Inactive [SEC] LavaPlace v0.1 - Tells you when somebody places TNT, Bedrock, and Lava! [1337]

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    Sorry for the lack of updates! I have been trying to get features all out all week but they have failed! I will try to get an update out A.S.A.P.

    NOTE: This is my first plugin, so of course it is not the greatest, but give me suggestions so I can make it better!

    LavaPlace - The perfect solution to griefers and hackers
    Version: v0.1

    This is one of the most simplest plugins out there. All you have to do is drag the LavaPlace.jar file into your plugins folder. Then reload your server. Test it out by placing lava. A red message should show up saying you placed Lava. Here's a picture:


    Download LavaPlace 0.1
    Source code

    Version 0.1:
    • First release.
    TODO List:

    Add permissions support - medium priority
    Add more blocks - low priority
    Adding fire - high priority
    Maybe create a config file? - low priority

    Credits to:

    Big thanks to Bone008 for helping me do the lava part.

    And thanks to Tate (who doesn't have a bukkit account) for fixing the bedrock part.

    And me for doing everything else =D
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    Could you possibly add permissions? I'd prefer it if only my admins and moderators could see the messages.

    I'll be using this plugin if that feature is implemented. :D
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    A list of blocks to track would be pretty cool!
    Congrats on your (first?) plugin! If you need any help, you can ask me ^^
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    Yeah it's my first, thanks

    I'll try to see if I can add that.

    And what do you mean by a list of blocks to track?

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  5. Thanks for the credits (also in the screenshot ;))!
    I like the idea of the plugin, it's simple but yet useful to have it displayed to everyone.
    So people will notice a griefer even when no admin is online. But hopefully a griefer should not be able to place bedrock :p
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    For example, in a config file, you could have something like

    And the plugin would work for all the items in the list
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    I'm not sure how to do a config file, I'll learn over time. When I do then I'll add the feature.
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    You can see how I implemented it in my plugin Exile.
    I learned from this thread .
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    Ok thanks for the info, I'll try to add it again later. (I already tried and failed, =D)
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    What if you made it where the Server Owner puts his name in a config file and when someone places TNT, the message is just sent to him and the TNT is stationary until the owner says Yes or No. Maybe a little Verificiation System... or put certain names in a Config file and No-one can blow up TNT unless your name is listed as 'Trusted' and you can Add/Remove Members in the Command Console.
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    I like the second idea better. Once I get the config file working I'll add this, but I would also like a default mode (like tell everybody=true) where it tells everybody if somebody placed TNT.

    You're welcome =D
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    This looks pretty good. Will be trying it out.
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    Thanks =D
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    Love. This. Plugin.
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    Thanks =)
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    Don't add perms... It just makes things harder for server admins. After, if an admin is NOT on then a player can still report the greifer!

    Why would you want perms. They just make it harder for you to setup and then regular players can report greifers if an admin is not on!

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    looks nice :)
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    Good work! Maybe MultiWorld support would be nice (so "Grovert11 placed lava [world1]"). I have a creative and a Survival world, so it would make me happier :D, but this plugin is exactly what I was looking for!
    Maybe also support for choosing what to log and what not, because I also have a creative world, and if someone is making sth of bedrock, it's kinda anoying ;).
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    I'll try =)
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    Hello how do i get the [Owner] My name and text?

    Like Tzahi12345 plz help me.

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    Or, can you tell me the: variabels.yml code you got

    users: Drakia: prefix: '' suffix: '&1'
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    Wow thanks. Just figured out that color works =D

    Yeah, do that, but in the groups. Example:

            name: Owner
            prefix: '&6'
            suffix: ''
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    Can i edit my name color too fx grey, and my chat color red? :)
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    Just yours? Well, only if the group color is red... Anyways, this is really off topic, ask this in the iChat forums, I cannot fully explain it to you.
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    could you add location support (only in the server log) so I can find the place where they placed lava?
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    I have a suggestion:
    this only works with lava/water in a bucket. Players with something like too many items mod can also spawn lava without a bucket! Example: /give x 10 64
    Can u fix this please?
    Thank U
    P.s. I also prefer a config file, maybe u can set the text when placing lava/water/tnt
    (sorry for bad enlish!)
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    Hey, you know what? THIS. IS. BEATING. ALL. OTHER. PLUGINS! Just one thing, does it supports multiworld? :)
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    Could you add water placement support for both still and bucket water? I am currently working on adding that on my own, but not being fluent with the API makes it tough. Also timestamps/coordinates for the events and an optional external log would be nice.

    If this does work with water it was not working with my server (or showing up in the source)

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