
    I implemented now more options for configuring the airbuild logging and check similar to moving and speedhack (see the configuration part of the first post for the new options). You can now set thresholds of how many blocks per second can be placed before a action of the according type happens. Only one event per second per severity level will be explicitly logged. After ~1 second a summary will be logged to show how many events happened in that second (That means 4 log lines max per player per second).

    Version 0.7.4:

    - ignore move events if a player has positive vertical velocity (this should fix compatibility with other plugins that allow players to e.g. jump very high aso. I'll replace this sometime later with a more precise check)
    - more versitale logging of airbuild check. Choose different log levels for different amounts of blocks placed per second
    - less log spam by airbuild check, rather than logging every event, only log one per log level + a summary every second
    - moving check change concerning landing: give players the chance to step onto a block that they are falling against

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    hmmm, with current version all users can use the fly-mod :(
    and i dont have any plugin which allows to jump higher or sth like that.
    can you perhaps make vertical check configurable?
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    Evenprime: Yeah the player jumped and almost made it ontop of a leaf block, bumping of it,
    thanks for the effort man!
    Keep up the good work
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    What fly-mod are you/they using? (you can also PM me if you don't want to "advertise" it here) I tested it with zombes modpack 4.5 (maybe it's outdated?) flymod and can't reproduce that. I also tried the various settings (speed modifiers and such of that mod, but they don't seem to influence the outcome. I'll replace it in the coming days with something more specific, so you may fall back to the previous version if you got problems.

    Anybody else experiencing this?

    Does that mean it fixed the problem? Great!
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    Here is a very recent video with a new hack tool that is targeted a server I know. Do you recognize all of these hacks and do you think your nocheat will prevent all or some of this... Check out this video please:

    Thank you very much for making this plugin!
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    Thanks for the update going to test it our server sometime just installed then.

    Shouldn't moving have limits for logging also?

    like up to 3 moves low 3-10 medium and 10+ moving violations high (serious offense)?

    Or do you have it auto determine the log levels.
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    what does this means? everytime the same guy plays i get warnings but he dont seem to do anything strange
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    Flyhack: obvious, should be catched by my plugin
    Wallhack: I have no clue what that is supposed to do
    Godhack: Again, no clue what it does
    Reachhack: From the name I'd guess it allows digging, opening chests aso. from bigger distances than usual (bukkit fixed that one already)
    Speedhack: Depends. If it has the same effect as setting the windows clock forward, It'll probably be detected. If it increases the stepsize for walking, it will be detected if the stepsize is very big compared to the usual size.
    FullBrighthack: That changes just how Minecraft is displayed at that persons system and therefore can't be prevented
    Sneakhack: Probably just "locks" the player in sneak-mode. Sneaking is severely broken in Minecraft Multiplayer, because a client can just claim he started to sneak without actually doing so clientside, that means running/jumping is done as usual, but the server will dutyfully hide the players name because it believes he is sneaking. That could be detected by checking if a "sneaking" player really is moving slower than usual. My plugin however doesn't detect this. (Besides that, there are enough ways to still get a name displayed clientside even for players that are sneaking, so the best solution would be to just deactivate sneaking on the server side altogether to be fair)
    NoClippinghack: That one is fun. The player ignores walls clientside and ignores when the server tells him "you can't go there, that's a wall". This kind of noclip causes "Player moved wrongly" logs at the server (even in vanilla minecraft). My plugin actually prevents this, but only as a side effect. The server sets the player position automatically outside the wall if a player runs through it and I check if a player goes too far in one step. The result is that the player can't go through the wall (usually), because to my plugin it will look like he did just one very big step.
    Outofbodyhack: Same as NoClipping, but this time the player only explores the map clientside. This therefore can't be prevented. However, while being outofbody the player shouldn't be able to interact with anything.

    For moving I calculate the maximum distance/height a player should be allowed to move and compare that to how far he actually went. Depending on how much over these limits the player is (e.g <0.5 blocks is low, <2.0 blocks is normal and anything above high level violations), the according actions are taken. These values differ from situation to situation so I believe it would be confusing to most people to set them themself.

    In addition to that, if there are a lot of low violations in a very short interval, a normal violation gets generated. Maybe I could allow people to change this to decide themself how many low violations = one normal violation aso. That would be easy to do and easy to understand.

    Don't take this for granted:

    Based on the y-value of those coordinates he tried to go up exactly 0.8 blocks within one move. I don't know of any "legal" situation that could cause that (jumping usually leads to uneven vertical distances like 0.4399932) and going up stairs can only cause a raise of at most 0.5 per move.

    So here is my guess:

    He uses (or tried to use) a flyhack that would raise him exactly 0.8 blocks per move/tick. Lets say he started at 72.0000 on the ground, now he uses the hack to move up once to 72.8000 then again to 73.6000 and then again to 74.4000 - this last move triggers my plugin, because he went up for a total distance greater than the height limit of my plugin (nobody can jump that high). Therefore he gets teleported back to the ground, and you get the log message. Now he tries it again (just to be sure it was not lag that caused him to "fall down") which causes a second violation (total Events=2). Then he gives up.

    You can check if this explaination is plausible by going to those coordinates and looking around for a) how high is the ground at that location, is it 72.0000? and b) is there open space above to fly (would it make sense to try and fly from there).

    Again, I don't want to accuse the player of hacking, but the exact 0.8 block movement upward is very suspicious.
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    Nice work on the plugin its appreciated ... i run its an anything goes pvp mmo server with griefing encouraged however NO CHEATING IS ALLOWED. I tryed your plugin and it seemed to do its job but it conflicted with my nether and would not let players pass through worlds. Has this been fixed in your newest update ? I would\d love to have the plugin back in instead of banning assholes who dont follow fair rules :) let me know thanks again for your work it IS APPRECIATED .
    ~ ZerG
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    I've implemented a fix for moving between the world and nether in version 0.7.2. I'm however not sure if that fixed all methods of transitioning between two worlds (I only explicitly tested it with essentials plugin).
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    Got a slight issue with the NC plugin. I have Permissions set up to place me into the Admin group, and I'm on the ops.txt file, but I'm the only admin/op that doesn't receive NC notifications. I also can't use the /nocheat commands. Our Admin group has the nocheat.* permission, yet it still displays alerts caused by me to other admins. :confused:

    Also, boats and minecarts give a false positive with the speed check, particularly boats going through water elevators.
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    Everytime I run my server and log in when NoCheat is active, everytime I move it gives me an error about how it can't pass PLAYER_* to NoCheat. Any idea why? I use #556.
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    I can't really help with the permissions problem, only can say that the op.txt file is completely ignored by my plugin if permissions is installed (so changing entries there won't make a difference). But thanks for the info about speedhack-check in combination with boats. Didn't know about that one and will fix that in the next version.

    Can you post the error message (the complete thing, all lines of it)?

    This error appears when a plugin encounters a serious problem while trying to handle a event. If you use Permissions, it may be that some entry in the permissions config is invalid and when my plugin tries to check if you have got a permission, Permissions plugin throws an exception, which in turn causes my plugin to throw a exception and bukkit to display that error message.

    @ all:

    The next Recommended Build for Bukkit will definitely break my plugin (in fact every build including #561 will) and tons of other plugins due to big changes in the API, Move- and Teleport-Events.

    This means two things:

    1. There will be a clear cut concerning supported Bukkit versions. All releases of my plugin from before that point will definitely no longer work, and all releases that come afterwards will not work with any Bukkit version from before #561+. So you may have to stick with the (then) older version of my plugin until you are ready to upgrade Bukkit (which probably depends on how fast other plugin developers adapt their stuff).

    2. Because I don't know when that will happen, I'll keep making new versions of my plugin for the current RB #556. I'm not willing to support old and new Bukkit simultaneously, so I won't start to develop on a #561 compatible version yet. That means it may take me some time (hours-days) to make the jump to the new Bukkit when it gets RB-status. You'll have no choice but to be patient. :)

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    hey, just to let you know there is a bug when there are massive amounts of chunks being generated and if you fall through snow through the non-generated chunk

    EDIT: it came up as speed hacking

    just got banned from a server about it, just an fyi
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