[SEC/MECH/FUN] PreciousStones - Block Area Proteciton System [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by phaed, Jan 18, 2011.

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    Ughh, not sure this has been mentioned, but it's rather annoying.

    The protection radius doesn't seem to include signs when they are flat against a wall. When they are on a post, and you right click, it'll say 'type: sign'. But when on a wall, it will not.

    Got onto my server this morning to find every sign on a wall at spawn had been griefed, grr. But all the post ones were still standing.
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    I just tested this with my server, and I'm sorry to report that PreciousStones doesn't seem to work at all with 271. :(
    Phead? Any update on your progress with the new version?
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    Love the plugin, Waiting for an update. [​IMG]
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    Thats kinda freaky, because I updated my server to 271 and put that plugin in and tested it and it worked just fine. Maybe your settings are a little off? Because i found a creep, and a block of tnt, and they both sploded and all the land came back like nothing happend. I don't know what to say :p It needs an update either way
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    Can we expect an update? I believe the weekend was 4-5 days ago [​IMG]
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    Hey guys.
    I recompiled source to use ...getWorlds().getIndex(0)
    instead of ...getWorlds()[0]

    Download recompiled PreciousStones.jar here:
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    I take no credit for this plugin, its all thanks to phaed for this wonderful plugin!
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    Seems to work properly. Thanks :3
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    why it doesnt protect glasses? it just broke..
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    Did you specify in the config file what blocks are unbreakable in a protected area?
    unbreakable-blocks: [41,25,85]
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    I can still place lava in a protected area :(
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    It looks like there's a bug when you have a quite a few PStones and you do /ps allowall <name>. (Perhaps the same problem exists with only several pstones?). It might be as simple as /ps removeall does not work

    You can add the user to all your PStones via /ps allowall, but when you go to remove them with /ps removeall, it won't remove them from any of the lists.
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    I placed glass in protection area but it brokes. so I specified glass to unbreakable block, it still brokes.
    Does anyone have the same problem with me?
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    Hi Phaed, are you still around / working on the refactor?
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    1.5 is almost done. It's fully world aware and pstones now save on human friendly format (old format will be converted on first run). The code is nice and clean, many bugs have been fixed. With the recent WORLD_SAVE event, now the pstones save at the same time the world saves so no more orphan fields due to world rollbacks. Will not be implementing SQLite, much faster to load from flatfile on server start, and do all lookups in memory. Tomorrow I will do full Qa and maybe add a few new features.
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    Having issues with precious stones not accepting permissions

    Not sure why I added the permissions to the Second (regulars) group of my permissions but it does not allow them to place protected blocks.

    Here is the config and load sequence, not throwing errors but not sure why I have to give ops and restart server for someone to be able to see the block settings or place protected blocks.

    I've tried disabling other plugins and reenabling them but unsure what might be causing it (also curious about the message of permissions not supported)

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    Looking at your logs it looks like there is something wrong with your permissions plugin. PreciousStones detects it, but since its broken, it breaks as well.
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    Is this compatible with the latest build of craftbukkit and worldguard? I can't seem to get it running with WorldGuard too.
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    Mister Tickles

    I would love to use this, it seems to work. I can place a block down as an admin and no one can attack in it. However, I can't seem to get the commands to work. /ps anything doesn't work at all. I set the permissions right as following:


    Any idea why it won't work?
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    I would suggest you wait out the new version being released today or tomorrow.
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    Haven't really tried it out yet as I seem to get some errors, but hopefully an update will solve my problems. I'm waiting in excitement :)

    I just love the idea and I have already plans on how to make this really useful for both game play and security. I cheer for you, mr phaed :)
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    Please update This! I want this for my server
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    Im in the process, I've come across a few bugs during the refactor im tyring to iron out.
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    understandable, re-factors bring a slew of bugs along with the fixes they bring. hows about tossing up a .jar so we can find the bugs you have not run into yet :D
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    Wooohoo development is finished!! Have done a full Qa and all featuers are at 100%. Need to write up the OP with all the details. Will be releasing tomorrow.
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    I'm looking forward to this! Can barely wait!
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    I know you're in the middle of an update, but I'd like to suggest a feature...

    I would like to add this plugin to my server, along with Minecart Mania. However, some of the blocks I'd like to use as pstones already have a use in Minecart Mania, and other plugins as well...

    Is it possible to implement a command which switches pstone placement on and off, so that pstone-type blocks can be placed without having to "/pstone delete" each one?

    Such as:
    /ps off : Blocks set up to be pstones will be placed without generating protection fields/being indestructible/etc.
    /ps on : Blocks set up to be pstones will generate protection fields when placed.

    If this were to be added, a setting in config.yml (something like "default-place-state:"?) to set the default placement state (/ps off|on) would probably be helpful as well. That way, some servers could use "default-place-state: on", if pstone blocks are generally used just for pstones, and other servers could use "default-place-state: off", if players are more likely to place pstone-enabled blocks for other reasons (such as minecart track control blocks, RedstoneChips, etc.), but would have the option to switch on pstone placement and protect an area.
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    I would have thought that it would be easier to change the blocks used in either PS or MM. For example, I changed many of the default stones in MM because, for example, cloth normally causes a cart to reverse but I wanted to run track on cloth floors. So you could either change the blocks in MM or in PS.

    I'm using some of the blocks you'd fine normally in the netherworld and having them available using Shop. I don't know if that suits your setup though.
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    Put this on the to-do list.
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    nice, this is huge!

    Thank you so much. Its 7:17 am here so I cant test this out as much as I want to, but Im gonna report in later today if I find any issues
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    Wow, seriously? And just earlier today we were saying how awesome the server would be when the new PS was done.

    Phaed. Are you reading my mind?

          title: "Corruption Spike"
          block: 48
          radius: 2
          custom-height: 20
          fast-damage: true
          nameable: true
          welcome-message: true
          farewell-message: true
    Mossy cobble doesn't seem to be working proper.

    /ps allow seems to work fine
    /ps remove [name] always returns that it can not find fields
    /ps removeall [name] always returns "you cannot remove yourself"
    /ps setname works well, and all of the protect modes seem to work just dandy.

    The remove issues are kinda irritating, but nothing a quick removal/replace of the block doesn't fix.

    Also, not sure if this is intended behavior, but after allowing a tester in to a no-entry field, he is unable to destroy the field generator. I have an empty unbreakable list. Just wondering if its intended that those on an allow list are unable to destroy pstones that would normally be destroyable.

    Another fun emergent issue: Placing a no-entry zone while someone else is inside it freezes that person in place with no hope of escape. It's a bit of an exploitable "ghetto root" as one of my testers put it.

    Will test more later when my testers aren't sleepy :p
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