[SEC] MCCondom v1.0 - Catch Griefers in the Act - [8/9]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by kingnerd, Feb 21, 2011.

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    MCCondom is a griefer detection plugin that notifies admins when players are deleting blocks in a pattern that seems suspicious. It's helpful when used in conjunction with cheat detectors and Vanish for catching griefers while they're griefing.

    Install the plugin and use /grief to view info on all the commands, including whitelisting and greylisting users.

    This requires permissions with the permission mccondom.general for all mods.

    Download the plugin here:

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    lol!!! i love the name xD
  3. Haha, nice name.I will try this plugin later and see if it works :D
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    Added the permissions info to the topic... my mistake.
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    Wait, what the hell is this? :D So what's the difference with this and other plugins such as WorldGuard? How does it detect those patterns?
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    WorldGuard protects areas, this alerts admins when griefers are detecting blocks without stopping the deletions.

    Just try it.
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    All I want to say is...AWWW YEAH! Us mods on the Reddit Public servers love this plugin. It helps catch griefers within seconds.
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    That's nothing I meant at all! There's a block blacklist which also alerts.
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    As soon as I put this on, it knocked out all of my OP commands. I couldn't /spawn, /ban, anything... wierd?

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    That's definitely not this plugin doing it... make sure you don't have any other incompatibilities.

    Coming soon: suspicious block fill detection (griefing by placing blocks).


    This has block deletions / time not deletions of specific blocks.
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    Please explain more, can we revert the griefed blocks to a previous time?
    Or are these blocks just logged?
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    Can you elaborate on "patterns"? Just curious.
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    I guess thats the mysterious secret plugin u were takling about in irc ^^
    Still mysterious to me
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    i havent downloaded yet, but it seems this plugin makes it so, say a guy tried to mine away at a diamond block in someones house, but an op set that area as protected, so when he tried to mine away it would alert the op what we had done, it seems this would go well with worldguard because worldguard makes it disappear and this plugin alerts the admin that they tried to do, pretty good

    but why the name MCCondom? i am not downloading because of the name, people are gonna go pycho over that on my server
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    Let's be clear. All this plugin does is alerts server moderators whenever someone is deleting blocks suspiciously... nothing else. It also keeps a list of trusted users who do not trigger alerts.

    You can just rename it... edit the plugin.yml ;).
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    It's funny you say that, because as soon as I added it.... I couldn't use any commands. As soon as I removed it, everything worked fine. I just tested it again to make sure I didn't DERP somewhere along the line... and indeed I did not.

    As soon as I load this plugin, I can't use any of my OP commands. The instant I disable/remove it, everything works as expected.

  17. what do yoy mean with greylisting users?
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    Everything was working fine at the beggining for me, I could use my OP commands. After a while, I had the OP commands issue. Then I removed the plugin and the OP commands started working again. I think Sol got a point right here.
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    Too bad, I want to use this safely with OP commands too.
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    Alright, I'm going to fix that bug and updated the algorithm. Stay tuned.
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    I'm curious as to what exactly these "patterns" are. I personally am not very fond of false positives in security software. It leads to idiots who don't understand what a false positive is going off and throwing tantrums. Imagine if someone triggers it when they're not griefing and someone using the plugin is too ignorant to understand that it's only detection of POSSIBLE suspicious activity. They then go and confront or otherwise ban the innocent user.

    So what are these patterns?
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    It seems to be a message to the admin that someone is deleting blocks... they arent balancing deletes with block placements... and it notifies the admin, not the user. (as far as I can tell, no one has noticed it.) It allows me to at least have a clue to check them out.

    Thanks @kingnerd ... nice.. Can't wait to test the new algorithm.. please post :).

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    You sir, have made my day with that simply grand name. I have downloaded it and have already caught 2 bad guys. Could you refer to griefers as breakers, people that might make the "condom" break? I would like to see some more plugins from you, this one is just awesome.
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    awesome, i usually grab most plugins you make as I know they are provided with a keen eye on truly being beneficial, Thanks.

    Would it be possible to have a whitelist.txt transferred to the trusted list somehow? I couldn't find a config/data .txt or anything stored anywhere so I couldn't try it.

    It is indeed rendering OPs commands useless though :(
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    What does the [8/9] mean in your title?
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    I'll try MCCondom (epic name xD)

    I'm also really interested in knowing the detection pattern.
    What is, if no mod is online? Is the griefing report saved, until a mod joins?

    Try LogBlock, I can recommend it [​IMG].
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    Love the idea behidn this tho it wont load with CB 493 same old same old exception error
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    Hehe, An anti-grief from the most griefed server in the book. Yeaaaaahh...

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