Inactive [SEC] No_Grief Collection v3 - Now with No_Grief Spy, 6,000+ dl's![1.2.5-R1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by sayaad, Jul 12, 2011.

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    Teamviewer :p
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    does this plugin allow you to bind it to a tool, say bedrock or a wooden tool so you can see logging results of blocks being broken and created?
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    does this support permission 3.x. just curious :3?
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    I don't know. It was tested on PermissionsEX and works on it.
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    Works awesome :D The message in chat when people get kicked for placing lava is kind of annoying tho ^.^ and I dont know how to code so.. am not complaining :) very lightweight/ easy to use plugin that does its job!
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    thanks, feedback is appreciated. :3
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    Check out the bukkit dev page :3
    worked long and hard on the new additions

    I agree with you, even i use group manager but i can only know how add in 1 permission support and since group manager became inactive, more people demand permissionsEX support

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    this plugin is very nice !
    but a I notice a few problems:
    1) it needs java7 (not a big problem, I have installed it, but maybe you can write this on the description)
    2) the magic wand seems not to work with the stick. When I dont have the * perm, it dont do anything, and when I have the * perms it always says "nobody modified this block" or something like that. What is the perm node to use the wand ?
    3) even with the * perms, or with the nogrief.tnt I cannot put TNT, I am kicked by nogrief
    4) for the main module, perm nodes are nogrief., but for the iplogger, you say that the node is ng. : it's strange isnt it ?
    5) when you do a getip on a player who is not connected, an exception is raised on the console
    6) in the config file, if I dont want that the enderman steal blocks, do I have to put true to "Endermen pickup/place blocks" or false ? (same for creeper, to be sure)

    I am running pex 1.17 + nogrief 5.1 + essentials 2.7.2 + spout 644 + git-Bukkit-1.0.1-R1-b1597jnks

    thanks for your work !
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    2) that us very strange. are you sure you are right-clicking on the EXACT block modified? also check this file :
    plugins\No_Grief\NGloggerBlock_Log\block.logs and see if it is empty(EDIT : opps it seemed i forgot to delete the text from the file when i was testing but when i was testing it worked fine)

    maybe you are clicking the block that is under the block that is broken since the block that is broken changed to air...

    3) bug with permissions?

    4) i made the main file WAY back and completely blanked out on the permission nodes XD sorry

    5) fixed already in the lastest version, i'm still working on a few more things before i upload it

    6) put it to false :p

    and ty for your support. You've helped me realize bugs that I did not know was not there!
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    thank you !

    3) So now, I tried with false on "delete placed tnt" and "Allow Explosions" true and I can put TNT (I'm not kicked), but when it explodes, it kills people but it doesnt destroy blocks. I tried with * perm and with nogrief.tnt perm

    2) my blocks log is not empty, the logging system is working, I m op, but I still have "nobody modified this block", even with block I have just destroyed or placed
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    3) I didn't code it to stop player damage from tnt so you can build tnt underground traps easily, if u wish i can stop player damage from tnt and creepers (allowed creepers to do player damage for survival servers).

    2) Extremely weird...are you sure you downloaded your version of CB from this site? Also, check your console for any errors and post them here, if any.
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    two things:
    i got this error on startup:
    also, in the future can you add an option to stop fireball explosions separately. It seems more realistic when ghasts explode your house sometimes, or when you are in mobarena (if you have it) and a boss has a fireball ability!
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    try updating your java
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    how? im a mac, and i believe my java is updated, but anyways how (sorry if this is a stupid question)
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    could be your cb version, which version are you running?

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    1.0.1-R1 , the recommended
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    opps it seemed i made the plugin using javaSE1.7
    i'll remake the plugin for 1.6

    or you can change your startup script to :

    @Echo OFF
    SET BINDIR=%~dp0
    CD /D "%BINDIR%"
    "%ProgramFiles%\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe" -Xincgc -Xmx1G -jar craftbukkit-1.0.1-R1.jar

    if you already have java7

    Most developers now are switching to using java7 so its better to change your startup script to use java7 instead of java6

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    is there a way i can get java 7 for mac?
    and i pretty sure the startup script will have to be different for me...
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    Can you add a feature so It bans anyone who places the lava/water/tnt
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    Your better off just Banning Lava and Water from being placed instead of tempting possibly innocent players curiosity with a ban ;)
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    When somebody logs on the server, I get this error in IPLogger:
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    The IPs.txt file is not found. Will fix asap.
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    Thx. If u fix it, the plugin will be awesome! I really like the /ipban command..
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    Hello dev, i wanna report a ?little? problem:

    On linux systems directories are separated by "/" and not by "\".
    Your plugin saves logs at "../plugins\No_Grief\directory\" instead of "../plugins/No_Grief/directory/", even if the correct structure is created under the plugin's subdirectory.
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    hi i was wondering how you check who placed blocks
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    You can check manually in plugins/No_Grief/NGlogger/Block_Log/blocks.log


    You can do it in-game by enabling the wand(/wand, the wand is a stick) and left-click a block to see who modified it.
    Also, in the dev build I added a block that can also do that(bedrock)

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