[SEC] NoBEDROCK - Disable bedrock placement!

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    Version: v0.1 for Minecraft 1.2.5

    Download: Full Zip | Jar file only

    NOTE: These are my first plugins! I know they're not the best, but please show some respect and submit ideas so I can make it better!

    • Disable people placing bedrock!
    • /nobedrock - Shows information about the plugin (e.g. version, authors)
    NoBEDROCK is a plugin created by SlotGlassesGuy to prevent griefers placing bedrock on your server. For a better effect, download all the recommended plugins below!

    Recommended plugins:
    • NoLAVA - Disable lava placement!
    • NoTNT - Disable TNT placement!
    1. Download the latest version of NoBEDROCK and put the NoBEDROCK.jar file in your server's plugins/ folder.
    2. Start/restart your server.
    3. To find out what version of NoBEDROCK you are running, use the /nobedrock in-game command.

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