[SEC] MCCondom v1.0 - Catch Griefers in the Act - [8/9]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by kingnerd, Feb 21, 2011.

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    Does this still work?^^
    Edit.: Oh well, there's not even a working download link anymore. Any alternative?
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    I like the idea of this plugin, if only it were continued...
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    Error: 404 Page not found, whenever I try the link:'(
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    404 error not found (download) I'm Canadian does that effect the ".nu" ? I have never seen a website end in ".nu"
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    Are you retarded? I don't join servers I run servers!
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    hahahahahaha what!
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    By the way, this plugin was developed for when bukkit was in the triple digits, it's over a year old and it's in the inactive/unsupported section. If you think it's going to work with 1.2.5 perhaps you shouldn't be running servers?
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    What? I don't even...
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    Well, I got a link to this plugin from a vid that isn't that old and it was working perfectly for them

    nvm there is an ad at the bottom of your other post (I thought you put that there lol) I'm new to bukkit

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    Is there a still somebody with this plugin who can send me the jar.
    I know it won't work with latest RB but still I'd like to have it :D
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    Everyone has just made this clear... this will MOST LIKELY NOT WORK! How could you even think that after the API has changes so much. It would have to be written entirely in java and have no Bukkit imports AT ALL for this to work (pretty much)... so no, this does not work.
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    I want it because I want to mess with it and modify it.
    And i also did state that I know it wont work
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    lulwut. The Bukkit then and the Bukkit now still uses the same Java and API. The way plugins are coded hadn't change...
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    Actually, the API has changed. The API is ever changing. Usually the changes aren't plugin breaking, but over time plugins start breaking if they haven't been updated.
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    Why are people even replying to this thread :confused:

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