[SEC] Logstopper v1.0 - stop spamming of quit packet [1060]

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    Logstopper by jzsig
    Version 1.00

    This plugin is designed to auto ban hackers that spam the quit packet which will crash the server if left unchecked.

    Screen Shots (open)

    avo3.jpg avo 1.png avo 2.jpg
    These are all from a server being attacked by aVo.


    • Almost non-existent CPU load
    • auto-ban hackers that spam the quit packet
    • Nothing :)
    • /unban player - unbans the player this works because the plugin uses the built in vanilla ban system so the commands shouldn't conflict.
    @o0AzzA0o idea for the plugin big thanks :)
    @Shamebot helped alot
    @Tester coded alot and showed me how to make my first plugin

    1.0: released plugin

    Sorry guys i was trying to get the download link to work and accidetly made 3 threads :/

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    looks good now! :)
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    K thanks :)
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    Cosmic Break

    the extension is .zip, should i just rename it to .jar?
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    no, open the .zip file and you'll probally find the .jar file.

    Anyway: What does this plugin do really? It's not getting very clear from the main topic. It seems to have something to do with auto-banning, and something with spam, but that's all I can get from it. What's a quit packet :p
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    Well a packet is like a message kinda like im doing something so a quit packet is telling the server that "hey this player is disconnecting". A hacker can send these packets with the right client as you can see in the attachments. The server thinks that the player is logging out over and over without being in the game and it spams the message "so and so has logged out" my plugin should prevent this and auto ban the hacker (in theory). This is mostly for the griefing group known as avo as this is their favorite way to crash a server.

    Sorry fixed now, its .jar

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    This was suppose to be fixed before. You prob could submit this for bukkit patching!
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    it was fixed with 1060? or a build before 1000?
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    way before. But that might have broke since or this is a new one.

    @Dinnerbone I think might have been the patcher of that one.
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    missing changelog
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    Fixed :)
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    Trust me if it was patched before in previous version of bukkit avo have found a new way to fake this quit altho i havent been able to replicate it . Im supprised it works with online server
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    So this plugin is useless or not ?
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Your attachments don't exist, top of the post.
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    Thanks for telling me, it is fixed now :)
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    Can anyone from bukkit team give a definitive answer?

    This plugin is needed or NOT with #1060 ?
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    I have 1060 running and someone just spammed my server with the log out glitch. So I guess its not integrated.
    Downloading this. Thanks !

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    could you please tell me how well it works? its kinda hard to test as i don't have any means of replicating the glitch myself, thanks and i hope it helps :)
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    Thank you. I had recently had a full on quit packet attack on my server. Over 200 people (and I'm an online server, too!) were banned for doing just that. Had to temporarily go to whitelist!
    Let's hope this can stop it.
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    Does it ban IP too? That would be handy. If not add it :D
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    Adding mcbans support soon
    Making a fork
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    I don't know what Bukkit is or isn't blocking but they are able to spam like this by rapidly sending login packets. This plugin looks like it'll work very nicely for blocking this exploit.
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    Please give me some feedback if it works effectively :)
  24. Could you update it please? i'm getting attacks nearly every day
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    I must comment on the screenshots, I am in the first and that/those server were NOT being attacked by aVo. Sorry, but you dont know alot about griefing.

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