[SEC/MECH/ADMN] BananaProtect 0.5 - automatic block protection + anti grief functionality [1000]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by codename_B, Jun 19, 2011.

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    :eek: Oooomyyyy
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    You like?
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    LOL i find it hilarious you minecraft skin is a banana and you name your plugins bananaplugin LOL haha
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    Yeah, it's kind of my thing.
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    This is an interesting mod... though I think griefers would have fun with this one! Lol
    Still... it would be interesting to have this protect track and the blocks the tracks are placed on... this would be great for those who want to connect cities together with tracks and not have to use some sort of cuboid protection on a single line of blocks.
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    How would griefers have fun with it?
  9. People could just encase a build with cobblestone then people can't get in / out.
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    Thats why rollback functionality is included. You can check, with ease, who placed the cobblestone, ban them, and roll it back.
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    Thanks so much.
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    Idea :

    For Teamers (2 or more) :
    They can allow Players acces to their Protected Blocks or anything ?
    Then i will use that Plugin on my Server...
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    This is something I will look into - the only problem is it will be a lot slower as there will be more checks to run.

    Added this for you.
    Please test it for me as I have no way to test on single player.

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    Sounds great.

    REQ: Mysql support (some ppl with big servers like mine would easily get over 4 million protections)
    REQ1: Import protections from other plugins (LWC/PreciousStone/OwnBlocks)
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    Please read the FAQ.

    4 million protections is not a problem, this plugin is designed to deal with any size of map, and because it stores the data per-chunk you don't have issues with filesize.
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    It's on my Server...
    I will test it :)

    The only thing who i am missing is MYSQL :)
    but it's great

    and the History did not work at my Server...
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    Very nice,
    I would for sure give it a try on my 300+ server if you make possible importing from LWC.
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    It only works on blocks placed while the plugin is active, not already placed blocks.

    Importing from LWC? "sighs"
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    i know!
    But it dont work...
    i tested it..
    a player played the Block i do with stick a cklick and it comes :
    No History..
    i destroy it etc. etc. etc.
    and no history
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    This plugin does not log destroyed blocks, only placed blocks.

    Also, are you sure you clicked with the stick on the placed block?

    Can I come on your server and test?

    EDIT: are you using 0.3?
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    Yeap, LWC 3.x has regular block protection as well. It uses mysql or sqlite. It stores data in a very 'clean' way.. If you want I could post a database snipt here.
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    @spunkiie haha 300+ server, tell me the ip please
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    Hi, I could write you something like that but that sort of thing would have to be a paid commission, as I have absolutely zero use for it.
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    wtf ? Many plugins have an 'import' option. It has for sure a use not only for me but for all your future users as well.

    I know you are a great coder, but no, i won't pay for something like that. TY anyway

    btw: I was just trying to help you testing it on a higly load server. LWC is working great here.


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    Well yes but there's so many different protection plugins, I'd probably have to write about 1000 lines of code to take into account for them all.
    If you want to write something for me to import from LWC, lockette, worldguard, essentials, big brother, logblock, precious-stone, ownblocks, etc then go ahead. I look at that list and thing nowai.
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    Yeah, you have a good point :D

    Well, maybe when you have some free time.
    'import' option for at last the major ones (preciousStone/LWC) would be great.
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    I will definately look into it, but my main project atm is still CreativeBanana.
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    Error creating yaml file. See getConfig(File filepath);

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    I have the same problem when trying to rollback a grief.
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    Hmmm, I will look into that for you - do you have any special characters in your worldname?

    Hi, the problem should be fixed now - download the new version please and test for me.

    Are you using the command correctly?

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