[SEC/MECH/FUN] PreciousStones - Block Area Proteciton System [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by phaed, Jan 18, 2011.

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    Ohh perfect. Thanks for narrowing this down for me.
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    I found the "problem" with the visualization and the server hanging. One block is fine, but for every precious stone you put on top of that it's a performance issue. Putting four of the blocks together seems to cause a massive CPU hit that lags out the entire server when you perform the visualization.

    I might have to turn off visualizations because of this. It's very speedy for just one block but if a player put down 5-6 blocks together it could easily crash the server.

    Example, I placed 9 City Protection blocks in a 3x3 array. Doing /ps visualize I did not notice any appreciable spike in CPU usage (26%) but then all players get disconnected with timeout notices and one of my cores spikes pretty hard.

    The server never really "crashes", it just hangs waiting for the process to finish out. After the visualization is done players can reconnect again. If you don't have placement limits on field blocks it seems like a way to easily grief a server if you got enough pstones blocks together.

    This was also the issue with the visualization not disappearing. It was four city protection fields and the server was hung during the visualization routine, so my client could run around and walk on the blocks without them disappearing.

    Watching the resource monitor, CPU usage is fine but during the attempt disk usage spikes a bit and network usage spikes to the maximum and stays there for about 20-30 seconds. I imagine it's trying to send 9 visualizations to the client at the same time?
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    I tried a MySQL connection instead, and it seems to work after reloads and restarts of the server.
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    Had to turn off noflying protection because when I was testing out the launchpad block setting it to maximum and having it launch a non-op player was causing him to get disconnected for "flying".
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    Yes you have to allow flying in your server.properties.

    I'll can add a config variable to only visualize one field at a time.

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    Hello! I'm using mySQL. When i save a custom cuboid shape region with the draw mode, the region revert to is initial shape after a reload (or start/stop) on the server. In addition, the region initial shape is not correct : the command "/ps visualize" and left clicking on the ground != the actual region shape region.

    Preciousstones Version: 6.3
    CB: 1185

    Great plugin be the way :)
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    Preciousstones Version: 6.3
    CB: 1185
    Economy: iConomy v5

    2011-10-02 16:12:45 [INFO] [PreciousStones] Version 6.3 loaded
    2011-10-02 16:12:45 [INFO] [PreciousStones] MySQL Connection successful
    2011-10-02 16:12:46 [INFO] [PreciousStones] (world) fields: 3,766
    2011-10-02 16:12:46 [INFO] [PreciousStones] (world_nether) fields: 5
    2011-10-02 16:12:46 [INFO] [PreciousStones] Payment method: iConomy v5
    No errors.
    On creation of making a field I have the "Price: 1000" flag to charge 1000$
    -   title: City Protection
        block: 57
        radius: 20
        custom-height: 15
        - 58
        - 61
        prevent-fire: true
        prevent-place: true
        prevent-destroy: true
        prevent-explosions: true
        prevent-unprotectable: true
        prevent-flow: true
        welcome-message: true
        farewell-message: true
        cuboid: false
        price: 1000
    It doesnt charge the $, and on deletion of the field it refunds the money. Allowing users to "make" money by creating fields and removing them.
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    So players could make a sort of 'secret invisible bridge' and then use visualize to activate it?
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    You can use the "visualization.end-on-player-move" config setting to end the visualization once the player moves.
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    Anything on this?
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    Please notify when there's a patch. I've also had a problem where every reload/restart would wipe all the fields of the server...causing extreme player hate toward me :(
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    Im using MYSQL server connection, and anyone can destroy the actual field stone even if theyre not the owner of it. The fields are protecting the wrong size and leaving randon áreas unprotected. My config is:

    - 39
    - 40
    - 51
    - 59
    unbreakable-blocks: []
    - 54
    - 58
    - 61
    - 62
    - 269
    -   title: Legendary_Protection
        block: 73
        radius: 10
        custom-height: 128
        breakable: false
        prevent-place: true
        prevent-destroy: true
        prevent-explosions: true
        prevent-pvp: false
        prevent-use: true
        welcome-message: true
        farewell-message: true
        cuboid: true
        entry: false
        fire: true
        pvp: false
        place: false
        use: true
        destroy: false
        destroy-area: false
        unprotectable: true
        bypass-pvp: true
        bypass-delete: true
        bypass-place: false
        bypass-destroy: true
        bypass-unprotectable: true
        conflict-place: true
        place: true
        destroy: true
        bypass-pvp: true
        bypass-unprotectable: true
        bypass-destroy: true
        bypass-place: true
        entry: true
        fire: true
        pvp: true
        place: true
        use: true
        destroy: true
        destroy-area: true
        unprotectable: true
        instant-heal: true
        slow-heal: true
        slow-damage: true
        fast-damage: true
        give-air: true
        launch: true
        cannon: true
        mine: true
        slow-feeding: true
        slow-repair: true
        forester-trees: 60
        interval-seconds: 1
        - 2
        - 3
        - 13
        - 87
        trees: 60
        interval-seconds: 300
        - 8
        - 9
        - 10
        - 11
        - 92
        block-type: 20
        seconds: 30
        end-on-player-move: true
        admin-chunk-radius: 10
        mark-block-type: 20
        mark-chunk-radius: 10
        frame-block-type: 20
        spread-divisor: 130
        public-block-details: true
        allowed-can-break-pstones: false
        sneaking-bypasses-damage: true
        drop-on-delete: true
        disable-alerts-for-admins: true
        disable-bypass-alerts-for-admins: true
        off-by-default: false
        lines-per-page: 12
        inactivity-purge-days: 45
        blacklisted-worlds: []
        log-to-hawkeye: true
        debug-on: false
        frequency-seconds: 15
        max-records-per-snitch: 50
        player-inactivity-purge-days: 45
        snitch-unused-purge-days: 30
        enable: true
        username: *******
        host: *******
        password: *******
        database: ******
        visualization-blocktype: 20
        defining-blocktype: 49
    repairable-items: []
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    I have web as a creature repeller and have set "cuboid: true" but sneak-left click doesn't work.

    is this something specific to web?
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    can you look at my older post?
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    Is that happening with every stone or is it random? And to confirm this is with the latest build of SC?
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    am I the only one having problems with fields being reset after a reload or restart?
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    I'm running into an issue with glass panes not being protected in a city protector cuboid. Guessing this was an oversight on what blocks are protected when 1.8 came out?

    Desolator i was running into this as well (see my earlier post around page 52). I narrowed it down to mySQLLite vs MySQL. The only resolution i had was to configure PS to run with MySQL.
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    Anyone found out why (or a way to fix) the price flag isn't charging when a pstone is placed in 6.3
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    What? how do I run that? Nothing is being saved when server reboots. searched the thread for it and it took me to this.
    no clue what you mean by run that query. :(

    ? so your saying using mysql it saves configs?

    arg. I've been trying to learn how to use mysql :( guess I'll have to spend another couple days trying to figure it out =\

    My host doesnt support this yet :(

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    Change log
    Version 6.3.1

    • Compatible with build 1240 (not with 1185)
    • Fixed bug with SQLite users' cuboid fields not saving to db correctly. To fix they will have to let 6.3.1 create a new database file, you can then export your data from the old one and import it to the new one.
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    I still have my same issue though
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    We can't see that because they are restricted to your members.

    What is it your host doesn't support, helping you setup mySQL or letting you install it?
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    Added a version of 6.3.1 compatible with 1185 to OP.
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    Why no word on the Price flag problems?
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    Absolutely fantastic plugin!

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong but:
    Shift left click doesn't enter cuboid define mode. But one can't set radius or height of cuboid pstones.
    Tried the 1185 and 1204 builds

    in PermmisionBukkit conf.yml I tried
    preciousstones.bypass.cuboid: true

    in PreciousStones conf.yml I just guessed with :
    defining-blocktype: 4
    wand-blocktype: 280
    visualization-blocktype: 20

    Does addjusting the cuboid work yet?
    If so, what configurations are needed?
    If not should we just set all pstone to cuboid: false so at least the radius can be adjusted?


    Found the answer: any pstones placed before you specify any cuboid configurations can never enter cuboid define mode. You need to specify values for cuboid in conf.yml first then destroy and place the pstones again. After this you can enter the cuboid define mode.

    Hope this is useful.
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    I have been trying to use your plugin to make my job of Admin SO much easier. I was having the same problems that people before were having about it not saving the fields when the server was rebooted. Even after upgrading to mySQL. Now, with the update to 6.3.2, I have been able to successfully place a creature repeller field and it didn't disappear! Thank you SO much for that.

    However, now I am having a different problem. When I tried testing with a City Protection field, my client crashed when I closed the field.

    Reproduction steps:
    Place City Protection pstone
    Shift-LClick to open drawing mode
    define the size (anything over 5000 blocks will trigger this)
    LClick on the pstone to close the field
    Client draws the glass box around the protected area, and client crashes about 2/3 through that.

    There are no error logs that I can find.
    Server.log has no errors listed.
    Where might I get more information on my pc about this?

    I am running my server and client on the same machine. (I know, not recommended, but I have hardware monitors to see if I am running out of resources)
    Processor is running at about 80% - I have Q9550 processor (quadcore 2.8ghz)
    Ram is running around 60% - I have 8GB + 64bit operating system
    Graphics card is about 80% - I have GeForce 9800 GTX+ with 1GB RAM

    Bukkit version 1185
    Plugins active:
    Spout 381 (I think)
    MobDisguise 1.63
    PreciousStones 6.3.2
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    Thanks for the report. This is due to the amount of blocks that are being sent to the client and thus overflowing the client's buffer. Try messing with the "visualization.spread-divisor" config setting. The lower the number the more spaced out the blocks in the the visualizations will be. Try a number like 60 see if it still happens.
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    This is not in the list, is this something I should add? I am assuming it would be in the "Visualization:" section?
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