[SEC] MagicWord v1.1 - Griefer prevention and permissions management {Implements Permissions} [1060]

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    Version: 1.1

    Upon request of BLOWUPFISH, I have made this very simple plugin that requires new users to ask the Admins/Mods for permission to build/destroy. This plugin allows Admins/Mods to easily move players into permissions groups. Players must read a set of rules upon entering the server, if they can say the magic word (/<MagicWord>, configurable) found in the rules then the Admins/Mods will promote them to a group that allows building, destroying, commands, etc...

    Commands (open)

    • /<MagicWord> asks the Admins/Mods permission to build (<MagicWord> is configurable via the config file)
    • /group shows you the different groups that are available
    • /group <PlayerName> shows you what group a player is in
    • /group <PlayerName> <GroupName> changes the group that a player is in
    • /word reminds you of what the magic word is (only for Admins/Mods)
    • /word <NewWord> lets you change the MagicWord (only for Admins/Mods)

    Default Settings:
    • The default MagicWord is: Please (not case-sensitive)
    • The default Admins/Mods are: JorganPubshire (You will have to add Admins/Mods manually in the config file)
    Download/Source Code


    Known Issues:
    • Null pointer is thrown if an incorrect PlayerName is entered for the /group commands (breaks the game)
    • The GroupName is case-sensitive and will confuse permissions if you enter it in the wrong case
    • First release
    • Implemented permissions groups
    • Players that have never played on the server before will be automatically added to the permissions file in the group : Default
    Let me know if you want to see any more features implemented and, as always, PLEASE let me know about any bugs.
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    This dosnt work with PermissionsEX for me.

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